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What Our Founding Fathers Knew: We Are Yet To Learn

Jim Moore | December 2 2004

Sticking my neck out is one of my biggest faults. More often than not, I get my head chopped off. Or at least my eyebrows singed. So why am I sticking my neck out again? Because I have a personal hypothesis, that even people who know more world history than I do, will not find easy to refute.

My hypothesis is this: When America's founders created this nation in the mid-1700s, I have a hunch they had more in mind than just fleeing the oppression of the King; establishing a land of independence and self-reliance; or more to fight for than liberty and freedom.

These bright and far-sighted men were creating a nation committed to keeping itself separated from the eternal War between Civilizations, which has been going on in the lands of the Bible for centuries, and has literally produced a war with no end.

Before Washington, Madison, Jefferson, Hamilton and other patriots conceived of this nation they had read Roman and Greek history. Their goal was to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of each political system, then use the best of each as a foundation for their new nation. The result is, they made us a Republic, wrote us a Constitution, and established a constitutional government unlike any other in the world.

However, I cannot convince myself that that is all those great men knew and wrote about. Men of this caliber and intelligence probability knew plenty about ancient European, the Middle East, and Biblical history as well.

I feel certain that they were well aware, for example, of the emergence in 634 A.D. of Islam as a religion and Mohammad its prophet, the many battles of the Crusades, and other religious upheavals of the era.

Knowing these things, our founders would almost certainly have been aware of Islam's eternal conflict with Christianity and Judaism, and its driving principle of fighting other religions to the death.

Whether Islam, Christianity or Judaism is right, whether or not some Biblical prophets were Moslems, whether the Bible or the Koran contains the REAL truth, whether or not Islam's goal is to rule the world, and whether or not this War of Civilizations is a Biblical phenomenon, these are beyond the scope of my hypothesis.

What IS relative and tangible, and I believe of primary importance, is that this ceaseless war which has been going on for centuries with no end in sight, is something our founding fathers knew about, and wanted America to have no part in.

This, I am convinced was one reason why so many of our Founders spoke passionately about not interfering in other nations' affairs. If nothing else, it speaks eloquently about the probable foresight of our forefathers, their vision of possible dangers to come, and how to steer clear of them.

Today, news from the war in Iraq, and the general chaos in the Middle East, is a sad commentary on our refusal to heed the advice of the august gentlemen who gave us America.

Our nation's military arsenals around the world---especially our unsolicited, mostly unwanted, presence in the Middle East---is evidence enough that we continue to ignore history at our peril, and have long since brushed off the warnings from our Founders.

And how does Israel, our presumed ally in this dangerous drama, react to Islam's eternal threat?

Historian Professor Moshe Sharon tells us: "In Israel, it has taken over 50 years in this country for our people to understand that they cannot speak about a permanent peace with Moslems, It will take another 50 years for the western world that they have got a state of war with the Islamic civilization that is virile and strong.

"This should be understood! When we talk about war and peace we are not talking in Belgium, French, English, or German terms. We are talking about war and peace in Islamic terms."

That's fine for those who need to fight religious wars, who profit from them, who see glory in defeating an enemy, and in the Middle East who, unfortunately, find themselves unable to avoid wars---made possible by their own volition, such as the Zionist land-grab of Palestinian territory to claim it for Israel.

But the Israelis know what this perennial war of civilizations with Islam is all about, so they should have no complaints.

America, on the other hand, has every reason not to join in this outrageous, religious, centuries-old debacle. We SHOULD know. Our forefathers red-flagged us about it. Our Constitution steers us away from it. Our concept of freedom and independence is anathema to it. Our commonweal doesn't need it. Our citizens abhor it.

So why are we in it? Why do we feel responsible for keeping the world at peace, and going to war if we can't do it? Why WWI and II? Why Korea? Why Vietnam? Why Kuwait? Why Iraq?

And why, of all things, are we in the hot bed of eternal conflict, the War of Civilizations going on in the Middle East?

Our Founding Fathers knew about the fire, and got us the hell out of there. We refuse to be thankful. It's time we quit blowing on the ashes.


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