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Permanent Occupation: Gates Admits US Troops To Remain In Iraq Beyond 2011
The world’s media reacted with a collective shrug of the shoulders today as Defense Secretary Robert Gates admitted that US troops are likely to stay in Iraq beyond 2011, making another scheduled withdrawal date nothing more than an empty meaningless promise.

Why Is NATO Really In Libya?
Is NATO failing with its attempts in Libya? Former Regan Administration official Paul Craig Roberts thinks the situation with Gaddafi is much different than the other recent protests in the Arab world. “Why is NATO there?” has become to real question, says Roberts, who fears that risky involvement stemming from American influence could lead to catastrophic breaking point.

NATO Offers No Apology for Airstrike on Rebel Tanks

American war PR draws hell with friendly colors
As the U.S. and NATO are embroiled in conflicts around the world, there’s another campaign going on alongside, with millions of American taxpayers’ dollars pouring into it. RT’s Lauren Lyster explores the information war being waged on the local population.

US trains activists to evade security forces
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Sen. Mike Lee: Obama planned government shutdown
Freshman Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) said on the Senate floor Thursday that President Barack Obama might have been planning for the government to shut down all along.

Government may use Facebook, Twitter for terror alerts
The Department of Homeland Security is planning to tap social networks such as Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word in the event of a terror attack, the Associated Press reported Thursday.

Kansas City police dog takes a bite out of woman’s head and butt but not crime
Rogue human police officers aren’t the only authorities we have to fear. Sometimes it’s a rogue canine cop, such as Eros.

David Icke: The Global Conspiracy
Alex talks with English author, public speaker, and former BBC television sports presenter, David Icke about the latest going in with the Nwo, Japan Nuclear fallout, and it's plume cloud covering the U.S. with low lever radiation.

Cosmic burst in distant galaxy puzzles NASA
NASA is studying a surprising cosmic burst at the center of distant galaxy that has burned for more than a week, longer than astronomers have ever seen before, the US space agency said Thursday.

Obama Remembers Pumping Gas
During an appearance before Al Sharpton’s shake down organization, the National Action Network, the comedian Obama said he was a gas station attendant before he decided to serve his country as a teleprompter reader. Barry Obama was a regular Joe with student loans to pay off and other hardships suffered daily by the boobeoisie.

GOP lawyer drafts Obama impeachment
Government Shutdown 2011? – 16 Things You Need To Know

Protecting” Civilians And Aiding Rebels By Killing Them: Airstrikes In Libya Leave At Least 13 Dead
A Nato airstrike on a military tank near the eastern oil town of Brega killed two Libyan rebels and wounded 10, according to witnesses.

US politico in Libya to meet Kadhafi, seek deal
Loading Libya: UK red-faced over arming Gaddafi, then rebels

NBC’s Brokaw: Saudis ‘So Unhappy’ With Obama They Sent Emissaries to China, Russia Seeking Enhanced Ties

Reporting from Baghdad, Iraq yesterday, NBC’s Tom Brokaw said the Saudi Arabian monarchy is “so unhappy with the Obama administration for the way it pushed out President Mubarak of Egypt” that it has sent senior officials to the Peoples’ Republic of China and Russia to seek expanded business opportunities with those countries.

Sudan Accuses Israel Of Long-Range Attack
Sudan has accused Israel of carrying out a long-range assassination mission from the air that has killed two people.

Congress repeals burdensome 1099 requirement in Obamacare; full repeal may be on the way
The first signs of a full repeal of the Obama health care overhaul emerged this week when the US Congress finally voted to repeal key portions of the bill that would have imposed significant new tax and paperwork burdens on small businesses.

Inside video report from Fukushima nuclear reactor evacuation zone
A Japanese journalist, Tetsuo Jimbo, ventured through the evacuation zone last Sunday, and filed the following video report.

Radioactive water spilled at Onagawa nuclear plant after Thursday’s quake
The cesium deception: Why the mainstream media is mostly reporting iodine levels, not radioactive cesium
Cars, whole houses and even severed feet in shoes: The vast field of debris from Japan earthquake and tsunami that’s floating towards U.S. West Coast
Japan asks foreign media to report objectively on nuclear crisis
South Koreans Wear Masks Out of Fear of Radiation from Japan
Ongoing Cover Up of Nuclear Crisis By Governments and Nuclear Power Companies
The Fukushima Dictionary of Physics Terminology (satire)

Satellite Detects A New Nuclear Facility In North Korea
Satellites have detected a new dome at North Korea’s Yongbyong nuclear facility, according to Chosun Ilbo.

Marc Faber: QE Is How The Elites Are Getting Their Revenge On Illiterate Kids Born Out Wedlock
In Faber’s view, the elites are getting revenge.

The Dollar Is Getting Crushed As Oil Hits $111, Gold Hits $1470, Silver Hits $40, And Euro Hits $1.44
Corn prices hit record highs in Chicago

Wild And Crazy 2011: 10 History-Shattering Events That Have Shaken The Financial World To The Core
2011 has already had more history-shattering events than almost any other year since World War 2.

Is America Becoming The Land Of The Part-Time Job?: Most Of The Jobs That Are Being Created Are Part-Time Jobs And Some Companies Are Going To A “Part-Time Only Policy”

Meat Glue: The Meat Industry’s Dirty Secret
The white powder sold by the kilo, above, is the meat industry’s dirty little secret. It’s “meat glue.” It makes pieces of beef, lamb, chicken or fish that would normally be thrown out stick together so closely that it looks like a solid piece of meat.

Jesse Ventura: Enough Government Cover-ups! It’s time for a Revolution!
On the heels of the release of his latest book, 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You Know, former governor of Minnesota, talk show host and professional wrestler Jesse Ventura talks with RT’s Anastasia Churkina to discuss his latest effort. In this sit-down, Ventura shares his thoughts on the recent decision to bring alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed before a military tribunal and how Democrats and Republicans have “sold their soul to rock and roll.”

Fukushima Daiichi Radioactive Seawater Model – Radiation Spreads Throughout Pacific Ocean
Responding to these concerns, ASR Limited, a marine consulting and research firm, has developed models to accurately predict the spread of the contaminated material.

As Radioactive Iodine Cloud Passes Over Korea, Government Downplays Risks
Fukushima dumping of radioactive water into Pacific Ocean violates international law
How to protect yourself from radiation poisoning

Paid Degenerate Liar: Glenn Beck
Those who watched the theatrics of the “Bush Administration” will remember few attack dogs fiercer than Glenn Beck of Fox News. Fox News of course, is of News Corporation, a globalist Council on Foreign Relations corporate member, with Rupert Murdoch an individual member of the CFR as well.

Gold, Silver And Oil Are All Skyrocketing And That Is Bad News For The U.S. Economy
The following is one statement that you should get used to seeing: “The price of gold set another record today.” Today, spot gold reached a new all-time record of $1461.91 an ounce before settling back a little bit.

“We Don’t Need A Bailout… We Don’t Need A Bailout…Uh, We Need A Bailout”: Portugal Admits To Needing EU Rescue
Bank of England Holds Rates Despite High Inflation
US Going Same Route as Greece, Portugal: Economist


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