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No-Fly List Raises Civil-Liberty Concerns

The Sept. 11 Commission wants the government to expand the no-fly list airlines now check to keep suspected terrorists off planes, consolidating as many as 12 secret lists maintained by different intelligence agencies.

>> Bulgaria not convinced by decapitation video

Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show once a week on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Eye scans get frequent fliers' ayes

Frequent fliers at Logan International Airport began signing up for a trial program yesterday that will use eye scans to speed their check-ins.

The Kinsey Report: How a Rockefeller Funded Study Laid the Groundwork For Today's Moral and Cultural Collapse

"The Kinsey Report" (1948) shaped current mainstream attitudes to sex. It championed unfettered sexual expression and became the manifesto of the counterculture. It inspired Hugh Hefner to start Playboy in 1953.
Security provisions are so tight in Athens, spectators can't even see the events.
>> The Terrorists Won
>> Old Lies For New
>> Greetings From Washington DC

How did Iraq fall? A double agent fooled Saddam

The former general tricked the toppled Iraqi President Saddam Hussein into fatally bungling the defence of his country through a double agent called April Fool.

CIA halted a plan to kidnap Bin Laden in 1998

In 1998 the now-retired CIA head George Tenet called off a brave plan to abduct Al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden from an Afghan compound.
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What Event Was That?

>> White House Questioned on al-Qaida Mole FUBAR

>> Act opposed by Nevada City
>> Police State USA
>> Don’t Waste Your Vote

>> Judge: Remove Bible From Court Display

>> Fed Expected to Raise Rates a Second Time

>> Bush Nominates Porter Goss as New CIA Chief

>> Kerry: Still Would Have Approved Force for Iraq

>> Blunkett faces revolt over terror powers
>> Highway patrol begins testing turnpike scanning system
>> Big Brother joins the Olympic team
>> Occupation HQ attacked in central Baghdad
>> CIA Plots Chavez Overthrow in Chile
>> Two dead in Istanbul bombing
>> US hospitals move closer to under the skin ID chips
>> Beatings in Baghdad

>> AUTISM-MERCURY LINK APPEARS TO BE ESTABLISHED, attempted cover up by the U.S. Government is suspected

>> Vietnamese Agent Orange victims appeal to US public for support

>> Greece sets up 45-mile no-fly zone around Olympics site

>> Documents Unconvered Proving US Doctors Aided Torturers In Abu Ghurayb
>> Fake beheading video: FBI promises heads will roll
>> President Bush Continues To Surrender U.S. Sovereignty To International Entities
>> Checking your driving
>> World's First ``Hybrid'' Self-Checkout Installed in METRO Group's RFID Innovation Center
>> Eleven US Troops Found With Throats Slit In Central Al-Qa’im Friday
>> Pakistan complains about US sting