READERS COMMENTS (note - arguing against these photos by saying Bush is stupid isn't a very good reubuttal)


This is some great investigative work.  I would advise that you stick with it; as many of us who have researched and written about 9/11 have
similar questions regarding the behavior of the president during the timeline surrounding the first and second planes that attacked the WTC. 

Moreover, like victim family member Kristen Breitwieser -- interviewed by Phil Donohue recently, we also question why the president just sat
there for 23 minutes or so while the country was under attack.  Stay on this. 

But isn't it tragic that when so many are murdered, our own government refuses interview EVERY person involved as in a typical big-city murder investigation -- assuming that some are automatically innocent due to their political status.

Good work -- and tell the fellow working on the clock and clothing investigation that he reminds me of "Columbo!"  Some teriffic thinking
and analysis that should at least be looked into."

Tom Flocco, Co-Founder -
Reporter, American Free Press and

"Hi Paul,

Those photos were first shown (as far as i'm aware) on Sunday Sept 1st, on the documentary "9/11 Clear The Skies" - shown by BBC2. From looking back at the video i've noticed they zoom in on two photographs, the one with Bush on the phone facing the direction of the photographer (as seen in your article) and another with him turned around looking at the TV. Before showing the photos a time of 09:21:00 is shown on the screen, with a voiceover stating that Bush uses the secure phone to call the vice president to announce that we're at war (not knowing there is a 3rd hijacked plane), and turns around often to look at the screen.

Now, during the zoom-ins it's clearly noted that the clocks minute hand is at the 20 mark. But, it's hard to tell if the hour hand is at 9 or 10, but very strangely looks more like it's at 10, which of course would not fit the official timeline. It's also not a corridor, and most definately a classroom from the chalkboard up behind the TV, the pull down screen, and the childrens playmat on the floor (something I can't see being in a corridor). So if at this point Bush and his posse already knew of 2 planes hitting the WTC, why on earth are they just sitting around, chatting on the phone, and viewing the events as they unfold on TV? In this type of situation, which by that point would have been proving to be of a very serious nature, Bush and his posse should have been out of the school and taken immediately to a secure and protected area. If there was real terrorist attacks taking place, a primary target could have been the president himself, and since the school event was quite obviously publicised and the press were made well aware of it, it would have been no problem for anyone else to know where he was that morning.

It's also noted that the people in the room with Bush, along with himself, don't even seem bothered by what's happening on the television. They are looking elsewhere as if what's being shown is unimportant. If I was in such a situation, i'd be glued to the screen - or if I was the president himself, I wouldn't even be there at that point. I'd be off to some protected location in fear of an attack against myself, due to my current location being so publicaly known to any possible terrorist.

All these photos have done is bring up even more questions.

Keep up the good work."
Stormy, Webmaster


Did you know that the woman standing behind Bush in the first photo (in beige, on a phone) is Deborah Loewer - who is "Director of White House Situation Room, National Security Council" - who is also a Navy Captain.

This is confirmed by the Whitehouse's own site:

& this is her version of events that morning:

She was also the first person to inform Bush of the New York plane crash in October:

I don't know what sort of travel arrangements the President had before 9-11, but it just struck me as odd that she should be visiting Florida with him.

(that said, it is this photo which I find the most alarming ---,,48568,00.jpg
Just what the hell is Bush doing? Pretending to be the WTC with his hands as planes?)

Anyway, best regards, John."

"Why are there no armed U.S. Marshals present? This is a stage bald face lie to protect a lying idiot who put his foot in his stupid mouth!"
Danny Taggart

"These pictures could easily have been staged:
1. Set the clock to any desired time and borrow the school early on a Sat or Sun.

2. Play a video of the attack (it looks like one tower is down in the close-up picture) - If that is the case, the "team" should have already been out of the school, wouldn't it? Did they pick the "wrong" time on the videotape that doesn't jibe with the second tower just having been hit 25 minutes before when Card delivered the message to an unresponsive pres?  Didn't the entourage leave the school right after the
story being read was finished?  Didn't the first collapse happen AFTER AF1 took off?

3.  "Everyone in their places; we're going to take some pics for the pres library that we overlooked taking on that fateful day." Is this even the real Florida school?

4. At no time has bsh or anyone else claimed that this special classroom situation ever happened - until now.  Recall it was a TV set  "in the hallway" on which he supposedly saw the 1st plane impact -NOT a classroom.

