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Unplug the Signal: The Truth Will Not Be Televised
A flow of information is constantly streaming from the television set; a bombardment of words and pictures. The speed at which this information is communicated makes it easy for the signal to take control, switching the viewer’s brain to stand-by as information is absorbed without analysis or question.

Your Support Needed To Keep Propaganda Matrix Online

Public Protests Expand as GMOs and Biotech Wreak Havoc on Food Supply
In the U.S., people spend proportionately the least amount of their earnings on food. However, the incidence of food-borne disease (FBD) there is the highest in the world. The closest example of another country in this regard is its northern neighbour and largest trading partner – Canada.

Calcium Fluoride vs. Sodium Fluoride

Republican Tea Party Organization Reports Death Threats
Corporate media generated and whipped up hysteria and hatred directed at the Tea Party movement has resulted in death threats, according to GOP Majority Leader Dick Armey’s FreedomWorks. Adam Brandon told U.S.News & World Report that Armey and his organization received dozens threatening and harassing phone calls and emails.

Thousands seeking mortgage help line up at Palm Beach County Convention Center this morning
Thousands of people are lined up this morning outside the Palm Beach County Convention Center – some arriving by the busload, hoping the Neighborhood Assistance Corp. of America will help them save their homes.

Cramer Predicts “Mass Panic” In Markets, “Shocker” GDP Figure
CNBC’s Jim Cramer is predicting that a shockingly low GDP figure today will create “mass panic” in the stock markets today, forecasting that gross domestic product will slip to 0.5 per cent, a figure that will all but guarantee the United States is heading for a double dip recession.

Why Are Home Sales Plummeting?
On the surface, it is because the government’s tax-credit for first-time home buyers lapsed in April. It takes a couple of months lag-time between buyer purchase decisions and the actual close of escrow, and so the expiration of the tax-credit is just now hammering the market.

Bearish Sentiment Officially Reaching Fever Pitch
President Barack Obama’s Endgame: A Look At The National Debt

U.S. Postal Service Starts Quoting SDR to Dollar Conversion Rates, and IMF Endorses Replacing Dollars with SDRs
I have repeatedly pointed out that it is possible that the IMF’s special drawing rights (SDRs) will become the world’s reserve currency. And as I noted in April 2009, there is some possibility that the “Bancor” will ultimately fill that role.

Banks back switch to renminbi for trade

A Two-Tier Internet?
The Internet as you know it is in serious, serious danger. Some of the most powerful communications companies in the world have been involved in negotiations and have been making agreements that would throw net neutrality out the window and would move us toward a two-tier Internet. So exactly what would that mean?

Revisit Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451

Dennis Miller Skewers James Cameron for Backing Out of Global Warming Debate
Dennis Miller’s unique reaction to the news that director James Cameron backed out of a planned global warming debate.

Police train CCTV cameras on owners who don’t bother clearing up after their pets
Police have ordered a CCTV blitz on dog walkers who let their animals foul the streets, it emerged last night. Camera operators have been instructed to watch for anyone walking their pet in case they do not clean up after them.

Indianapolis Police Beat Up Pregnant Woman Leading To Her Miscarriage
An Indianapolis woman is suing the city in federal court. LaDonna Dixon claims the officer beat her so severely during an arrest that she had a miscarriage.

Nightmarish Hospital Visit Capped by Beating, Accident Victim Says

Massive solar storm to hit Earth in 2012 with ‘force of 100m bombs’
Astronomers are predicting that a massive solar storm, much bigger in potential than the one that caused spectacular light shows on Earth earlier this month, is to strike our planet in 2012 with a force of 100 million hydrogen bombs.

EPA Bid To Ban Lead Bullets Infuriates Gun Owners
Several environmentalist groups led by the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) are petitioning the EPA to ban lead bullets and shot (as well as lead sinkers for fishing) under the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA).

Conclusive: Global Distribution of Rockefeller-Funded Anti-Fertility Vaccine Coordinated by WHO
In addition to the recent PrisonPlanet-exclusive Rockefeller Foundation Developed Vaccines For “Mass-Scale” Fertility Reduction — which outlines the Rockefeller Foundation’s efforts in the 1960s funding research into so-called “anti-fertility vaccines”– another series of documents has surfaced, proving beyond any doubt that the UN Population Fund, World Bank and World Health Organization picked up on it, further developing it under responsibility of a “Task Force on Vaccines for Fertility Regulation”.

Justice Department Gives Second Ultimatum in Sheriff Arpaio Investigation
Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Maricopa County, Arizona, man who calls himself “America’s toughest sheriff,” has until Sept. 10 to comply with a Justice Department request to explain his office’s “operations, policies and procedures” involving the arrest and detention of Hispanics, according to a letter obtained by ABC News.

Parents of murdered British spy hit back at ‘government’s gay smear’ campaign to discredit him
The government may be running a ‘dirty tricks’ campaign to blacken the name of murdered British spy Gareth Williams, according to the agent’s family who are in a ’state of shock.’

The Nazification of the United States
It seems only yesterday that Americans, or those interested in their civil liberties, were shocked that the Bush regime so flagrantly violated the FlSA law against spying on American citizens without a warrant. A federal judge serving on the FISA court even resigned in protest to the illegality of the spying.

“Tantamount To Torture”: Heat Ray for Inmates in Los Angeles
A device designed to control unruly inmates by blasting them with a beam of intense energy that causes a burning sensation is drawing heat from civil rights groups who fear it could cause serious injury and is “tantamount to torture.”

Australia bans flu vaccines in children after vomiting, fevers, seizures
Many Australian parents found out the hard way that they were being lied to. It didn’t take long to realize the truth after their children start going into convulsions following the flu vaccine injections. Other children began vomiting or exhibiting dangerously high levels of fever. One child has gone into a coma and may never recover.

Adderall has extreme side effects, but FDA says keep taking it

Congressman Takes On Invasive Vans That Peer Into Homes
Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz is speaking out against vans that carry scanning technology inside them that allows people to see through the walls of cars, trucks, and even into homes.

Google Street-View Car Searched by Paris Privacy Regulators Before Ruling

GMOs Making Americans Fat?
Among all developed countries, Americans are the fattest people in the world. The World Health Organization found over 60% of the American population is obese or overweight. Even more disturbing, the U.S. is the only country in the developed world to label obesity a national security health risk.

Gates Foundation Invests In Monsanto

‘EU a disaster, illegal state built on false principles’
The European Union is a disaster and the UK should quit, says Gerard Batten, a European Parliament Member. RT met him in London.



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