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Former IRA moles expose British Government sponsored terror

Prison Planet.com | September 21 2006

Alex Jones welcomes former UK Intelligence Agent Kevin Fulton, who spent years inside the IRA for the British Government which later attempted to murder him. He is now in hiding in the UK. He is also joined by Martin Ingram - a freelance journalist and former British Army Intelligence Officer, he is the co author of the book Stakeknife.

Fulton is blowing the whistle on how he and others were used by the British government to carry out false flag terror attacks that were blamed on the IRA.

Go to http://prisonplanet.tv/audio/210906fulton.mp3 to download the interview.

This subject is covered in Paul Joseph Watson's Order Out of Chaos. Click here for a free chapter on British Government sponsoring and protection of terrorists or click here to order the book. Prison Planet.tv subscribers can read the entire e-book online by subscribing here.

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