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Kerry to add Russia to the new "axis of evil"

Pravda | October 11 2004

Dem. Senator John Kerry will most likely announce the existence of the new "axis of evil," embracing Iran, Russia and North Korea. According to the senator, the nuclear possessions of these countries pose the most dangerous threat to the national security of the United States.

It is an open secret that the team of the president creates the policy of the president. Richard Holbrooke, the US ambassador to the United Nations, and Mark Brzezinski, the son of Zbigniew Brzezinski, presented their recommendations regarding the future relations between Russia and the USA after the presidential election.

According to the US officials, the new American president is supposed to express America's concern to Moscow about the destruction of democracy in Russia. The US administration must also increase the financial and the general support of democracy in Russia. Washington should prevent Russia's influence on the policy of former republics of the Soviet Union. "Six hundred tons of nuclear materials remain unsecured in Russia. Currently, it would take 13 years to secure it. But with a concerted effort, and at a fraction of the cost of the war in Iraq, the problem could be eliminated in three to four years," Holbrooke and Brzezinski wrote.

Two natural persons expressed their concern about Russia's possession of nuclear arms and decomposing materials. However, Holbrook plans to take Colin Powell's post, if Kerry is elected president. Mark Brzezinski, in his turn, is ambitious about the position of the president's advisor.

Senator Kerry repeatedly said during the second round of the pre-election debate that it would take George W. Bush 13 years to secure the nuclear materials in Russia and in other countries of the former USSR. Kerry stated that he would set forth his own plan, which would allow to complete the works within four years. Weapons of mass destruction in Iran and North Korea create a similar problem, Kerry believes.

What is hidden behind the security of the Russian nuclear materials? Russia is a sovereign state, which means that it does not need help either from the incumbent, or from the future US administration. It is not clear, why American politicians think that they should control the security of nuclear objects in the Russian Federation.

John Kerry has virtually repeated Halbrooke and Brzezinski's writings. Bush and Kerry discussed the national security issue only and did not touch upon other questions from the recommendations of the two officials. However, Kerry's diligent citing of the document showed that he would learn other paragraphs of the article by heart too. Kerry expressed his concern about "the offence against democracy in Russia" a week before, during the first pre-election round. He even told the whole world the touching story about him descending to the KBG basements underneath Treblinka Square.

The Democratic nominee believes that the Kremlin violates democratic norms, suppresses the opposition, interferes in the affairs of allied states and poses a potential nuclear threat to the USA. This situation is very reminiscent of the Iraqi problem, which was formed two years ago.


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