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Is Obama About to Commit America To War With Syria?
NATO powers call for Bashar al-Assad to give up power.

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Gold Hits New Record After Chavez Announces Plan To Pull Reserves From US, European Banks
Venezuelan leader to withdraw $11B in gold reserves to protect against “disturbances” in financial system.

Stocks Plunge on Economic Fears, Gold Hits Record High
Jobless Claims, Inflation Rise More Than Expected

Israel Terror Attack Kills 6; Missile Fired From Egypt
At approximately 12:35, a mortar was fired from Egypt to Israel.

BP Asked to Investigate Gulf Sheen Near Abandoned Oil Wells

Republican Voters Are Losing Their Appetite For War
As presidential candidate Ron Paul builds his campaign around an anti-war message of bringing the troops home from conflicts that the United States can no longer afford to pay for, polls show that Americans, and particularly Republicans, are losing their appetite for war.

Media Plays Race Card Against Ron Paul
The media has failed in their attempt to convince the world that Ron Paul can’t win, and has now turned towards divisive race card tactics.

‘Birther’ Air Force Sergeant Getting Discharged
Air Force Staff Sgt. Daryn Moran is getting his wings clipped, presumably for insisting that President Obama wasn’t born in the U.S.

U.S. Knew Within Days that Fukushima Had Melted Down
The public was not told for a month and a half.

Chossudovsky: UN withdrawal PR to demonize Syrian govt
To Syria now, where the UN is pulling out its staff amid growing concern about the violent crackdown by government forces against demonstrators.

Iraq’s Sadr warns of ‘war’ if U.S. presence extended
A radical anti-US Shiite cleric warned of “war” if US forces stayed in Iraq beyond a year-end deadline.

SEC may have destroyed crucial probe data: senator
Senator Chuck Grassley said that “an agency whistle-blower” sent him a letter that described the SEC’s allegedly unlawful destruction.

Texas “vampire” arrest sparks discussion on pop culture
Whether pop culture played a role in the attack remains to be seen.

FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg pushing to eliminate conflict of interest laws, allow paid drug company shills to fill advisory positions
The agency may next year loosen certain conflict of interest restrictions that prevent scientists with financial ties to the drug industry from becoming members of FDA advisory panels.

Christopher Busby: Chernobyl-like radiation found in Tokyo
Workers at Japan’s Fukushima plant say the ground under the facility is cracking and radioactive steam is escaping through the fissures.

Serbia’s Nikola Aleksic to President Tadic: Stop GMO, Stop Chemtrails, Or I Will Call the People of Serbia to the Streets (Video)
“They must not play with the state and our lives, no matter who wants them.”

War On Terror’s New Targets: Veterans, Tea Partiers, Anti-Fed Activists
Big Sis uses methods designed to catch Al-Qaeda terrorists as tools to silence dissent against big government.

Big Sis Continues To Hide Details On Mobile Body Scanners
DHS has paid contractors “millions of dollars on mobile body scanner technology that could be used at railways, stadiums, and elsewhere” on crowds of moving people.

Architects & Engineers – Solving the Mystery of WTC 7
Join actor, Ed Asner, and architect, Richard Gage, AIA, as they narrate an unfolding story that decimates the official account.

Economists Refuse to Recognize the New Great Depression
The recent financial slump has caused economists to take stock of the possibility of a “double dip” recession.

Obama poll numbers on economy hit new low
One in five American children now living in poverty according to new report

Gorbachev Calls Russian Rulers “Worse Version of the Soviet Communist Party”
“Our senior management should be updated,” he told a packed hall of journalists.

UK PM’s Internet Censorship Insinuation Receives Praise from China
You know your internet censorship plans are too strict when China praises you for it.

20 Signs That The World Could Be Headed For An Economic Apocalypse In 2012
If you thought that 2011 was a bad year for the world economy, just wait until you see what happens in 2012.

“Economic Government” Would Integrate Europe To A Degree Not Seen Since The Roman Empire
Are you ready for “The United States Of Europe”?

Claim: Huge Afghan blast kills 27 US soldiers
A powerful explosion has rocked a US military base in eastern Afghanistan and reportedly killed at least 27 American soldiers and left dozens wounded.

Engdahl: Merkel & Sarkozy plan a Soviet throwback
Global markets have taken a nose dive.

9/11, False Flag State Terrorism, The Transnational Shadow Government, And The Apocalypse To Come
“The “war on terrorism” is a classic simulacrum.

Kucinich: Drones Direct Hit Upon Rule of Law
The math doesn’t add up. Nor does the policy.

Dennis Kucinich: Constitutional scholar Obama ignoring the Constitution

After Iran strike, Israel gets cyber unit
Israel’s military has set up a cyberdefense division.

Do You Realize That The Government Is Still Paying Banks Not To Lend…?
And it’s doing that while screwing average Americans who have been responsible and lived within their means.

Chavez Nationalizes Venezuela’s Gold Industry, Recalls Hundreds of Tons of Gold Held Abroad, May Cause a Scramble for Physical Gold From JP Morgan and Others
Both developments could be bullish for gold prices.

Perry mostly absent from 2007 emails discussing HPV vaccine law
Perry’s input only appears on one email thread.

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