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Other Major Banks Did Deals Similar to Goldman’s
As you may have heard, Goldman Sachs is being sued for fraud by the Securities and Exchange Commission for allegedly misleading investors about a deal that Goldman helped structure and sell.

Investor Who Made Billions Not Targeted in Suit
Goldman Sacked?
Goldman Sachs Said to Have Been Warned of SEC Suit
Update: SEC says Goldman defrauded investors of $1 billion
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Big Content’s dystopian wish-list for the US gov’t: spyware, censorship, physical searches and SWAT teams
The MPAA and RIAA have submitted their master plan for enforcing copyright to the new Office of Intellectual Property Enforcement.

Digital Economy Act: This means war
Baking surveillance, control and censorship into the very fabric of our networks, devices and laws is the absolute road to dictatorial hell.

You Can’t Vote with Your Feet without the 10th Amendment
Some say that you can “vote with your feet” — a phrase popularized by Ronald Reagan (most often taken out of context) in 1976 and a philosophy some attribute to Ayn Rand which was alluded to in Atlas Shrugged.

Repeal Is Not Enough
On March 21, when the Intolerable Act of 2010 was passed by the House of Representatives, calls for repeal began almost immediately.

Domestic terrorists as big a threat as al-Qaeda, says FBI head Robert Mueller
Fifteen years after the Oklahoma City bombing, the spectre of domestic terrorism has returned to haunt the Obama Administration, with a warning from the FBI that “home-grown and lone-wolf extremists” now represent as serious a threat as al-Qaeda and its affiliates.

How a Rich and Proud Nation Went Broke
Amidst a multitrillion dollar spending spree, President Obama apparently believes it’s inconceivable that a mighty nation such as the United States could go broke.

Proof speed cameras exist to rake in money as receipts finally fall
Motorists have been hit with speeding tickets worth almost £1billion under Labour, a report shows.

Scientists predict colder European winters to come
Continental Europe and Britain are likely to see more unusually cold winters like last season due to low solar activity, according to a new study by British and German researchers published on Thursday.

Reply to: “Ice cap thaw may awaken Icelandic volcanoes”
Scientific American has reported that global warming may cause an increase in volcanic eruptions, due to increased magma formation at lower pressures as glaciers melt.

Kill Puppies And Children, But God Forbid, Don’t Hurt The iPad
Some of the reaction to Alex Jones’ allegorical You Tube video in which he tortures an iPad to make a point about how people care more about the suffering of an inanimate object than they do actual human beings tragically reminds us of just how deeply retarded, savage, and devoid of humanity many people still are.

CIA chief approved destruction of terrorist waterboarding tapes
The former CIA chief, Porter Goss, approved a 2005 decision to destroy 92 tapes showing US agents waterboarding two terrorism suspects, according to newly released internal emails.

Volcano flight chaos to last until next week
One million Britons were stranded abroad last night by the travel paralysis caused by volcanic ash.

NATO killing of civilians doubled
NATO statistics show that Afghan civilians killed by foreign forces have more than doubled this year compared to the same period a year ago.

North Korea denies it sank South’s navy ship
North Korea on Saturday denied that it sank a South Korean naval vessel near their disputed sea border late last month.

School Spy Laptops “Took Thousands Of Photos” Of Students In Homes
Startling new evidence has emerged in the ongoing case of the Lower Merion school district in Philadelphia accused of spying on students in their homes via school issued laptops.

SPLC Declares Paul and Napolitano “Extremist” Enablers
The SPLC fear-mongering machine has long claimed the patriot movement is associated with white supremacists and militias and may engage in violence. In fact, there is plenty of evidence that the SPLC itself has “enabled” the miniscule and completely irrelevant white supremacist movement in order to magnify the ludicrous threat they claim these fringe groups pose.

“Nazi Youth” Crashes Santa Fe Tea Party
NBC Reporter Quizzes Black Man at DC Tea Party: ‘Have You Ever Felt Uncomfortable?’

SEC Charges Goldman Sachs With Fraud
The Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday charged Wall Street’s most gilded firm, Goldman Sachs, with defrauding investors in a sale of securities tied to subprime mortgages.

Why It’s Not Inevitable That Other Wall Street Banks Are Going To Get Dinged
GE: 7,000 tax returns, $0 U.S. tax bill

We knew, it was only a matter of time…
From “Scientific” American via Reuters, proof positive that global warming is omnipotent and is intertwined into anything you choose it to be. Why, even the inner Earth bends to its will.

Osama Bin Laden ordered a satellite TV dish to watch 9/11 attacks… but couldn’t get a signal at his mountainous base
And if you believe this, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Baghdad. Checkout the comments on the original story – nobody else is buying it either. The key question: How did a man in a cave get NORAD to stand down?

Oil Companies Conspiring To Jack Up Gasoline Prices By Creating Artificial Scarcity
Alex Jones appeared on Russia Today to expose how major oil companies are driving up the price of gasoline by reducing refinery capacity, a familiar ploy that was exposed by Senator Ron Wyden’s 2001 investigation which published leaked oil company documents proving collusion between oil cartels to manufacture artificial scarcity.

We knew, it was only a matter of time…
From “Scientific” American via Reuters, proof positive that global warming is omnipotent and is intertwined into anything you choose it to be. Why, even the inner Earth bends to its will.

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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