My opinion? Damage control.  disinfo. The video showing a matter of fact expression and the strange statements about seeing the plane hit when no video surfaced til that night was more damaging to their credibility than they could have realised at the time."
For peace and truth, another Paul.

"Right on, guys!  First of all, the setting looks like a classroom, not a corridor,  Notice the chalkboard behind the TV.  Also, what time does the clock on the wall say?  It appears to say either 9:40 or 10:10 -- hard to tell.  Either way, MUCH time has "passed" since the attacks.  So why is Dan Bartlett pointing at the TV?  Like no one has noticed yet?  The killer is the fact that, in a wide-open room, with events supposedly unfolding as they were, do you really think people would stand 15 to 20 feet away from the screen?  Hell, they'd be RIGHT IN FRONT of it, like we all were on 9/11.  This is such B.S.!!"

"It should be obvious to the most dense mind that bushy was watching the first plane crash in realtime on secure transmitted NSA  "secret  service" communications equipment."
Arthur Wheeler Baltimore

"Note: Looks more like a classroom than a corridor. Corridors usually do not have chalkboards and pull-down projection screens. The shadows of the people in the room are not convincing to me - virtually non-existent, while the table casts a good shadow. Should be an easy experiment to perform - find a room with similar lighting and check the shadows of people."
Mark Tichenor

"You'll also notice in the photos the body language of everybody. No hurry. Not anxious. No anxiety."
Guy Williams

"In both these pictures, Bush has his back to the T.V. When this shocking event was telecast on T.V., I, and everyone I know, was glued to the
screen, unable to take our eyes off what was happening. Wouldn't Bush have reacted the same way?" [Not if he had been expecting it!]
Lorraine Ryan, Perth, Western Australia

"I think we all said that we saw the first plane fly into the building that day, not meaning we actually saw it, but when I turned my set on at home, the first plane had already hit, and I was looking at the outline of the plane in the side of the building. When I saw the second plane, it was a no-brainer that a plane also hit the first building. You conspiracy theorists assume that something doesn't jive. Lets remember, George W. Bush ain't that bright. He is like most of us, and the only reason he is in power is because the Republicans couldn't find anyone better....and that alone is a sad fact. In reality , he didn't see the plane hit the building the first time. He assumed it when he was watching TV in the hallway. Think about it for a second. I also said that must be some stupid pilot. Then the second plane hit. He talks without thinking, and I pray to God that there is another shadow Gov't actually running the country, because to think that he or Clinton have/had  their hands on the most powerful weapons in the world is indeed scary beyond belief. Thanks for allowing input."

"These do appear indeed to be staged photos. If you look at the orginal video of the president reading to the children (continued 20 minutes after Mr. Card's que), you will see the far wall is covered in pink and white posters. The photos show all the posters to be removed. Why? Also the clock on the wall appears to read 8:50. They're tenacious, gotta give'em credit..."
Gene Gallagher

"By the time December rolled around, Bush, being the great intellect that he is, probably lost track of the sequence of events of 9/11 and said he remembered seeing the plane fly into the north tower live when it was actually a video tape from a tourist not shown till several hours after the event.  It won't do you any good to put too much emphasis on what "W" says."
Gerald Brown, Ed.D.

"To me it looks as if Bush and Cheney switched ties for the September 12th pictures instead of actually changing suits."
Mike Walsh

"First of all, it's a joke that his first comment would concern the skill of the pilot!  No concern for the people who were obviously killed in the crash?  None whatsoever?  Doesn't that strike anybody as odd, to say the least?  Where was his so-called compassion?
As far as how he saw the first plane hit live, I am able to shed some light on that for you.  I received an e mail from a person in Florida, who shall remain nameless, who was there and explained how Bush was able to see the first impact live.

On S11 GW was not traveling in the usual presidential limo.  In fact he was riding in the limo belonging to Jeb Bush.  This limo has a television in the back.  A closed circuit camera, set up by the government to witness the event, captured the first impact as it happened and sent it via encrypted satellite feed to Bush while he was seated in the limo in front of Booker Elementary.  In the limo watching the feed with him was Andrew Card.

Mr. Card had opened the rear door preparing to exit and did not close it all the way as GW told him to hold on a second to watch the impact.  Unknown to GW and Mr. Card, a person who was there in a security capacity, watched the entire event through the partially open door of the limo.  I have spoken to a reporter who was also there, they have verified for me the facts of which limo it was, what time the limo was in front of the school and who was in the back seat.

