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U.S. Attacks Russia Through Client State Georgia
Georgian forces, trained and equipped by the Pentagon and the U.S. government, killed 10 Russian peacekeepers early this morning in a provocation attack that has escalated into military conflict, but the subsequent corporate media coverage would have us believe that the U.S. and NATO-backed client state Georgia is a helpless victim, when in actual fact a far more nuanced geopolitical strategy is being played out.

Israel backs Georgia in Caspian Oil Pipeline Battle with Russia
Pentagon closely monitoring Georgia situation
Evidence of U.S. Military Presence in Georgia
McCain calls on Russia to withdraw from Georgia
Putin: Russia will strike Georgia back
Russia and Georgia on the brink of war as four planes are shot down and 15 civilians killed in South Ossetia fighting
Over 10 Russian troops killed in S.Ossetia: defence ministry
Russian tanks enter South Ossetia

US-led soldiers kill 5 Afghan civilians
US-led coalition soldiers have shot dead four Afghan women and a child in an operation aimed at capturing a wanted militant in central Afghanistan.

Prince George's raid prompts call for probe
When the shooting stopped, two dogs lay dead. A mayor sat in his boxers, hands bound behind his back. His handcuffed mother-in-law was sprawled on the kitchen floor, lying beside the body of one of the family pets that police had killed before her eyes.

Pentagon Front Groups Release Laughable Olympics "Terror" Video
IntelCenter and SITE Intelligence Group, two "terrorism monitoring firms" who routinely obtain so-called Al-Qaeda tapes that usually turn out to be completely fraudulent, yesterday released a video purported to feature members of a Chinese Muslim terror group threatening to attack the Olympics.

Chinese Officers Remove Demonstrators
Beijing Intensifies Suppression of Churches

Supply crunch may bring $200 oil in 5-10 yrs-study
The world faces a serious oil supply crunch within five to 10 years that may drive prices up to more than $200 a barrel, a British think tank said on Friday.

Dollar soars to 5-mth high vs euro
£ tumbles to 18-month low against $

Man held for alleged Obama assassination threat
A man was being held in Florida on Thursday on charges he told classmates at a training seminar that he would kill Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama if he is elected, according to a law enforcement official and court documents.

Greatest threat to Britain is a flu pandemic warns Government report
The greatest threat facing Britain is a flu pandemic that could kill 750,000 people, a Government report will warn today.

Group Protests Army Recruitment Tool That Violates International Law
An anti-war group protested the offices of video game maker Ubisoft in San Francisco yesterday to bring attention to the company's ongoing work with the U.S. Army on "America's Army", a video game that has been developed specifically to increase the number of Army recruits.

Congressman Demands Investigation Of Army Recruitment Threats

Study Cautions Against Strike on Iran's Nuclear Facilities
A military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities would probably only delay the country's progress toward nuclear-weapons capability, according to a study that concludes that such an attack could backfire by strengthening Tehran's resolve to acquire the bomb.

Iran: West uses media to control world
Fierce clashes near Afghan border

Oil prices slide beneath $116
ude prices slumped below 116 dollars a barrel on Friday as the market shrugged off confirmation that separatist Kurdish rebels were behind a blast that has cut a strategic oil pipeline in Turkey.

Military insists 'segregation boxes' for Iraqi prisoners are 'humane'
CNN's Barbara Starr, in a Thursday report, examined what the US military is calling 'segregation boxes': small, wooden crates being used in Iraq to hold prisoners, which the US military insists are 'humane.'

Truth Rising Trailer Contest Entry

Missouri Voter Refuses Illegal Demand to Show Photo ID at Poll, Gets Thrown in Jail
This story is unfrickin'-believable. Or maybe it isn't. It took place in Thor Hearne country, after all. And though she didn't get arrested and thrown in jail, a similar incident happened to the Missouri Secretary of State during the 2006 election.

Why Wasn't Ivins Declared an Enemy Combatant?
So, the FBI was prepared to indict U.S. Army scientist Bruce Ivins for terrorism before he committed suicide. The specific act of terrorism for which Ivins was to be indicted was employing weapons of mass destruction.

Handwriting Analysis Fails to Tie Ivins to Anthrax Letters
The Killer Anthrax Did Not Even Originate at Fort Detrick

Global Warming or Global Governance?
If you were to ask ten people on the street if mankind’s activities are causing global warming, my guess is that a majority would say yes.

Sept launch for bid to crack secrets of universe
The Future of the ‘iPatriot Act’

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The state wants your children.


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