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Why Neo-Cons Hate Ron Paul’s Honest Foreign Policy
The vindictive rhetoric aside, what is it, exactly, that Ron Paul is guilty of here?

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Gold: How High Is Up? US$5,000? Confiscation?
Gold can keep going up until this metals-market “bull” subsides.

Global Depression – A Directed Phenomenon …

Saudi Highschool Textbook: Jews Need to Be Exterminated and Homosexuals Should Be ‘Put to Death’
There will be no peace between Israel and Muslim nations.

‘US spy drone crashes in Afghanistan’
‘Time to separate Syrian civilians from insurgents!’

Green is the new Red – how animal rights activists are being targeted like ‘commies’ from the 1950's
This has become the Orwellian rhetoric of our terrible times.

Surveillance System Tags, Tracks And Follows

Ron Paul Gains Momentum In New Hampshire
Newt Gingrich’s surge has slowed and Ron Paul has gained momentum.

Raw footage shows Ron Paul DIDN’T storm out of CNN interview

It’s Mitt Romney v. Ron Paul In Virginia As Other Candidates Fail To Qualify For Primary Ballot
Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry will not be on the ballot.

Huckabee slams Ron Paul, says he has no chance to win Republican nomination

2-minute video: O, Damn Ye Wall St. Gentlemen
Washington’s Blog | How does the 1% do this?

Big Brother Cab: Taxi CCTV to spy on passengers
Your every move and word could be recorded and used against you.

Weather Was Worse With Less CO2 In Atmosphere
Was the weather better below 350 ppm? Absolutely not.

Qatar builds Sunni intervention force of Libyan, Iraqi terrorists against Assad
A force of 2,500 has been recruited up until now, our sources report.

Mobile fluoride vans to target communities that voted to remove chemical from public water supply

Preparing to Attack Iran with Nuclear Weapons: “No Option can be taken off the Table.”
World War III is no longer an abstract concept.

‘Speculation that Israel has nuclear weapons deters Iran’

Did the Alternative Media Force US Gov’t to Block Deadly Bird Flu Study?
Did pressure from the alternative media force US government officials to block the results that they had originally funded?

USDA Steps Back and Gives Monsanto More Power Over GMO Seeds

Why the U.S. Should Bring Down the Curtain on Airport “Security Theater”
“It’s infuriating,” Bruce Schneier remarked.

The Worst Time Of The Year?
For a lot of Americans, this is the worst time of the year.

China, slave state where the family is outlawed, and the rich breed in secret
Rich couple exposed with eight children conceived with assistance sheds light on China’s hypocritical one-child policy to control life.

Unrelenting Global Economic Crisis: A Doomsday View of 2012
The economic, political and social outlook for 2012 is profoundly negative.

Oil futures higher; Iran war games in focus

World’s Second And Third Largest Economies To Bypass Dollar, Engage In Direct Currency Trade
The mercantilist relationship so long sustained between China and the US, may be shifting and reversing.

Syrian NGOs Working Directly With British Government
London-based “Syrian Observatory” Consorting Directly with UK Foreign Minister Hague.

Who is behind mystery spy devices dropped over Syria?

Iran Defense Minister: Israeli strike would be a suicide mission
Iran’s defense minister that any Israeli strike on Iran would constitute suicide.

Iran’s big navy drill at Hormuz aims to challenge US cyber superiority


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