Bush KNEW the attacks were going to occur.  Of that there is no doubt."
Regards, Michael

"1.  Bush claimed (when exiting the hotel that morning on the way to the school) - in response to an ABC News reporter's question "Do you know what's happening in New York?" Bush "I'll have something on that later." (paraphrased)  So - HE KNEW something terrible had happened in New York BEFORE he even left for the school.  Did he cancel? No.

2.  Why would the President travel with such a huge entourage?  He's just going to a kids' school for god's sake - why would he need Andy Card, Karl Rove, Dan Bartlett and a whole mess of other authority figures with him for that?

3.  Any other normal human being after the FIRST plane hit the tower would have said something like "Let's get some planes in the air", or at least postponed his trip to a grammar school until he found out what was going on.  He didn't. 

4.  Any other normal human being would have said "What do you mean we're under attack?  By whom?  What else is going on out there?  Kids...the President has some important business to attend to."  But no - Bush sits there (as instructed it must be) for another 20 minutes!

These pictures are some kind of attempts to grapple with all these horrible FACTS that are so plain to see.

5.  Any other normal human will have an easy answer to what they were doing when the towers were hit.  Bush doesn't."
Peter G. Herman

"I cannot believe the complete and utter lack of sophistication of the bush mob in their astonishingly naive "onward, ever onward" thrust in the disinformation trek.  All I can do is to slap my forehead and roll my eyes.  (Actually, I spontaneously burst out laughing -- really!  I normally only do this in reaction to very good slapstick....)

Yeah, that guy pointing to the TV was about as obvious as one could imagine.  (Actually, they could have had some of those blinking neon arrows that are seen in the cheesier parts of large urban centers...)"
Thomas E. Brown

"Who the f*ck cares?"
Eli Cohen
New September 11 photos likely staged - major discrepencies between documented events and pictures emerge

By Paul Joseph Watson
The White House has released previously unseen photographs of President Bush and his security team, taken as the events of September 11th were unfolding. The two most interesting shots depict Bush and his entourage in the corridor of the Emma Booker Elementary School, accompanied with a television set in the background showing news coverge of the attack on the World Trade Center.

For the full set of photographs see,,343-403953,00.html

Researchers have highlighted Bush commenting on the fact that he had seen American Airlines Flight 11 crash into the north tower of the WTC live, when no live footage of this event was broadcast anywhere in the world.

Bush first made these remarks on December 4th 2001 at a town hall speech given to an audience at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando Florida. For the full transcript see here

Bush stated "I was in Florida.  And my Chief of Staff, Andy Card -- actually, I was in a classroom talking about a reading program that works.  I was sitting outside the classroom waiting to go in, and I saw an airplane hit the tower -- the TV was obviously on.  And I used to fly, myself, and I said, well, there's one terrible pilot.  I said, it must have been a horrible accident. But I was whisked off there, I didn't have much time to think about it.  And I was sitting in the classroom, and Andy Card, my Chief of Staff, who is sitting over here, walked in and said, "A second plane has hit the tower, America is under attack."

The president then reiterated these sentiments in a January 5th 2002 town hall forum at the Ontario Convention Center in Ontario California. For a full transcript see

Bush stated "Anyway, I was sitting there, and my Chief of Staff -- well, first of all, when we walked into the classroom, I had seen this plane fly into the first building. There was a TV set on. And you know, I thought it was pilot error and I was amazed that anybody could make such a terrible mistake. And something was wrong with the plane, or -- anyway, I'm sitting there, listening to the briefing, and Andy Card came and said, "America is under attack."

Some had raised suspicions as to why there would be TV set switched on in the corridor of an elementary school. A visit from the President would certainly mandate that any other distractions would be minimized.

These pictures at least prove that Bush was watching television AFTER he left the Florida classroom but still offer no answer as to how he witnessed the first plane hit, when no live footage of this emerged until well into the evening of September 11th.

A strange feature to note is the fact that Dan Bartlett, Director of Communications is pointing directly at the TV set. Another member of Bush's entourage points in the same manner in the third photo. Is this a veiled 'I told you so' jibe against people who raised questions about this issue? If so, these photos were taken more recently and are therefore staged. They'd never do that...would they?

