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Big Oil Behind Copenhagen Climate Scam
The big irony behind top globalists descending on Copenhagen in luxury private jets and stretch limos is not just the fact that their own behavior completely contradicts their self-righteous hyperbole about CO2 emissions, but that their propaganda is vehemently supported by the very same big oil interests they accuse climate skeptics of pandering to.

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Is Google Censoring Climategate? Google Says No.
Some searchers are suspecting that Google is censoring the search term [climategate] from the search results.

The IPCC shares the blame for Climategate

Make Obama Watch Ghostbusters
It should be abundantly clear by now that the clear facts of economics and history are not sufficient to prevent our government from embarking on another expensive, disastrous program.

Lunatics At Institute For International Economics Endorse $6 Trillion More In QE
The latest lunacy out of the Institute for International Economics notes that the dollar can and should go to negative territory courtesy of another roughly $6 trillion in Quantitative Easing.

US Mint Runs Out Of Tenth-Ounce Gold Coin Inventory Day After Its Release For Broad Purchase

Caviar Scoffing, CO2 Belching, Prostitute Molesting Climate Crooks Convene For The Mass Raping
Record numbers of stretch limos and private jets are descending on Copenhagen as thousands of CO2 belching, caviar scoffing, prostitute molesting, hypocritical climate crooks prepare to orchestrate the next round of mass raping in pursuit of their much cherished world government and its handmaiden, a global tax on carbon emissions.

Copenhagen climate summit: 1,200 limos, 140 private planes and caviar wedges
EPA about to declare CO2 dangerous – ssshhh! – Don’t tell the trees
Climategate: the Russian distraction
The great climate change swindle: global warming is not manmade
Copenhagen climate change summit to produce as much CO2 as an African country
Don’t let ‘Climategate’ melt down your portfolio
CBS finally reports on Climategate: Dr. Trenberth interviewed
Climategate: Green activist attacks half the electorate as lunatic Right-wing conspiracy theorists

79% of Americans Want an Audit of the Fed, Only 21% are in Favor of Confirming Bernanke, and Only 20% Think Geithner is Doing a Good Job
79 percent of the American public is in favor of auditing the Fed, according to a new poll by Rassumussen. Because another 14% are not sure, that leaves only 7% opposed to an audit.

Slow Motion Depression
Gold Prices Cheap: Analyst
People sign petition to “increase inflation to 100%” to cause hyperinflation
Family Doesn’t Earn Enough to Satisfy the IRS Magic 8 Ball, Gets Audited

Russia Annoys Israel; Russia Gets Hit
On 25 November 2009 Israel made a statement about settlements in the West Bank.

ClimateGate: The Rest Of The Story
In order to fully grasp the magnitude of the ClimateGate scandal, one must understand what purpose the data massaging and blackballing of conflicting science has as part of a larger agenda to use an environmental crisis for social manipulation and control.

Obama to Use EPA to Declare CO2 a Dangerous Pollutant

Comprehensive network analysis shows Climategate likely to be a leak
The details of the files tell a story that was compiled internally and most likely released by an internal source.

Copenhagen climate conference opens to dire warnings

IPCC Attempts To Absolve Climategate Crooks By Pointing Finger At Imaginary Hackers
Pachauri pathetically attempts to absolve the climategate crooks that provided fraudulent data to the IPCC as victims while pointing the finger at alleged hackers for wrongdoing, despite the fact that the preponderance of evidence shows that the emails were leaked from the inside, not hacked.

‘Climategate’ shakes trust in scientists: Saudi

Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the WTO says EU the “laboratory of international governance”
Pascal Lamy, Director-General of the WTO recently said that the EU is the “laboratory of international governance”, meaning the emerging one world government sees the European Union as a model for building a one world government.

RAND: A Stability Police Force for the United States
“Security requires a mix of military and police forces to deal with a range of threats from insurgents to criminal organizations.”

Five Good Reasons to Avoid a War with Iran
As America’s founding fathers clearly understood war is a serious business and should only be engaged in when there is a threat to vital national interests.

‘I’m Guess I’m a Racist’: What Really Motivates Opponents of ObamaCare?
“Apparently a lot of people in this country are racist.”

Missouri government plots undercover sting operations against families selling raw milk
Imagine being watched by two undercover cops as you engage in an illicit deal in a deserted parking lot. The buyer hesitantly hands you some cash.

ElBaradei warns against Israel attacking Iran
Mohammed ElBaradei, the recently retired former head of the UN nuclear watchdog, warns against an alleged plan by the Israeli government to attack Iran’s nuclear sites.

Google Expands Tracking to Logged Out Users
Anyone who’s a regular Google search user will know that the only way to avoid the company tracking your online activities is to log out of Gmail or whatever Google account you use. Not any more.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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