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TSA Responsible For Over 9,000 Unannounced Checkpoints In Last Year
Occupation of America set to expand with new funding.

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Romney Says He’d Deport Obama’s Uncle
Romney said “yes” when asked if Onyango Obama should be deported.

Facial recognition systems for Orange County, California
The contract, funded using federal grants, is worth in excess of $100,000.

Officials Warn of Weaponized H5N1 Bird Flu Pandemic Amid Debate
As predicted, government advisory board officials are warning of bioterrorist attacks that could result.

Twilight Zone: USA Today Story About Ron Paul Leading In Iowa Headlined 'Ron Paul Still Not in Lead'
If you thought the establishment's tactic of ignoring who wins the Iowa primary was bizarre enough, try this one on for size. A USA Today story about how polls show Ron Paul is leading in Iowa is entitled 'Ron Paul still not in lead'.

CNN Lobs Veiled Charges of Racism at Ron Paul *Video*
Ron Paul Ad: Staying on the Right Path
The New Republican Primary Rules Make It Possible For The Republican Establishment To Steal The Nomination From A Candidate They Don’t Like

Loving Freedom Enough to Defy the NDAA
The NDAA implies that the heavily armed sociopaths in office fear us pistol-packin’ serfs.

Flashpoint Falklands: Britain dusts off war plans amid calls to send a nuclear submarine after Argentina joins forces with Brazil and Uruguay to blockade islands
Military chiefs are dusting off their plans for the defence of the Falklands after South American countries banned ships from the islands docking in their ports.

Bill Clinton: Iran unlikely to use nuclear weapons
Former US president says a nuclear-armed Iran more likely to give fissile material to terrorists, US should keep military option open, but quips “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.”

Ross: Obama Prepared to Take Military Action Against Iran

Spying on Americans rising rapidly as warrantless use of undercover police, drones increases
There was a time when ordinary citizens still had an expectation of the right to privacy.

Carbon Price just jumped 30% — It’s not a free market, it’s a fixed charade
A small group of selected rulers just raised a hand, changed the rules, and sent billions of dollars from some people to some others.

The Two Koreas, 1950–2008: An Unplanned Experiment in Economic Systems, the Carbon Footprint and Human Well-Being
Lately, North Korea has been very much in the news.

CNN Poll: Ron Paul Most Popular Republican Amongst Non-Whites
So much for the "racist" smear.

Ron Paul Polling In Top Tier In Nevada

Neocon Says Ron Paul Would Appease Hitler and the Nazis
George Washington’s admonition about meddling in the affairs of other nations translates into an appeasement of fascism and totalitarianism.

Why Ron Paul Can Win

EU Courts Force Airlines into Carbon Trading Market
International carriers will have to pay for polluting rights.

France Passes Law Making It a Crime To “Deny Genocide”
France’s lower house of parliament has approved a bill making it illegal to deny a genocide.

Finland ‘finds Patriot missiles’ on China-bound ship

The Finnish authorities have impounded an Isle of Man-flagged ship.

No end to hysteria: N. Korean kids crying over Kim Jong-Il
Dramatic scenes of public mourning continued in the North Korean capital on Thursday.

If A Global Recession Is Not Looming, Then Why Are Bailouts Flying Around As If The End Of The World Is Coming?
I have learned that watching what people do is much more important than listening to what they say.

Exclusive: Military to Designate U.S. Citizens as Enemy During Collapse
FEMA Continuity of Government Plans Prep Total Takeover of Society, Dispatching Military Domestically Under Economic Collapse Emergency.

Military to Designate Americans as Enemy During Collapse: DOD Contact Joe Joseph Reports
Government censors document revealing plans to wage war on Americans

Injured Global Economy Ponders Coming Challenges
Debt repayment is a subject few want to discuss, or that few understand.

It’s Official: US Debt-To-GDP Passes 100%
Mainstream Economists’ Monetary Insanity

Are Guns and Ammo the New Gold and Silver?
The people have lost confidence in the government’s ability to mitigate this crisis.

Gingrich Chased, Heckled By Protesters At Iowa Capitol
Newt Gingrich was the object of yet another Occupy Wall Street protester-induced “mic check” during his visit to the Iowa Capitol building on Wednesday.

Seattle’s New Ban on Plastic Bags ‘Pushes People to Less Environmentally Friendly Options’
Council members argue that 292 million plastic bags are used in Seattle annually, “too many” of which “end up in Puget Sound where they do not biodegrade.”

‘Syria rebels painted peaceful to whitewash intervention’
Syria’s opposition is divided over whether they need military help from outside.

Don’t look now, but even cops in Fargo are arming for battle against terrorists
There is an ongoing terrorist threat in the world, most Americans would agree.


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