I'd also like to know why Bush wasn't immediately whisked away in order to deal with this crisis. Why did he remain in the Florida school corridor for this undetermined amount of time? We were told that Bush immediately chartered Air Force One because he was determined a potential target, his life was under threat. This visit was publicly known beforehand so why did Bush remain for any period of time whatsoever? Update - The Age
reports that the top left picture was taken at 9:25am and that Bush had boarded Air Force One by 9:55am. Does the blow up of the clock (below) really show the time to be 9:25am?

What do you make of the new pictures? Send your comments to and they will be included here.



Bush reveals first thought: There's one terrible pilot -,11209,612354,00.html   9/11 Prior Knowledge Archive:
Update - Imaging Expert says Photos are Staged Propaganda
Dear whomever,

I am writing this because I am a patriot and I am concerned about the direction our government seems to be heading in.  Especially since we the people are not being told about it. 

I am an imaging expert and I've looked at the images released on 9-4-2002 and I noticed some discrepencies.

First, Bush's attire.
Here we have the video picture of Bush from 9-11.  This was taken from the video from the school he was touring that morning.  It clearly shows that he is wearing a burgandy tie, black jacket and WHITE shirt.
Here we have an image taken from the images released on September 4th-2002.  These images are supposed to be images of a President during Crisis - purported to be images taken 9-11-2001 just as the planes struck the wtc.  Notice the lighter jacket, red tie and BLUE shirt.  Now this might just be a fluke, but both images had balanced histograms.  There was not a huge divergence in color - not enough to make a white shirt blue anyway.

BTW - all the blow up images were left pixelated so that I could not be blamed for somehow enhancing them.
The other problem was the clock. [In a report out today, The Age reports that this picture was taken at 9:25am, can you see the minute hand pointing to 5? I can't]

This clock is on the wall over the TV that Dan Bartlett is so boldly pointing to.  I noticed that the time the clock was showing seemed wrong - if this all happened before he went into the classroom.
Using the lines on the chalkboard, the brown lines on the wall and the ceiling line, I was able to line up the positions of the numbers on the clock.  Unless this clock is turned at some funny angle, this is the way it would have been on the wall.
If you remove the construction lines and add in the lines that indicate the time the attacks occurred, you can see that something is missing from the clock face.  You would expect to see darkened pixels where the hour hand and minute hand were.  We don't see any darkened looking pixels in the 9 o'clock hour at all.
The apparent time looks a lot closer to 10 a.m. or thereabouts.  In that case, what they are watching is tape of the attacks.

Or maybe they just threw this together after the fact.  I really don't know.  This may be just a red herring.  I may just be distrustful of Bush - but it does seem weird that these images didn't some out until a year after the fact. 

I don't know if this might be useful to you, but what the hell.


Note from Paul Joseph Watson: I would like to emphasize that these photos are by no means a 'smoking gun' - I have enough of those in my
prior knowledge archive - Bush telling the FBI to back off Al-Qaeda, the CIA meeting with bin Laden in July 2001, insider trading on United and American Airlines before 9/11, NORAD and the FAA not following Standard Operating Procedure in failing to intercept any of the hijacked planes. This is a mere drop in the ocean.
However, this image depicts Bush wearing a BLUE shirt. Has the image been doctored? Again notice that Bush's suit is dark blue or even black. In the new photos, Bush's jacket is clearly GREY. This can't be due to a differing color setting because the man on Bush's extreme right in the photo where Bush is sitting at a desk is wearing a DARK jacket. Bush's jacket should also be this color in the new pictures but it CLEARLY ISN'T.
Mystery solved? Bush returns to the classroom wearing the grey jacket. Has he changed clothes and if so, why? Watch the film where Andy Card informs Bush that the second plane has hit the WTC. The grey of the classroom floor is evident, the grey of Bush's jacket is not.  Even if we can pass this one off, there's still the questions of the clock...
10:25am and the President is still at school?
"At 9.55am he was aboard Air Force One"
reports The Age - then why does the clock display the time as 10:25am?
Is it...
OK, letís stretch our imagination and just pretend it is 9:25am. Who is he talking to on the phone? According to the official 9/11 timeline Bush speaks to Condolezza Rice on the phone at about 9am and meets with her at 9:30. Where is Condolezza Rice in the photo?

Thanks to Guy Williams for this, read his full analysis at