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Who killed Nick Berg?
I do not know who killed Nick Berg, or how he died. But there's something fishy about this video. In the end, the question is: who killed Nick Berg, and why?.... Full Story
Iraqi Women Raped at Abu Ghraib
Reports have emerged that Iraqi women held at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison were raped by both US and Iraqi jailers, according to human rights groups, following the reports of abuse of Iraqi prisoners by US troops there.... Full Story
Routine Dose of Holiday Fearmongering: Airport Security Stepped Up
The federal official in charge of the nation's airports said Friday security has been "stepped up a notch" in the face of renewed terror warnings this holiday weekend and said authorities are asking the public to be vigilant.... Full Story
>> Modified Come Down at the New York Times: "Maybe We Did Screw Up...a Little"
>> UK troops investigated over deaths of 10 civilians
>> Four U.S. Soldiers Killed in Troubled Afghan South
>> New sickness: TV 'makeover show' anlyses sex performance

>> Terrorists on Ashcroft's 'Wanted List' Already in Jail

>> Alex Jones On The Tyranny of Truancy Court

>> New York Post: Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11" Is a Rip-off of Alex Jones' 9/11: The Road to Tyranny

>> Giuliani Hears 'your government trained and funded Al-Qaeda' at end of Commission Hearing

>> Salim Assassination Was 'Inside Job'

>> Alex Jones on the Hypocrisy of Torture

>> Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson Discuss the Berg Evidence

>> The B-LIAR Mafia Kills Another Newspaper

>> Staged Beheading of Nick Berg

>> After The Attack: What Happens?
>> Saudi commandos rescue hostages
>> BBC Lied Again Regarding Two Dead Japanese Journalists

Upcoming media appearances by Paul Joseph Watson

>> June 17 8:15AM Central: 'Mornings with Tim and Al', KJSL 630AM, St. Louis MO

>> Paul Joseph Watson is a regular guest on The Alex Jones Show, 12:30 CST every Monday on the GCN radio network. Click here for the live streaming audio.

>> The Vanity Fair Interview

>> Earth Brightness Increase Started in 2001: Chemtrails Reflecting More Light Into Space?
>> Proposed Iraqi PM has CIA links
>> Navy to Deploy Carrier Groups to Test Rapid Readiness
>> U.S. Hate Crime Bill Could Criminalize Biblical Truth, Pro-Family Spokesman Fears
>> Iraqi with MI6 links is new prime minister
>> Saudi Forces Storm Complex After Rampage
>> Moore & Berg: Strettttching Coincidence
>> Why the debate? Rape was admitted in the official Taguba military report
>> Western agents let nuclear equipment slip past to Libya
>> Drunken police raid US students

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>> Amy Goodman and the CIA
>> Pentagon: China expands military build-up
>> Postmen can refuse to deliver 'extreme' Euro election leaflets
>> AP, Reuters, can't bring themselves to say "10,000" dead Iraqis
>> NASA/Government try to 'hoax the hoax' in staged moon documentary
>> Kerry calls for MORE Homeland Security & police state
>> Fiat chairman Umberto Agnelli dies at 69
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>> Pakistan tests nuclear-capable missile
>> Terror alert for three cites retracted
>> Prodi wants Europe-wide vote on EU constitution
>> Cameras to catch uninsured drivers
>> Pod: Closeups of the second plane before impact
>> On Not Saving the World
>> Italy Warns of 'Threats' During Bush Visit