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Latest Bin Laden Tapes Outright Fakes Designed To Create 9/11-Iraq Link

Jihad Unspun | December 30 2004

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Terrorist or hero, love him or hate him, Sheikh Osama bin Laden has a tremendous affect of the Muslim Ummah and consequently on world events. This is a fact that is not at all lost on the enemies of Islam, those who wish to keep the Ummah weak and in particular the Bush administration who without Bin laden would have no case for war – if they ever did to begin with

JUS viewers have read many statements, listened to many audio files and watched many video files attributed to Bin Laden on our portal. We have published this material for one reason – to make it available uncut and uncensored so that readers can form their own opinions about the content of his messages and the man who is labeled America’s most wanted, not to fall victim to the quips that are designed to keep Americans and their allies at war with the Muslim world.

Over the past three years, we have translated literally hundreds of pages of Bin Laden's material, with some texts even dating back ten years that we felt were important for readers to understand Bin Laden’s motivations, such as his 1994 letter of King Fahd. In others words, we are very familiar with his writing style, his diction, his voice, his viewpoints and his Aqeedah.

In the October 24th video release Bin Laden came across as a true Statesman – a leader that the Muslim Ummah desperately needs. His statement was articulate, well delivered and addressed not only the obligations of the Muslim Ummah but the broader issues affecting the Muslims as well. This video tape surely was of great concern to Washington and its crusader allies for Bin Laden presented rational viewpoints which in fact he generally does if one reads his material uncut and uncensored. It is only when clipped out of context in mainstream media that Bin Laden comes across as a villain.

On December 16, 2004, an audio tape was released on the internet attributed to Osama bin Laden. At first listen, we had serious concerns about this tape, most notably that the speaker clearly had a different voice and while most of the content was old, the context was a significant shift from his previous positions. At the time we determined that the voice issues could be just a poor audio recording however the tape had little static and was remarkably clear from a technical perspective. Erring on the side of caution, we decided to translate the tape in its entirety, a very lengthy endeavor, in order to maintain our policy of letting viewers decide for themselves. The translation was released in four parts due to the enormity of the work and while the more we translated the more concerns we had, we felt it best to honor our agreement with readers that they make the decisions with respect to the material that appears on our pages.

That was until the release on Monday of yet another alleged audio tape that validated our concerns about the December 16th address. While we refuse to be a censored portal, we also refuse to be a voice for the American war agenda or have any part in their effort to damage to our Ummah, inshaAllah. Subsequently, we undertook analyses of both the December 16th and the December 26 audio tapes released and after much study, we conclude that it is unlikely that either of these tapes are issued by Osama bin Laden.

The following outlines in brief just some of the concerns we have about these recent tapes and how we have arrived at our conclusion.

General Comments

Both statements were unusually long and mostly old news. The December 16th address included alot of material from his 1994 letter to King Fadh, which makes no sense to rework at this time. The fact that we got two, back to back, long statements less than two weeks apart is out of pattern.

Voice Analyses

Both the December 16th and the December 26 tapes are recorded by the same individual with the same voice afflictions and dialect. Initially we put this off to bad recording equipment but when compared to archived tapes, some that are bad recordings also, the voice of the speaker in the new tapes is notably lower, stronger and of a different Arabic dialect. Osama bin laden had a mild, gentle and somewhat weak voice that reflects the Arabic dialect used in Saudi Arabia which is not present in the December tapes.

December 16th, 2004 Tape

The focus of this tape was a laundry list of corruption, mismanagement, misallocation of funds, alliance with the Kafirs all which has been said before. What is unique is the direct call for armed resistance to topple the Riyadh rulers in particular and the rulers of the rest of the countries in the area in general.

Early in this message, Bin Laden openly admits that he is located in Afghanistan. While his location is unknown, this serves no useful purpose for bin Laden himself but rather America who continues to keep Pakistani President Mushareef in their pocket by saying he has not done enough to capture bin Laden. President Karzai in Afghanistan says Bin Laden is in his country in an effort to bring more coalition troops to protect his puppet regime. This justifies spending more of Washington’s money and troops on the country which is good business for american companies at a time when support for war is waning. If Bin Laden is in Afghanistan, why would he signal his location?

On page 8 (the Arabic text) it reads “To achieve reforms, according to the commands of Allah, the ruler must be removed. If he refuse to step down voluntarily, Muslims are obligated remove him by force, according to Allah’s command.”

This is a serious departure from OBL proven strategy. His strategy has been to focus on hitting America because America is the snake’s head, once the head is hit hard, the rest of the body will be rendered ineffective. He has convinced many if not all other Mujahideen groups to stop wasting their resources in fighting their governments, because none of the apostate governments in the area can survive one day without the protection of America. In fact, it was he who convinced Al-Zawahri to join forces and focus on battling America and its interest overseas instead of battling the Egyptian government.

