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Furious Reaction To Sick Editorial Calling For Global One Child Dictatorship
An article featured in Canada's Financial Post newspaper calling for China's draconian one child policy, where woman are kidnapped off the streets, drugged, and forced to undergo compulsory abortions, to be imposed worldwide has been met with widespread hostile reaction, yet such measures are being debated at the United Nations climate summit in Copenhagen.

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Soros Wants Poorer Nations To Take On Green Debt
Copenhagen climate change: ‘US should spend as much on global warming as war’
Copenhagen climate change summit: The world is COOLING not warming says scientist Peter Taylor … and we’re not prepared
Obama’s Top Climate Advisers Can’t Get Doomsday Story Straight While Testifying Before Same Committee on Same Day
Climate Depot’s Morano on’s ‘Strategy Room’
EU pledges USD 10bn to fight global warming

Gallup Poll: 44 Percent Of Americans Want Bush Back
A new Gallup poll released today found that President Obama’s approval rating continues to dip. But the poll also uncovered a much more disturbing fact: 44 percent of Americans would be happier with George W. Bush back in the White House. My, how quickly we forget.

Swine flu has hit about 1 in 6 Americans, CDC says
About 50 million Americans had contracted pandemic H1N1 influenza through Nov. 14, according to the newest estimates from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released Thursday -- meaning that about 15% of the entire country has been infected, about 1 in every 6 people.

Now EU Wants Global Transaction Tax To Fund More Bailouts
On the heels of a similar proposal being pushed in Copenhagen in the name of fighting global warming, the European Union has asked the IMF to introduce a global tax on financial transactions in order to fund more bailouts - in other words, the globalists are devising yet more ways to plunder the taxpayer into servitude to the private banks that they own.

I Pledge Allegiance to Global Warming
The ClimateGate Virus
GOP Senators Urge U.N. to Appoint Independent Investigator Over ‘Climate-Gate’
Climategate reaches the British House of Lords
Stossel: Is global warming science or religion?
FNC’s Wallace: ‘Denier’ Label Ascribes ‘Religious Certainty’ to Global Warming

Ron Paul: War-monger Obama should have returned Nobel Award
As the U.S prepares to send more troops to the war in Afghanistan, Barack Obama's in Norway to receive his Nobel Peace Prize, awarded in October.

MI6 chief: Pitiable war led to Iraq militancy

For feds, more get 6-figure salaries
The number of federal workers earning six-figure salaries has exploded during the recession, according to a USA TODAY analysis of federal salary data.

Terror police to monitor nurseries for Islamic radicalisation
Nursery-age children should be monitored for signs of brainwashing by Islamist extremists, according to a leaked police memo obtained by The Times.

Globalist NGO Has Opposition Website Taken Down
Common Purpose, a globalist NGO dedicated to teaching a new generation of one-world leaders and apparatchiks, has applied pressure to the ISP hosting Brian Gerrish’s website, resulting in the site being removed from the internet.

Bankers might be feeling public’s wrath — literally
A Los Angeles lawyer who had represented a failed subprime mortgage lender is found dead outside his home, having been shot in the head.

Are Food Stamps the Soup Lines of this Great Recession?
Joyce warns of US ‘Armageddon’
Shippers Brace for New Tax on Fuel

“There will be a long, protracted occupation of Afghanistan”
There are signals that the 18-month deadline is a soft one and there are plans to keep a number of troops in Afghanistan, writer Kelley Vlahos told RT.

Can Nobel Prize Winner Obama At LEAST Stop the Torture?
Alex Jones: Obama’s peace prize is a joke
The Nine Surges of Obama’s War

Google under attack after CEO’s anti-privacy remarks
“The innocent have nothing to fear.”

Blackwater ‘became an extension’ of the CIA: report
The role of Blackwater employees in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars was so central to the US’s efforts that the lines between the controversial security contractor, the CIA and the military were effectively “blurred,” says a report in the New York Times.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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