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U.S. forces abuse and torture Kuwaiti prisoners

Tom Wilner, a human rights lawyer, representing 11 Kuwaiti detainees held at the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, accused the U.S. forces on Monday of abusing and torturing several Kuwaiti prisoners by beating them with chains, sodomizing them and giving them electrical shocks.

>> Bush link to identity of Deep Throat

>> Popular Mechanics Attacks Its
"9/11 LIES" Straw Man

>> Veterans Protest Iraqi War

>> Cardinal hints that ailing Pope may resign

>> Palestinians, Israel announce cease-fire

>> Bon Jovi Backs President Schwarzenegger

>> Stormin’ Marxist is toast of the neocons

>> D.C. Planning for Bio-terrorism Lab Within City

>> Do US Troops Target Journalists in Iraq?

>> Israel and Palestinians to Declare Cease-fire


>> Dollar hits 3-month high against euro

>> Spain to legalise illegal immigrants

>> America's Super Obsession With Entertainment

>> The Real State of the Union

>> More Bad News on the Jobs Front

>> US Secretly Pulls 25,000 Troops Out Of Iraq

>> Who was the Iraqi Woman in the Balcony?

Privatizing Government


>> Moroccans claim Guantanamo abuse

>> Elmira Becomes A Civil Liberties Safe Zone

>> Coming Soon to a State Near You: A Police State

>> Lib Dems sound civil liberties 'clarion call'

>> Police Shoot 13-Year-Old Allegedly Joyriding In Stolen Car

>> State to initiate animal identification program

>> UK Edges Closer to Outlawing Religious 'Hate Speech'

>> Man Fined $600 for Hurling Egg McMuffin

>> Mothers Charged With Drugging Babies

>> Berezovsky Claims Chechen Rebels Have A-bomb

>> China to pioneer ‘pebble bed’ N-reactor

>> US to Dispatch 690,000 Troops to Korea in Crisis

>> Source: Russia, Iran May Sign Nuke Deal This Month

>> WMD official cautions US over Iran


>> Noted Security and Privacy Expert Implanted with VeriChip

>> Berkeley puts $650,000 into library book tracking system

>> Go back to sleep: Big Brother isn't watching all of Boston

>> Digital Angel Delivers 50k Bio-Thermo RFID Chips to UK

>> Traffic-ticket cameras may return

>> Who's Got an Eye on You? Secret Cameras are Everywhere

>> In-car spy best to curb speeding drivers

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Mandatory Student ID Cards Contain RFIDs

Parents in a northern California public school district and civil liberties groups are urging a school district to terminate the mandatory use of Radio Frequency Identification tags ( RFIDs ) by students.

The US Government vs. America

The imperial capital – complete with snipers on the rooftops, armed battalions keeping the city in siege, and a power elite bent on running the world – is America, and if you don’t like it, you must hate America.

Bush supporters only.

>> Daily Show: The Great Liberators

>> Daily Show: G.I. D'oh

>> So Help Me God

Iran tells US nuclear sites cannot be destroyed

Iran warned the United States Tuesday that its nuclear sites cannot be destroyed by air or missile strikes, as Britain entered the fray by declaring that Tehran is a state sponsor of terrorism.

Era Of Big Government Is Back Under Bush

Even as President Bush proposes deep cuts in healthcare, farm subsidies and other domestic programs, his new budget makes one thing clear about the legacy of his first term in the White House: The era of big government is back.

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