Last Updated: Friday, February 22, 2019 17:40 GMT
The Truth About the ‘ISIS Bride’
Literal terrorists being welcomed back into the west.

Sheriff David Clarke "Not Buying" Pay Rise as Jessie Smollett's Only Motive
Claims actor was on a "political mission."

Trump Blasts 'Racist' 'Dangerous' Faker Smollett
Tucker Mocks CNN’s Don Lemon For Playing ‘Holy Victim’ Over Smollett
Kamala On Smollett Arrest: ‘We Must Speak The Truth: Hate Crimes Are On The Rise In America’
Maxine Waters not ready to believe Chicago police in Smollett case
Prosecutor: Jussie Smollett Misled Police to ‘Believe That His Attackers Were White’
As Smollett Hate Hoax Collapses, NYT Headlines Lynching Of Emmett Till

Judge imposes total gag order on Roger Stone
 ‘I’m not giving you another chance!’

30-Foot Border Wall Begins Construction In California
Several days after President Donald Trump declared a national emergency, construction began on the fifth border wall project of his administration.

Even After Sanders, Harris, and Others Enter Race, Bookies Have Donald Trump as Massive 2020 Favorite
The entry of Bernie Sanders as #12 in the race didn’t even budge the numbers.

Report: Hillary Clinton Met with Biden, Klobuchar About 2020
Socialist Bernie Sanders rejects Guaido as Venezuelan president — refuses to call Maduro a ‘dictator’
Elizabeth Warren: The Security Issue And Emergency At The Southern Border Is “Fake”…

SO WOKE! Dem Rep resists Trump — coffee shop
Chalk one up for the resistance.

Snow plow driver charged with ‘assault’ after dousing anti-Trump protesters with slush

Md. bill would prohibit use of DNA databases to solve crimes
After police used a new technique to arrest a man suspected of being the Golden State Killer, a Maryland legislator proposed a law that would prohibit use of a familial DNA database for the purpose of crime-solving.

China Introduces Disturbingly Real Female AI News Anchor
No word if she’ll shoot him knowing glares as he flirts with the weather girl.

Yellowstone Supervolcano Eruption Fears SPIKE As Geysers Become More Active
Some of Yellowstone’s geysers have been more active lately reigniting fears that the massive supervolcano will erupt.

German Scientists Urge to Stop Sending Signals Into Space to ‘Capitalist Aliens’
“[It’ll be] a showdown between Bambi and Godzilla, and we would be Bambi in this case.”

The Average Time Until A Great Civilization Collapses Is 336 Years, And The U.S. Is Now 242 Years Old
“Wars And Rumors Of Wars”: The U.S., Venezuela, Cuba, Russia, India And Pakistan All Move Closer To Military Conflict

Five stabbing attacks in Germany on the same day
Earlier this week five stabbing attacks occurred on the same day in different German cities, with several hospitalised and at least two migrant suspects in connection with the attacks.

Jewish Population of Paris Suburbs Rapidly Decreasing

EU ‘expecting May to request three month Brexit delay’
European Union officials are expecting Theresa May to request an extension of Article 50 that pushes back Brexit by months.

What’s Up With Australia’s 80 Tonnes Of Gold At The Bank Of England?

“Sleepwalking Into A Crisis”: Most Americans & Europeans Are Terrified About Retirement
With the expectation of government budget cuts, low saving rates, out of control inequality, and volatile markets, retirement for future generations will be a financial nightmare.

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