Last Updated: Friday, March 6, 2015 12:08 GMT
CPS Charges Parents With 'Neglect' For Allowing Kids to Walk Home From Playground
Neighbor called police after spotting children just a mile away from home.

Report: Children Taken Away from Parents by CPS Wind Up in Sex Trafficking Trade
Common Core rebellion: Thousands of HS students walk out over test
White US children will be minorities by 2020 after immigrant 'baby boom', Census reveals
NBA Launches Feminist Mind Control Campaign

Crazed Washington Drives the World to the Final War
It is probably too late to stop this war.

Clinton created multiple email addresses on private server, data show
French delete evidence US carrier was 'sunk' by sub in drill
'War crime': ISIS bulldozes ancient Assyrian city in Iraq
ISIL Receiving Up to $1 Billion Annually From Afghan Heroin

Mainstream Financial Experts Recommend: Take Out A Loan And Invest In Stock Markets
The anecdote goes that avid investor Joe Kennedy was on his way to work in the winter of 1928 and stopped to have his shoes shined.

What the World’s Most Prominent Economists REALLY Said

Shocking New #LAPDShooting Facts Revealed… (racist cops)
The LAPD Shooting is trending… but here are some key facts you MIGHT have missed.

Profiting from Prisoners – How Jails Partner with Private Firms to Charge for Video Calls While Ending Visitation Rights

UN Drug Czar Attacks U.S. States for Ending Cannabis Prohibition
The UN’s army of drug warriors has been meeting in Vienna to plan a response and demand obedience to its global drug-control regime.

Monsanto’s Deep Legacy Of Corruption And Cover-Up

Hack an Iris Scanner Using Google Images!
As the brave new world of biometrics is being rolled out, are we certain we’re not setting ourselves up for a new level of identity theft?

Canadian faces $20k fine, jail time for refusing to unlock phone during airport check
6 Good Reasons to Kick Your Favorite Drink to the Curb

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