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The Hutton Report, which Blair said he knew the outcome of before it even started, has cleared Blair and the government. The real issue that we've been focusing on is that fact that Kelly was MURDERED and did not commit suicide.
Vindicated Blair demands apology: No Blair, it doesn't matter what your rent-boy Hutton says. You lied about WMD on behalf of your Globalist spin-doctors and their usefulness for you is coming to an end. Now you're another dead battery on the scrap-heap of New World Order history. Try and convince the British public that the Euro is a good idea now that your fraud has been exposed. You are dismissed Blair, go back to playing guitars and dreaming of Socialist utopias.
Repost: Experts question Kelly 'suicide'
Repost: Three Doctors Dispute How David Kelly Died
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Repost: Kelly's final e-mails revealed: The Hutton inquiry has heard about a series of e-mails sent by Dr David Kelly shortly before his death - including one warning of "dark actors playing games".
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Repost: Dr Kelly 'did not kill himself'
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Determined widow prepares to fight back

Dr Kelly's widow Janice is preparing to launch a fierce defence of her late husband's memory.
Hutton a whitewash, say 56pc

A majority of voters thinks the Hutton report on events leading to the death of Dr David Kelly is a "whitewash", a YouGov poll for The Telegraph says today.
Forget the Hutton Report, Blair is Still a Liar

There were no weapons of mass destruction, no nuclear warheads just short of completion, no "45 minutes to doom" bombs auguring a new London blitz. The exile group which supplied this raw claimnow calls the 45 minute story, "a crock of shit."Yet Blair's minions are proclaiming their vindication.
BBC apologises as Dyke (one of Tony Blair's biggest funders) quits: Was this a set-up all along to vindicate the government?
FLASHBACK: Blair 'crony' is tipped as new chairman of BBC (Davies has also quit today, which means that a Blair appointee and a Blair funder have both made it appear that the government was vindicated! A set-up? Hmmm, let me see....
'Blair without flaw - official!

So unequivocal was Lord Hutton's report - and so apparent his willingness to give the government the benefit of the doubt - that only two papers swallow it whole.
Dr Kelly 'may have been murdered'

Three doctors yesterday cast grave doubts on Dr David Kelly's suicide and suggested he may have been murdered.
Dr Kelly 'did not kill himself'

An American confidante of David Kelly has cast doubt on whether his death was suicide.
'Kelly was Murdered' Says UK Intelligence Insider

Shocking new details about the death of Dr David Kelly emerged exclusively today on the Alex Jones radio show. Michael Shrimpton, a UK national security lawyer who was a guest on the show, revealed that sources within MI5 and MI6 are `furious' that Kelly was murdered.
Transcript: Alex Jones Interviews Michael Shrimpton

The Murder of Dr. David Kelly: Shrimpton outlines how Kelly was assassinated and who was behind it.
The Murder of Dr. David Kelly: Alex Jones Interviews Michael Shrimpton: Michael Shrimpton, a UK national security lawyer who was a guest on the show, revealed that sources within MI5 and MI6 are `furious' that Kelly was murdered. Click here for the full MP3 audio interview.
Was Dr. Kelly Murdered?

I talked to those who insist stones have been left unturned in the quest for truth. My own inquiries have revealed riddles and inconsistencies that, undoubtedly, back up the doctors' public unease about how Dr Kelly died.
Medical Expert's Doubts Over Dr. David Kelly's 'Suicide': I was disappointed with it. They didn't clarify the fact that only half a tablet was found in Kelly's stomach. This is lying by ommission. They made the pro-suicide 'experts' sound more credible even though they are too stupid to read the Hutton transcripts which stated that 29 tablets were NOT ingested.
Medical evidence does not support suicide by Kelly
London Guardian - 02/12/04

Since three of us wrote our letter to the Guardian on January 27, questioning whether Dr Kelly's death was suicide, we have received professional support for our view from vascular surgeon Martin Birnstingl, pathologist Dr Peter Fletcher, and consultant in public health Dr Andrew Rouse.