Brown: Economic Crisis Represents Birth Pangs Of "New Global Order"
British Prime Minister repeats mantra to exploit financial meltdown in pursuit of centralization of power

Paul Joseph Watson
Propaganda Matrix
Monday, January 26, 2009




British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will today call for the economic crisis to be used to create a "new global order," and a new form of internationalism, a mantra that is becoming all too familiar as globalists exploit the very problem they created to centralize power into fewer hands.

"In a speech, he will urge countries to avoid "muddling through as pessimists" and "make the necessary adjustment to a better future and setting the new rules for this new global order", according to his office," reports AFP.

Brown will argue against the risk that the crisis could "start a retreat from globalisation" and instead will urge that it be seen as nothing more than "difficult birth-pangs of a new global order".


Bilderberg member Brown has previously called for a "a new financial architecture for the global age", stating that the Bretton Woods system devised after the second world war was out of touch with the new world order.

Brown's call for a new global order is one of countless similar statements he and many other top globalists have made in the past. The "solution" being proposed to fix the problem is merely a greater dose of what caused the catastrophe in the first place.

They created the problem of wildly irresponsible fractional reserve banking, the debt bubble and the credit crunch by ceaselessly inflating the money supply and promoting the debt culture. Now they are going to offer their solution to the crisis - the further centralization of global economic power into fewer hands.

Appointing the former CEO of Goldman Sachs to oversee the bailout and ensure the bankers divvy up the spoils of the greatest stick-up heist in history amongst themselves was not enough for these fascists - they want to go full board and exploit the crisis they caused to advance the stuttering agenda for world government that has been in the works for the best part of 100 years at least.


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