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Leaked U.S. Document Calls For "Global Regime" To Tackle Climate Change
A confidential U.S. government document obtained by the London Guardian highlights the ongoing agenda to create a structure of global governance in the name of combating climate change.

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Infowars Reader Harassed By Cops Over "Militia" Fears
An Infowars reader was stopped and harassed by Kansas Highway police on Thursday night for the crime of displaying political bumper stickers, with cops expressing fears of affiliations with "militia groups," another frightening example of how police are being trained to treat any form of peaceful dissent as a sign of domestic terror.

Did Global Elite Kill Polish President Kaczynski?
Damian Thompson, writing for the Daily Telegraph, says there will be plenty of conspiracy theories floating around cyberspace in response to the death of Polish president Lech Kaczynski and a large number of Polish VIPs in a plane crash last week.

Analysis: error, pressure or lost in translation

How The Black Bloc Anarchists Are Used To Provocateur Violence
Alex Ansary exposes how the Black Bloc anarchists are routinely used to provocateur violence and justify crackdowns against peaceful protesters.

NATO Troops Fire on Bus, Killing 4 Afghan Civilians
Four Afghan civilians were killed when international troops opened fire today on a bus in the southern province of Kandahar, the Taliban heartland where coalition forces are preparing a new offensive.

Facebook under privacy microscope
Regulators globally are grappling with a conundrum: how to contend with the rise of an internet phenomenon that five years ago did not exist?

Provocateurs Openly Announce Plans To Stage Tea Party Violence
With the establishment desperate to engender and exploit violence which will be used to demonize the Tea Party movement as an extremist mob, so-called anarchists are now openly declaring their intentions to pose as Tea Party members and stage violence in order to discredit populist grass roots organizations.

Will Mainstream Media reporters and editors expose, screen out, or help Tea Party saboteurs?

Invisible Empire – Sneak Peek #2 – The Dumbed-Down Public

In this sneak peek, director Jason Bermas demonstrates the mindset of the elite, who have flooded the public’s attention span with gladiatorial events, spectator sports and mind-numbing entertainment.

Spend It Now! A Huge New Tax Is Coming…
Everything you buy is about to become 20% more expensive…

Is the World’s Second Biggest Economy On the Ropes?
Iceland has approximately the 101st biggest economy in the world.

Intervention Is Prolonging Economic Problems For Years
We have seen the Fed and the US Treasury execute policy that has served to bail out the financial industry that created the conditions that have persisted for more than 2-1/2 years.

Outrage as British taxpayers face £600m bill to fund EU bail-out of Greece’s sinking economy
Greece was last night handed a generous national bailout by its euro partners which will end up costing British taxpayers more than £600million a year.

The Insanity of Government ‘Reform’
Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity — repeating something and expecting different results — is known to nearly everyone. Yet mere knowledge of this definition apparently has not kept the “best and the brightest” among us from becoming its practitioners.

Run Ron Run! Ron Paul And Mitt Romney Almost Tie in GOP 2012 Straw Poll
Romney did not attend the New Orleans conference, instead proceeding with a book tour that took him to New Hampshire on Thursday. Of 1,806 votes cast, Romney had 439 votes to Paul’s 438.

Ron Paul chastises at GOP conference: Conservatives ‘like the empire’

Alex Jones: ‘Invisible Empire’ exposes a hidden history the public must learn
In a call to action, Alex Jones reminds fellow patriots and activists that the films we make are tools to awaken and inform the public who have been kept in the dark about the real mechanisms that control our world.

Ron Paul On The State Of The GOP
Rep. Ron Paul talks to CNN about the Republican Party, the Tea Party movement and his philosophies.

Soros warns Europe of disintegration
The eurozone area and wider European Union is now “on the brink” of disintegration unless Germany steps up and provides loans at below-market rates to Greece, George Soros, the hedge fund manager, has warned.

Obama warning on terrorists getting nuclear weapons
The single biggest threat to US security is the possibility of terrorists obtaining nuclear weapons, President Obama declared on the eve of a global summit in Washington to prevent a nuclear terror attack.

Hillary Clinton fears al-Qaeda is obtaining nuclear weapons material

Ex-Goldman trader blows whistle on silver and gold manipulation by JPMorgan, HSBC
There is no silver lining to the activities of JPMorgan Chase and HSBC in the precious-metals market here and in London, says a 40-year veteran of the metal pits.

Euro rallies after ministers agree Greece bailout terms

WikiLeaks plans to post video showing US massacre of Afghani civilians
The whisteblower website WikiLeaks — which exploded onto the national stage earlier this month after it released a video recording showing US servicemembers shooting two reporters and six others to death — says they plan to release another, even more harrowing clip.

Google Frankenstein: Machines To Choose Your News
GOOGLE CEO and Obama political activist Eric Schmidt declared this weekend that his machines will help decide what news you receive!

The low-energy light bulbs that take control of your TV
Some feared it must have been a problem with their remote. Others suspected ghostly goings-on.

Tragic Plane Crash, or Decapitation Strike?
Here’s what a horrific plane crash aftermath looks like in Russia…

Group Protests Scanners at KCI
Airports across the country are adding body scanners for extra security, despite the controversial nature of the new technology.

Ousted president wants UN forces in Kyrgyzstan
The ousted President of Kyrgyzstan, Kurmanbek Bakiyev, has called for UN peacemakers to enter the country and create an independent commission to investigate Wednesday’s violent uprising.

Occupied Washington DC
As a visitor to our nation’s capital, I cannot tell you how disconcerting it is to step off the metro and find yourself face to face with a F-35 fighter jet.

American jihadi suspects ’set up’ by police, say lawyers
Police fabricated evidence to incriminate five Americans facing trial in Pakistan on terror charges, lawyers representing the men will argue in court this week.

Gates: WikiLeaks Video ‘Painful To See’ But Won’t Have ‘Lasting’ Impact
Defense Secretary Robert Gates acknowledged on Sunday that leaked video showing the 2007 killing by U.S. Army personnel of a gathering of civilians in Iraq is “unfortunate” and “painful to see.” But he did not think it would have a long-term affect on U.S. operations in that country.

Obama Pressures His “Home Country” Kenya to Legalize Abortion
“President Barack Obama wasted little time after his election in promoting abortion abroad by overturning the Mexico City Policy and forcing Americans to pay for abortions and abortion promotion in other nations,” notes editor Steven Ertelt in an April 7 online report. “Now the Obama administration is attempting to get Kenya to legalize abortion,” reports Ertelt.

Warrantless Checkpoints Hit Redmond
Redmond police, trying a new method to address drug trafficking through the city, set up a special enforcement operation on the North Highway 97 Reroute Thursday afternoon, stopping drivers for traffic violations and searching some vehicles if they had cause to believe drugs might be found.

If mainstream medicine really works, why are Americans so unhealthy?
Did you ever wonder why such an alarmingly high percentage of Americans are obese, diabetic, depressed and suffering from cancer, heart disease, kidney disorders and skin problems?

Another Phony Bin Laden Tape

Holdren's Eugenicist Nightmare

CIA Involvement In Iran 

Nazi Roots Of The European Union

North Korea Nuclear Circus

Police State UK

Neo-Con Attack On Jesse Ventura


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