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Draft Riots Feared: No Matter Who Wins in November, Draft Will Return

Regardless of the outcome of next November’s presidential election, the federal government will initiate a military draft in 2005, unless there is a dramatic slackening of the need for U.S. troops for the ongoing war in Iraq and for “peacekeeping” duties around the world.

>> US soldier in Iraqi abuse 'commended for good job'

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>> The Vanity Fair Interview

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Big Brother in the car

Government officials at the National Transportation Safety Board are trying to leverage an emotive incident to push regulations that infringe on American privacy and civil liberties.

First Step in Austin Access Television Takeover Complete

The corporate takeover of Austin Access Television (ACTV) continues. Thursday of last week, News 8 Austin, owned by Time Warner (which is behind Austin Music Partners, which is taking over Channel 15) reported that by this week Austin Music Network (AMN) would be merged with ACTV.
The latest 'new' terror alert indicates the World Trade Center is a target.
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>> Greetings From Washington DC
>> The Terrorists Won

Mystery surrounds 'kidnap' of Iranian envoy in Karbala

Mystery last night surrounded the fate of an Iranian diplomat after a video purportedly made by an Iraqi militant group said he had been taken hostage.

Did Richard Nixon prolong war in Vietnam to win re-election? No, he didn't, says Kissinger

As President George Bush faces an election with US troops enmeshed in a foreign conflict, evidence has emerged that President Richard Nixon may have delayed a military pullout from Vietnam in 1972 to avoid a collapse that might have imperilled his bid for a second term.
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Old Lies For New

>> Israel distributes radiation pills to residents near nuclear reactor

>> Iraq Reinstates Capital Punishment
>> Boston City Councilor Warns Against 'Police State'
>> 9/11 Cell Phone Calls Were Impossible

>> Sudan says Darfur rebels have ties to Israel

>> American's bogus beheading video dupes international media

>> Iraq issues warrants for Chalabis

>> Stay calm everyone, there's Prozac in the drinking water

>> 2 men 'no longer terror suspects'

>> Iraqi Government Shuts Al-Jazeera Station
>> The Foul Smell of Liars
>> Managing The Male Sex Drive
>> Insurers offer discounts to customers who allow their driving to be tracked by electronic monitors
>> Big Business Becoming Big Brother
>> MNCs 'planning to evacuate Taiwan'
>> U.S. May Be Provoking Clashes In Iraq: FM Spokesman