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Ron Paul: ‘New World Order’ Using Financial Crisis, Wars To Enhance Globalism
Congressman Ron Paul, icon to liberty lovers the world over, sent a stark message to ruling elite “internationalists” attempting to expand globalism via the Western military industrial complex this week – you will fail.

Ron Paul to Announce Presidential Bid Next Month
Ron Paul: The ‘Big Event’ Has Started
VIDEO: Ron Paul Speaks On The Budget

U.S. Sees Array of New Threats at Japan’s Nuclear Plant
United States government engineers sent to help with the crisis in Japan are warning that the troubled nuclear plant there is facing a wide array of fresh threats that could persist indefinitely.

TEPCO to inject nitrogen into No. 1 reactor to prevent explosion
Japan plugs uncontrolled leak from nuclear plant
Japanese Fishermen demand compensation
America and EU Agree: Raise Radiation Levels for Food
Media is wrong on the dangers of radiation
The Japanese Economy Is In Much Bigger Trouble Than Most People Think

Banksters Raped A Blindfolded America
All societies have social and moral deviants, but in healthy ones they are not in control of the government and large financial banks as they are in America, Canada, England, and other Western countries.

Analysts Backing Gold All the Way to $1,500

Alex Reaffirms Jesse Ventura’s Facts on 9/11 Stand Down Order
Alex takes time to lay out the facts covered by Jesse Ventura in his new book, 63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read.

Jesse Ventura Exposes 9/11 Stand Down Order
In a stunning new book, 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You To Read, former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura presents a broad range of previously classified official government documents, each one telling its own story about the lengths the government goes to to cover up its secretive, controversial and at times downright criminal actions.

Jesse Ventura Exclusive Interview: TSA Discrimination And Ron Paul For President

‘Fresh Air Strikes Against Gaddafi Troops’
Nato forces have reportedly launched fresh air strikes on Colonel Gaddafi’s forces near the key Libyan oil town of Brega.

‘No to Gaddafi’s son taking over’
Libya says ready for change, Gaddafi must stay
GOP Senators: Obama’s Libya Bombing Showed ‘Contempt’ for Congress

60% of U.S. Military Deaths in Afghanistan Have Occurred Since Obama Was Inaugurated in 2009
At least 858 U.S. soldiers have died in the Afghanistan war since President Barack Obama took office in January 2009. That equals 60 percent of the 1,427 American soldiers killed so far in the 10-year war in that country.

9/11 suspects to be tried at Guantanamo: report

Expert Warns Terrorists Could Crash Planes by Remote Control
Airplanes could be taken over by remote control and forced to crash with the use of newly invented computer software, according to an expert cited by The Courier-Mail on Monday.

US lawmakers to push for online piracy bill
Democratic and Republican members of the US Congress pledged Monday to pass legislation that would give US authorities more tools to crack down on websites engaged in piracy of movies, television shows and music and the sale of counterfeit goods.

Libyan Rebels: ‘Nato Is Now Our Problem’
Libyan rebels have accused Nato of being too slow to act – and asked them to suspend operations unless they “do the job properly”.

US Senate defeats bill hitting Obama on Libya
Libya war costs $4 million a day: US Air Force
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Defense Secretary Gates arrives in Saudi Arabia for meeting with King Abdullah
RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates arrived in Saudi Arabia on Wednesday for a meeting with King Abdullah, opening his third trip to the tumultuous region in the past month.

US gears up for massive anti-war rallies

‘UN, France global control goals behind Ivory Coast bombing’
UN and French troops bombarded targets around the residence of Laurent Gbagbo in the city of Abidjan. The UN says its raids were carried out to protect civilians.

K Street’s favorite dictators
Popular revolutions swept away autocratic leaders in Tunisia and Egypt. The US and NATO launched airstrikes in Libya under a “responsibility to protect” civilians. But for decades the same dictators clung to power with US support.

Fox News Endorses Pepper Spraying 8 Year Olds

On FNC’s Fox and Friends today Gretchen Carlson came out loudly in favor of pepper spraying children by saying, “I say 100% pepper spray and some parenting classes as well. I mean come on.”

Military wants doctors to “use their position of trust in society” To Promote Global Warming Theories
Doctors must take a leading role in highlighting the dangers of climate change, which will lead to conflict, disease and ill-health, and threatens global security, according to a stark warning from an unusual alliance of physicians and military leaders.

New antidepressant warning – Prozac and other drugs cause thick arteries, raise heart risk

Japan Seawater Radioactivity Soars To 7.5 MILLION Times Legal Limit
Japan just announced a huge surge in ocean contamination, as radioactive iodine-131 at 7.5 million times the legal limit was found near the plant, according to Japan Times.

Govt holding radiation data back / IAEA gets info, but public doesn’t
High radiation outside indoor advisory zone
Japan says dumping radioactive water in ocean doesn’t violate law

EPA to raise limits for radiation exposure while Canada turns off fallout detectors
The mass radioactive contamination of our planet is now under way thanks to the astonishing actions taking place at the Fukushima nuclear facility in Japan. As of last night, TEPCO announced it is releasing 10,000 tons of radioactive water directly into the Pacific Ocean. That 2.4 million gallons of planetary poison being dumped directly into the ocean.

The Fed Undermines Foreign Policy
Last week I was both surprised and pleased when the Supreme Court upheld lower court decisions requiring the Federal Reserve Bank to comply with requests for information made by Bloomberg under the Freedom of Information Act (“FOIA”).

Arab Spring: The Israeli Factor
Any analysis of the Middle East would be remiss without factoring in Israel. Israel has been playing a rather muted role in the unfolding globalist gambit – mainly because any Israeli involvement in supporting these staged revolutions would instantly taint them and ultimately derail them.


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