Another departure from a long standing policy of OBL was his call for attacks on oil fields and installations. On page 15 (Arabic text) it says “Do your best to stop the biggest robbery in history......Concentrate your operations on it (oil), especially in Iraq and the Gulf.” In the past, he repeatedly said that he is against attacking oil fields in KSA on the basis that oil is a valuable resource for the Ummah in general and Saudi citizens in particular.

Another departure was his advance warning of plans for coming attack. OBL past statements carried the red flag indicating that action against America or Jews is imminent but have not given any clue as to where or when. In fact, despite the most sophisticated intelligence apparatus available to Americans, they have never known in advance the time and location of the next strike. In this statement however he is already making it abundantly clear that oil and Arab rulers are his near future targets. This has not been a strategy of Bin Laden to date.

In his call to prominent people of KSA he says “Your hesitation or delay in fulfilling your duties in directing the Ummah, will force the young people to act without you. They will start their armed resistance against the ruler once they believe that they have completed the preparation necessary. Here he is clearly spelling out the plan and the goal. That again is out of pattern for Sheikh bin Laden.

His comment on the attack on the US consulate in Jeddah was very strange. Only one sentence “ May Allah have mercy on those Mujahideen who stormed the US consulate in Jeddah”. That’s it. This was a significant and successful military master operation in terms of breach of security of an official US government compound in a hostile location. The comment here is extremely light considering his past lengthy praises of such operations.

December 24th Statement

The choice of words used in this address are not those of vintage Bin laden. Not only some of these choices were atypical of him, but at least one is middle school vocabulary. On top of page 5 (Arabic text), he talks about Fallujah and describe it as “The hero city”, A man who has good command of the Arabic language who also enjoy writing poems and knows the language of Qura’an could certainly find better vocabulary than the one he used. For example, words like defiant and unyielding have Arabic equivalents which are superior to hero.

The Ayat were quoted in full and referenced correctly by Surah and verse number. Bin Laden and others in his league address a special segment (even though the statement is meant for the entire Ummah), people of knowledge such as Mujahideen who follow the strict Islamic code and the trusted Ulama. They see no need to tell their audience the entire verse or its location in the holy Book. This statement had everything spelled out. This could be the work of Sabah who released the statement but was not indicated as an alteration to the original text.

The content of this latest address is most concerning. To begin with, to talk about apostate rulers such as Allawi, Abu Mazen, and the rest of Arab rulers, was not new but it demonstrate a shift toward domestic affairs. Bin Laden addresses elections in both Iraq and Palestine. All Muslims know the results of any election are irrelevant to the march of Mujahideen.

Another tell-tale sign is his reference to the costs of Al-Qaida's operations in Iraq which is quoted in Euros! When al-Qaida put bounties on the heads of Americans in Iraq payment was promised in gold. Bin Laden always refers to currency in either gold, dinars or the currency of the country; not blood soaked Euros. As an aside, recently a video was circulated on several English websites, including Information Clearing House, allegedly issued by the Islamic Army of Iraq. This video was in English, contained music and quoted also Euros. No Islamic group would issue a video with music which is haram in Islam.

Endorsing the mythical Zaraqwai as Al-Qada’s Emir in Iraq makes the validity of this statement even more questionable. Al-Qadia of the Arab Peninsula issued a statement in November of 2003 saying that they had no affiliations Zarqawi and that they understood he had been killed in a bombing raid in May of 2003. When Fallujah 2 began on the bases of the city being the headquarters for Zarqawi, the Mujahideen took to the Reuters airwaves denying his presence. In the countless daily reports we have issued on the resistance in Iraq, not once has Zarqawi’s name been mentioned. While groups may act in his name, and whether Zarqawi is dead or alive is irrelevant; the fact remains that Zarqawi has been used as the reason for every American aggression against the people of Iraq. It is our postion that Zarqawi is the creation of US intelligence.

Most concerning of all is that in the December 24th address, Bin Laden allegedly links Al-Qaida with Zarqawi thereby creating a direct link between the events of 911 and the invasion of Iraq; the link that America desperately needs now that all of the other bogus reasons for invading the country have proven false. For this fact alone, there is no way that Bin Laden, a master strategist would facilitate aiding “the head of the snake” in their continuing aggression.

There are countless other indications to numerous to mention that lead us to believe that these latest tapes are not authored by Sheik Osama bin Laden. We therefore will not be translating the December 24th address as we can not in good conscience knowing full well we will be nothing more than a mouth piece for Americans unjust war on Islam. We will continue to bring you uncensored information as we have in the past but we must refrain from being a tool of American propaganda on this one.(JUS)