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Hillary’s “New War”

Kurt Nimmo
Friday Aug 24, 2007

Come November, 2008, Democrats will, not unlike pre-programmed Stepford wives, line up behind Hillary Clinton. Democrats have no other choice, as most of them are disgusted with two terms of Bush, that is to say the neocons. Of course, Hillary is not much different, maybe in minor style but hardly in substance, and a vote for Hillary—call it the Clinton dynasty, following on the heels of the Bush dynasty—will be a vote for more mass murder and incalculable misery. Democrats will naturally minimize this, as they will be in great numbers superficially satisfied with Clinton over Bush, never mind there is but a speck of difference between the two. Few Democrats complained when Bill Clinton bombed Serbia with depleted uranium because this crime was sold as a “humanitarian effort,” as the invasion of Iraq was sold as the liberation of the Iraqi people, most who now pine for the good old days of Saddam Hussein.

As John Fout notes, the American people are easily hornswoggled, although Mr. Fout did not put it that way, not precisely. As Fout points out, back in 2003, “the average American supported action in Iraq…. Bush’s approval ratings were above 80%, and few questioned his choices. Clinton’s vote was in lockstep with how people felt. Her change of heart on Iraq since has tracked consistently with the opinion of the general public.” However, Clinton’s “change of heart” is simply a stratagem for pushing toward next November, as she believes in war—or invasion and occupation of an enfeebled nation decimated under more than a decade of medieval sanctions—as the video posted below indicates. On the day Clinton assumes the mantle, if she decides–or more accurately, her neoliberal globalist controllers—to bomb Iran, the American people will support her and Democrats will move en masse to the streets to wave plastic American flags made by Chinese slaves, never mind the formaldehyde. Of course, there will need be a good reason, or rather a reason contrived, as the neocons contrived several prior to the invasion of Iraq, threadbare transparency not withstanding or remaining in memory longer than a fortnight.

Finally, it is entirely laughable to hear the CFRite, John Edwards, bash Clinton for her allegiance to “establishment elites,” the very same ruling elite behind Edwards, not that most Americans approach understanding the significance of Edwards statement, never mind his one hundred and fifty watt glaring hypocrisy. “Edwards said voters shouldn’t replace ‘a group of corporate Republicans with a group of corporate Democrats.’ Seeming to take a page out of Republican talking points from the ’90s, he added, ‘The American people deserve to know that their presidency is not for sale, the Lincoln Bedroom is not for rent, and lobbyist money can no longer influence policy in the House or the Senate,’” CNN reports.

Of course, there is no difference between “corporate Republicans” and “corporate Democrats,” it is all corporatism at the end of the day and it was Benito Mussolini who said corporatism is fascism, there is no difference, same as there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans, that is beyond a few minor social issues and color and pattern of a Pronto Uomo silk tie and one made by Campia Moda.

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