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Mujahideen Blow Up House In Fallujah, Reportedly Killing 24 American Soldiers

Free Arab Voice | December 29 2004

Based on eyewitness reports, Mujahideen detonated explosives that blasted apart the house that US soldiers were searching in the city. According to the correspondent for Mafkarat al-Islam in Fallujah, the Mujahideen had planted 500kg of TNT as well as the high explosive “Austrian” bombs inside the house, located in the al-Wahdah neighborhood. Mujahideen forces attracted the US forces to the house by making them think that a number of fighters were barricaded in it. The Mujahideen then detonated the explosives in the 450 square meter building when the Americans entered the building to investigate. The blast reportedly killed 24 American troops in addition to seven others whose bodies had not been extracted from the rubble when the correspondent submitted his report, posted at 2:30pm Mecca time Tuesday

US Arrests 50; Three Iraqi Girls Taken

On Monday and Tuesday, the Americans arrested about 50 Iraqi young men, even though they had received passes from the US occupation forces allowing them to enter Fallujah to work on their houses. The correspondent reported that on Tuesday, the Americans arrested three Iraqi girls, all sisters, aged 19, 20 and 21 years. The US forces expelled their father and their brother and took the girls to an unknown destination. Their family had been trying to return to their homes in Fallujah to survey the damage that had been done to their house by the US assault.

Mujahideen Pounds US Al-Habbaniyah Base

At 10am Tuesday morning Iraqi Mujahideen force unleashed a rocket barrage on the huge US base in al-Habbaniyah, near Fallujah. Eyewitnesses told Mafkarat al-Islam that about 33 Ababil, Tariq, and Grad rockets blasted into the US facility, destroying a large number of fuel storage tanks. The tanks continued to burn for a long time after the attack, according to the Mafkarat al-Islam correspondent, whose report was posted at 2:10pm Mecca time (3:10pm local time) Tuesday.

US helicopters took part in efforts to extinguish the roaring flames, but in the process three helicopters crashed, one of them a Cobra. Eight Mujahideen were martyred when US aircraft attacked their positions and destroyed their rocket launcher. The fire also set a nearby park ablaze in the al-Halabisah area not far from the camp.