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Bilderberg Provocateurs Tried To Instigate Violence
Canvassed support for unrest to discredit alternative media and protesters

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones/Prison Planet.com | June 14 2006

Numerous indications strongly suggest that the Bilderberg Group, in alliance with the Canadian government, deployed agent provocateurs this past weekend to try to infiltrate and discredit legitimate journalists and protesters.

Before Alex and his crew were even able to enter the country, Canadian immigration officials almost deported Alex's crew on the orders of Bilderberg until the media arrived.

Almost as soon as Alex Jones and his film crew arrived at the Brookestreet Hotel, evidence that a fifth column had been deployed began to unfold.

- Agent provocateurs, one apparently operating on behalf of Queen Beatrix, were trying to stir up trouble and provoke peaceful protesters into becoming violent. Muscular six-foot-three military types wearing heavy jackets would walk up to Alex and his crew and canvass the use of violence against the elite.

- One Dutch individual expressed his desire to kill Freemasons and attack the Bilderberg Group - yards away from police with recording devices who were waiting to pounce if any of the peaceful protesters and independent media agreed.

- Some posed as radicals while others were obviously undercover Royal Mounted police types.

- Police seemed to have advance knowledge of the fact that Alex Jones was going to bullhorn Bilderberg and his plans were seemingly given away by the provocateurs.

- These individuals would move into action when Bilderberg attendees arrived, blocking fields of view for cameras and enabling police to also get in the way.

- Later these same individuals were spotted on Bilderberg property.

- Any indication given, even in error, that Alex's crew support violent actions of any kind would have resulted in immediate arrests and exposure on national television as part of a foiled terror plot.

- When confronted with video cameras, these individuals made it very clear that they didn't want to be filmed.

In addition, numerous police actions were an outright attempt to try and take the focus off Bilderberg.

- Police intimidated Alex's crew for parking in clearly permitted parking spaces and threatened to arrest them.

- Police attempted to remove protesters from what was shown to be public property.

These factors were an outright attempt to stifle coverage of the Bilderberg Group and an attempt to bait journalists and peaceful protesters into a trap that would create a pretext for arrests and future restrictions on press coverage on Bilderberg.



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