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Japan earthquake: Fukushima nuclear plant evacuated following aftershock
A magnitude 7.1 aftershock has rattled Japan a month after the magnitude 9 earthquake that spawned a deadly tsunami.

Are Japanese Authorities Covering Up Further Damage to the Fukushima Reactor from the Aftershock?
No end in sight for Fukushima disaster as bureaucrats battle the laws of physics
Japan Prepares To Extend The Fukushima Evacuation Zone
NYC restaurants defy government reassurances about Fukushima by voluntarily testing fish for radiation
Mainstream media regurgitates exact same news on Fukushima, word for word

Gaddafi exit ‘was discussed’ at meeting of African leaders
An African Union official said Monday the issue of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s stepping down had been discussed during peace talks in Tripoli.

Obama dispatches top aide to Saudi, UAE
US President Barack Obama is sending a foreign policy aide to key Gulf allies Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates this week amid concern over the turmoil sweeping the Middle East.

Ivory Coast: UN and French helicopter gunships attack Laurent Gbagbo residence
United Nations and French helicopter gunships have launched a joint attack on the residence of Ivory Coast strongman Laurent Gbagbo, as they move to “neutralise” his heavy weapons cache after a week of intense fighting.

Normon Solomon: “You Can’t Really Trust the Media”

While the American media discusses the dilemma in the Middle East to a degree, are we really getting the big picture back home? Normon Solomon of the Institute for Public Accuracy says that though the Internet and blogging has allowed a new outlook to be exposed, mainstream media still paints the picture of a paradisaical United States.

Enough equipment stolen from UK military for ‘small coup’: official
Items such as night vision goggles, pistols, field kits, boots, body armor, machinery and rations have gone missing around British military bases in the past year, and officials there say the disappearances are starting to add up.

DNA database will be used to catch out owners who refuse to clean up their dog mess
The ‘millionaires playground’ Italian island of Capri will use a DNA database to identify pet owners who refuse to clean up after their dogs.

Fire John Boehner – America Watched Boehner Fold Like A 20 Dollar Suit So Boehner Must Go In 2012
Have you ever noticed that whenever it comes time to stand on principle top Republican lawmakers always fold like a 20 dollar suit? This time it was John Boehner. It went down like this – the Democrats knew that if they played hardball and set up a government shutdown for the weekend of the Cherry Blossom Festival that Boehner would cave.

Arsenic and toxic metals found in baby foods
Baby foods used to wean infants off milk have been found to contain “alarming” levels of toxic contaminants including arsenic, lead and cadmium.

Sperm counts continue to plummet, say researchers
Environmental pollution, plastic chemicals, pharmaceutical drugs, pesticides, unhealthy diets, radiation-emitting technologies — these and many other factors are contributing to an epidemic decline in sperm counts among modern men, say researchers.

Globalists Coming Full Circle
Long before the verified lies of Qaddafi’s “door-to-door” genocide and even before the media cleverly tagged the engineered destabilization of the Middle East the “Arab Spring,” Libya was already marked for destabilization and regime change.

Leahy: Obama Needs Congressional Approval to Put Troops in Libya
“Legalizing” War With Secret Memos….

Special Forces scandal as officers are held ‘for trying to leak secrets’

The unprecedented arrests came as members of the SAS and SBS were deployed in Libya in preparation for airstrikes and to liaise with rebels and identify stranded British oil workers for rescue.

Money Problems That Never Seem To End: 25 Reasons To Be Absolutely Disgusted With The U.S. Economy
It seems like wherever you turn there is bad news for the U.S. economy. Unemployment is rampant, the cost of gasoline is going up, the cost of food is going up and American families are getting poorer.

The Inflationary Depression Moves Foreward Relentlessly
Gold hits record on euro, silver jumps to 31-year top
Pentagon Budget Cuts are Possible

Finding Order in the Orwellian Chaos
It has become nearly impossible to determine the “truth” in our increasingly chaotic world. Reality is seemingly being twisted and flipped on its head in this rapid unfolding of multi-front crises.

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20th Century American History As Fable From Cradle To Grave
George Bailey, publisher of the blog Oswald’s Mother, says that the American press and the Nazi propaganda ministry operate almost exactly the same in regards to turning government falsehoods into official history, covering up government crimes and errors, and blocking any discussion about controversial historical events that have transformed history and justified government aggression like the Reichstag fire and 9/11.

Britain sues Iceland for £3.5billion for refusing to pay back bailout cash
Iceland is to be sued by Britain and the Netherlands to recover £3.5billion lost when its banking system collapsed.

One helluva boost: JPMorgan CEO sees compensation jump 1,500 per cent to $20.8million

TSA gives invasive pat down to 6-year-old girl
A video appeared on the Internet Saturday of a female TSA agent allegedly giving an invasive pat down to a 6-year-old girl.

Airports braced for check-in chaos as EU plans to lift liquids ban

Last-minute budget deal narrowly avoids the Big Government shutdown America desperately needs to balance its budget
The difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats want to spend us into oblivion while the Republicans only want to spend us into purgatory.

Rand Paul: We Must Balance The Budget Now

Japan to pump radioactive water into sea until Sunday
Japan will pump radioactive water into the sea from a crippled nuclear plant until Sunday, a day later than previously planned, its nuclear safety agency said.

Japanese Gov’t ban bans rice planting in contaminated soil

When This Happens, Most Nuclear Power Plants in the World Could Melt Down
The big boys gamble with our lives and our livelihoods, because they make a killing by taking huge risks and cutting costs. And when things inevitably go South, they aren’t held responsible (other than a slap on the wrist), and may even be bailed out by the government.

Japan’s Nuclear Meltdown, the Economic Meltdown, and the Gulf Oil Meltdown All Happened for the SAME REASON

Jesse Ventura and Judge Napolitano: Operation Northwoods, 9/11, and Wikileaks
Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura brings more truth to light.

Peter Schiff: Government Counterfeiting and Economic Terrorism
Financial guru and Austrian economics sage Peter Schiff discusses how the federal government has no place labeling private citizens who make gold and silver coins economic terrorists.

IMF Will Work on Portugal Bailout Plan With European Union


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