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Man with heart ailment dies after being shocked with Taser

HOUSTON A 52-year-old psychiatric patient who had a heart ailment died after Harris County constables shocked him with a stun gun.

>> Bush rejects moves to boost EU military might

>> 1942-Style Bigotry Targets Muslims in the U.S. Today

>> Explosion Kills at Least 7 in Baghdad

>> Lebanon poised for boycott of UN probe into Hariri killing

>> Bilderberg Propaganda Rules the Planet

>> What, really, is freemasonry? How did it start?

>> Television Kills, Says German Professor

>> US Subversion of Diplomacy and North Korea's Phantom Nukes

>> The UN's Claim to Moral Authority

>> Thought Control: Attacking Our Memory

>> National Loss of Freedoms Card

>> Forced National ID Gateway to Forced Implanted Bio Chips

Turning The Corner


>> Police fear civilian taser popularity

>> Taser usage by local officers unchanged despite controversy

>> Intelligence Nominee Comes Under Renewed Scrutiny on Human Rights

>> House arrest in one month

>> US releases new abuse allegations

>> Iraqi Died While Hung From Wrists

>> Nation’s largest newspapers play down a thousand pages of evidence of new torture

>> China reluctant to take major diplomatic risks on North Korea

>> Russia Maintains Cooperation with Tehran Despite US and Israel

>> 'America would back Israel attack on Iran'

>> Japan, US to declare Taiwan a mutual security concern: report

>> US sending wrong signal to Taiwan, says China


>> Who should have the right to track you?

>> RFID is Inevitable But Dicey

>> Mall needs surveillance system, police chief and supervisor say

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They're Watching You . . .

Modern conveniences generate data. In the "old" days, we did not leave behind a readily accessible, electronic trail of our purchases, conversations, whereabouts and transactions.

Scum Also Rises:
The Bloody Career of John Negroponte

The nomination by President George Bush of John Negroponte for the new post of director of national intelligence, in charge of overseeing all the burgeoning intelligence operations of the United States, is both obscene and predictable.

Freedom and stability are waiting.

>> Too Dangerous

>> Bush Still Not Getting It

>> Pop Quiz

Bush enlists Europe to isolate Iran, Syria

On the eve of his first foreign trip since reelection, President Bush said yesterday he would seek to persuade European allies to form a unified front against Syria and Iran...

Bush: U.S. Not Planning to Attack Iran

President Bush says speculation that the United States might attack Iraq to end its nuclear program is "just not the truth," although he refuses to rule out the possibility entirely.

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