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Bombshell UN Documents Outline Plan To Use Climategate Crooks In "End Run" Around National Sovereignty
Shocking newly uncovered UN strategy documents reveal how elitists are recruiting members of academia from all over the globe in an effort to hide the "end-run" around national sovereignty that their agenda represents, emphasizing how the climategate crooks who were recently caught manipulating scientific data in order to "hide the decline" in global warming are working with the United Nations in the pursuit of a world government justified by the global warming fraud that they are helping to perpetrate.

Global Warming: “Fixing the Climate Data around the Policy”
Doomed Planet – John L. Daly
Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Ventura Delivers Some 9/11 Truth On Larry King Live
Former Governor of Minnesota, ex-Navy SEAL and retired pro-wrestler Jesse Ventura raised some important unanswered questions regarding the 9/11 attacks in an interview with Larry King on CNN last night.

Two F-16s on alert to counter attacks on Washington ordered to stand down on 9/11
The Case Against Military Tribunals

At midnight last night, the United Kingdom ceased to be a sovereign state
We woke up in a different country today. Alright, it doesn’t look very different. The trees still seem black against the winter sun; the motorways continue to jam inexplicably; commuters carry on avoiding eye contact.

ACLU: Supreme Court decision won’t end torture photos fight
Despite efforts by all three branches of the government to keep photos of abuse at US military detention centers secret, the American Civil Liberties Union vows that it won’t stand still in the face of such a “dangerous precedent.”

Flu Doctor Visits Decline for 4th Week as H1N1 Activity Falls
Visits to U.S. doctors for influenza-like illnesses declined for a fourth straight week as swine flu retreated in 11 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Dictatorial UN Crushes Media Freedom Before Copenhagen
Betraying its dictatorial and anti-free speech agenda, the United Nations has blocked two-time New York Times number one bestseller and World Net Daily senior staff writer Jerome Corsi from attending the Copenhagen climate conference next week.

The War Against Muslim Extremists is Wholly Unnecessary for Our National Security
In response to my essays documenting that war is harmful to the American economy and produces a huge carbon footprint, some commentators have argued that the Afghanistan and Iraq wars are necessary to combat Muslim extremists.

“You can’t manage a financial system by fiat money.”
On Monday night, Congressman Paul appeared on CNBC to debate former ITC chief economist Peter Morici over the Federal Reserve’s role in the economy and the need for greater transparency at the Fed.

Gold Prices Hit Record High
Robert Reich: “Shame Won’t Work. Only Political Muscle and Courage Will”

Santa Supports A New 9/11 Investigation
Give the gift of life to a 9/11 first responder this christmas by supporting them at or

34,000 troops will be sent to Afghanistan
President Obama will tell the nation Tuesday night that he wants to quickly deploy an additional 34,000 U.S. troops to Afghanistan.

Obama’s Troop Increase Means He ‘Owns’ Afghan War
Obama briefs world leaders on Afghan strategy

Stocks Rise Around World on Dubai, China; Dollar, Yen Decline
Stocks rallied from Shanghai to New York and the dollar fell as Dubai said half of its debts are “stable” and Chinese manufacturing grew at the fastest pace in five years. The yen dropped the most in seven weeks against the dollar, while gold reached a record.

Hyperinflation or Depression?

Climate science email controversy headed for Capitol Hill airing
A House hearing Wednesday will likely provide a forum for debating what widely-circulated emails among climate scientists do or don’t reveal about the state of global warming research.

The Climate Science Isn’t Settled
A first? Climategate enabled political shift in Australia – warmist replaced with sceptic
E-Mail Fracas Shows Peril of Trying to Spin Science
ClimateGate: A Who’s Who

Healthcare Freedom or Healthcare Bureaucracy?
The U.S. Preventive Task Force caused quite a stir recently when they revised their recommendations on the frequency and age for women to get mammograms.

Caught on Tape: Did Romanian President Hit Boy in Face?
Romania’s government has collapsed and its economy is in shambles but its presidential campaign has been dominated in recent days by a video that appears to show the president striking a 10-year-old boy in the face.

Dem: Bush ‘Intentionally’ Let Bin Laden Escape to Justify Iraq War
“Look what happened with regard to our invasion into Afghanistan, how we apparently intentionally let bin Laden get away.”

Our Man in Copenhagen: Foreigners to help police UNFCCC summit
Jacek Szkudlarek is reporting for The Corbett Report live from Copenhagen, Denmark, the scene of the upcoming United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change conference.

Authority to Spy on Americans Unclear as Patriot Act Expires
Rushed into law by Congress just weeks after Sept. 11, 2001 three controversial provisions of the Patriot Act granting officials far-reaching surveillance and seizure powers in the name of national security, are due to expire this New Year’s Eve.

Congressional speeches written by Big Pharma lobbyists
The New York Times recently unveiled a story about industry lobbyists and the power they have over the United States Congress.

Pesticide exposure may make you want to kill yourself

US police ‘killer’ Maruice Clemmons shot dead in Seattle
Seattle police said today that they had shot dead a man accused of the cold-blooded murder of four of their colleagues in a coffee shop two days ago.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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