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Fall Of The Republic Exposes How Brand Obama Is Destroying America
Alex Jones' highly anticipated upcoming documentary Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama boldly lifts the lid and unveils the fraud behind Brand Obama and how the globalists are using their newest, and slickest ever puppet to destroy the last vestiges of America’s freedom, Constitution and economy, all while helping the bankers loot the country clean.

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Renditioning To Continue Under Obama
About two years ago, candidate Obama, writing in Foreign Affairs, strongly criticized Bush’s practice of “extraordinary renditioning.”

The Federal Reserve Must Die
Ron Paul’s scathing assessment of the Federal Reserve’s primary role in creating the financial crisis and his raking of Chairman Bernanke over the coals is so accurate, truthful and sane that it should blow your mind.

New deficit projections could slow Obama’s agenda
The White House on Tuesday said U.S. unemployment would be higher and the budget deficit larger than previously thought, which could slow President Barack Obama’s drive to push his domestic policy plans through a skeptical Congress.

Order Out Of Chaos Slide During Swine Flu Conference
The following disturbing slide was part of a presentation on swine flu at the International swine flu conference recently.

UK Government To Ban Glasses In Pubs
Plans to replace the traditional pint glass with one made of shatter-proof plastic will not be accepted by drinkers, the pub industry has warned.

New Clues in the Mass Death of Bees
In late 2006, something strange began to happen to America’s honeybees. Colonies that were once thriving suddenly went still, almost overnight.

Judge Orders Fed To Disclose Who Received Bailout Trillions
A New York District Judge has ordered the Federal Reserve to disclose the destination of around $2 trillion dollars in bailout funds after the Fed failed to convince the Judge that the records should be exempt from the Freedom of Information Act.

Polls: Half Of Doctors Will Refuse To Take Swine Flu Shot
Two separate polls of GPs in Britain have revealed that one in two doctors have severe reservations over the safety of the forthcoming H1N1 flu vaccine, raising serious questions over the government's planned mass vaccination programme.

White House: Swine flu could kill 90,000 in US

ExxonMobil has ‘donated more than four times as much’ money to global warming groups vs. skeptical groups
If I read it once, I read it a thousand times, that the science that questions Anthropogenic Global Warming can’t be valid because it’s funded by “big oil”.

Indonesia police dismiss Obama plot report
Indonesian police on Monday dismissed a media report saying that Islamist extremists were planning to assassinate US President Barack Obama when he visits the country.

Innocent trainspotter suspected of being a terrorist by police after taking photos of trains
When trainspotter Stephen White noticed some interesting engines, he wasted no time in taking pictures of them for his collection.

Every Obama Critic a Racist
During the presidential campaign, Barack Obama’s supporters promised that his election would allow America to “transcend race.”

Geithner: Auditing the Fed is a “line that we don’t want to cross”
In an interview released today by Digg and the Wall Street Journal, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner was pressured about the growing popular movement to Audit the Fed spearheaded by Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

No Iran atom expansion since May – diplomats
Iran has not expanded the number of centrifuges enriching uranium at its Natanz nuclear site since the end of May after increasing capacity steadily over the previous three years, diplomats said.

Ron Paul and Lew Rockwell on Government Health Control
Recently, Dr. Paul sat down with his old friend and former congressional chief of staff Lew Rockwell to discuss Obamacare, Liberty, and the dangers of big government.

Jesse Ventura gives Alex Jones an inside look at his new TV show
Alex Jones visits with Jesse Ventura, who is working on a TruTV show dubbed ‘Conspiracy Theory’ and slated for a late fall release.

Trailer for the upcoming ‘Fall of the Republic: The Presidency of Barack Obama’

Bernanke to Be Nominated for Second Term as Fed Chief
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke, who led the biggest expansion of the central bank’s power in its 95-year history to battle the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, will be nominated to a second term by President Barack Obama.

Zero Hedge Claims that the Federal Reserve ITSELF Traded Over a Trillion Dollars Worth of Derivatives in March Alone
Zimbabwe proposes introduction of gold-backed Zim dollar

We Need Sunlight to Disinfect the Legislative Process!
During August recess, many legislators have heard an unexpected amount of discontent from their constituents about what is happening on Capitol Hill, particularly regarding healthcare.

Man who sold Iraq war now vetting embedded journos: report
A public relations firm that organized the opposition to Saddam Hussein during the 1990s and “coerced” journalists during the run-up to the Iraq war is now vetting at least some embedded journalists in war zones to keep out those who have a history of writing negative stories about the US military, a new report claims.

How to Bring Peace to Afghanistan

South Korea launches first rocket, to rile North

South Korea’s first space rocket blasted off on Tuesday, carrying a scientific satellite in a launch likely to boost its nascent space program that is being warily monitored by North Korea.

CIA threats to detainees’ families exposed
An internal CIA report published yesterday reveals a host of incidents in which its interrogators went far beyond acceptable bounds, including threatening an al-Qaida leader that his children would be killed and hinting to another suspect that his mother would be raped in front of him.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce seeks trial on global warming
The nation’s largest business lobby wants to put the science of global warming on trial. revives net cut-off threat for illegal downloaders
The government has today unexpectedly revived plans for laws to disconnect persistent illegal filesharers, in a move to delight the entertainment industry and anger ISPs.

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura

9/11 Truth Hit Piece Propaganda


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