Did Moscow Irradiate Chechen Children?

Vakha Khasanov / Kavkaz Center | January 13 2006

Flashback: The Ringworm Children: How the Israeli Government Irradiated 100,000 Israeli Kids

The fact that Kremlin stands behind the so-called "unknown disease" of Chechen children in Chechnya doesn’t cause any doubts. Secrecy classification and continuous verbal game into the diagnoses only strengthen the substantiated suspicions of Chechens of the fact that Moscow used the special weapon against the children, whose consequences can be saddest for the victims of Russian terror.

Exponential in this connection is the fact that not one international organization, not one government in the world even inquired, however, which strictly occurred in Chechnya, and from what "unknown illness" took to bed Chechen children. Sepulchral silence and only the person on ople, nothing significant 30 reportings into some western MEDIA, and all.

Russia not the first time kills Chechens with the aid of the "non convention weapon". Russians have the wide experience of the mass poisonings of Chechens. So in his book "unsubdued Chechnya" scientist and writer Lem Usmanov, who is now of interests of Ichkeria in the USA, gives the facts, which explain, why in the years of Stalin deportation (1944-53 y.y.) Chechens lost 60-65% of their number. One of the reasons, which explain such losses, - writes L. Usmanov, - became intelligible at the international conference "international law and the Chechen republic" (Poland, Krakow, 8-11 December of 1995).

A participant in this conference Ivan Bilas, professor, the member of parliament of the Ukraine, gave information from the Russian archive (fund 9478, the matter ? 1375), which show that Chechens "fed up" by poisoned food products in the years of deportation. In the documents they are named "food surprises". Archive data report that the numerous prescriptions were developed of the subsistence supply of Chechens.

Thus, for example, for poisoning 1 kg flour it was recommended to add 1g of white arsenic, and on 1 kg of salt - 10 g. Another poison – arsenic - sodium salt - was intended for the granulated sugar (on 1 kg - 10 g) and the water (on 1 l - 1 g). This "surprise" is recommended for the use at the places, in particular, with the boiling of the dumplings loved by Chechens. But for oils, it occurs, very "good" was good hexogen (!).

Also is given another number of satanic prescriptions and recommendations of safety for the executors. At the same Krakow conference, another participant Richard Bochan, deputy of the council Krakow, gave evidence of Polish deportation- eyewitnesses about the mysterious mass (thousand) extinction "to the form of healthy and strong Chechens". Evidence of the unexpected and strange loss of Chechens is fixed much not only by Poles, but also Germans, Koreans, Greeks and representatives of other deported at that time peoples.

Studies of Ukrainian military historian explain this reason, and they make possible for us to draw the conclusion that even in "humanitarian assistance" from Russia is concealed the fatal danger for the Chechens.

So that Moscow hunts Chechens already long ago. Present act of terror against the Chechen children is only episode in the centuries-old attempts of Russia to destroy Chechens as ethnos.