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The Art Of War: Divide And Conquer

John Newby | March 18 2005

In war, the ultimate successful strategy utilized always centers on the strategy of “Divide and Conquer.” It goes without saying; spreading the enemy thin keeps them on the defensive. Thus, the state of America during these troubling times in our history. The government utilizes their biggest asset, the media to keep everyone in the dark to those issues that matter most. While I suspected this for a long time, it was recently driven home.

After watching FOX news spend hours in their own wonderland analyzing Michael Jackson’s Neverland, it’s become clear the media’s top priority is feeding us mindless information. In other words, to use a campaign slogan, “take our eye off the ball.” While we are busy watching this mindless information being spewed forth from our media watchdogs, the pit bulls operating under the guise of conservative or mandated government are instigating a full frontal attack on our constitution, our liberties and our freedoms.

As I talk with everyday Americans via work, e-mail and so forth; I can’t help but feel that most Americans regardless of race, party affiliation and background have many of the same core beliefs and feelings. But when we listen to the media, we are all placed neatly into a political category that few can even explain the meaning of. We have the conservatives battling the liberals, the right-wingers battling the left-wingers; the progressives, socialists, communists, fascists, neo-conservatives and the list could go on.

And then to further compound the problem, we have everyone’s pet governmental issue. This is where the media excels, time to divide and conquer. Instead of acknowledging most Americans revere the family unit, let’s cast doubt and make the homosexual cause a civil rights issue. Instead of acknowledging most Americans understand that abortion is wrong, let’s make it a freedom to choose issue. Instead of acknowledging most Americans want to drastically curtail illegals entering our country, let’s ignore it and focus our stories on those dying in the desert as they break the law. While most agree the environment is important, the media blindly distorts the facts and makes it most difficult for even the most knowledgeable to understand reality.

In the end, we can throw out all labels and issues and focus on two words. Collectivism and individualism. Collectivism means our rights are granted after birth by government; the group is more important than the individual; democracy is more important than the republic; individuals don’t have responsibility – the group has a responsibility to raise kids, pass laws etc,; and finally the government’s proper roll is to take initiative in all the affairs of men. In other words, individual freedom is eliminated for the greater cause of the group. Here we are, back to the epic struggle of good versus evil, individual freedom or government control. History isn’t a kind judge, without fail; historically government always proves to be a colossal failure.

Many Americans sense something is terribly wrong, but are caught in the daily grind of just getting by. They fail to make the time to educate themselves properly. This is by design. Everything has been shaped to keep the people in this constant state of mind. A common question I get, “Yes, I know, but what can one person do to make difference?” Being realistic, there is little one person can do. That is also by design. Having people feel helpless makes them assume it’s hopeless. Watch the division of the many of the third parties, all fighting for more freedom, but against each other. Watch as National church leaders such as Falwell and cartel, stump for conservative (despite the fact the major parties haven’t run a true conservative in years) candidates thus leading their flocks right into the belly of the beast. I suspect there are many wanting to help, but feel they have no place to go to voice their views and be heard.

These people have one thing in common; they believe in individualism and shun collectivism, understanding government is best when governing little. That’s the cause all Americans need to embrace. David O. McKay proclaimed, “the greatest battle of life is fought within the silent chambers of your own soul, it is a good thing to sit down and commune with yourself, to come to an understanding with yourself and decide in that silent moment what your duty is to your family, your church, your country and to your fellowmen.” By doing this, it will bring those together that really understand what is at stake.