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Berg Video: "Someone with U.S. military cap seen in frame"

INN World Report | May 18 2004

The controversial website " La Voz de Aztlan" did probably find yet another "smoking gun" in the final frames of the Berg Video: "At frames 9306 through 9368, a person with a US military cap temporarily pokes about a quarter of his left head into the video."

The most telling evidence that the video of the decapitation of Nicholas Berg was taken inside the Abu Ghraib prison can only be detected by performing a frame by frame analysis. La Voz de Aztlan did just that and some revealing frames came up that are difficult to see if the video is played on normal speed. Towards the end of the video, at frames 9306 through 9368, a person with a US military cap temporarily pokes about a quarter of his left head into the video.





His neck, left ear and part of his cap and visor can be seen. We have prepared an animated gif with just the relevant frames that clearly shows this at Animated Photo 7. Look at the right hand side as someone with a military cap, possibly with a second video camera, pokes his head into the video. Compare this animated gif with the MP whose cap is circled on Photo 4.

Comment: Some people have suggested that the frame could show somebody's left pinkie finger. But if this was the left pinkie finger of the camera operator, then it would appear on the left hand side of the frame, not the right. I'm still open to suggestions on this. E mail me if you can shed any light on it.

At the moment, I'm leaning towards it being the left pinkie finger of a second cameraman who is crouching down in the lower right of the picture. We need to be aware of the fact that a lot of disinfo is being mixed in with the real and provable evidence that the Berg murder does not match the official explanation.