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British Intel Wanted To Bust Liquid Bomb Terrorists After Attack
MI5 Had Agent Inside Bomb Squad
Plot 'almost allowed to come to fruition' - putting 3,000 lives at risk - intelligence agencies wanted to arrest suspects after alleged date of mass attack

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison Planet.com | August 15 2006

According to news reports the British government and MI5 wanted to wait at least a week before busting the liquid terror cell that their agents had fully infiltrated, including planting a mole within the bomb squad. From the acknowledged timeline and admission that the real attack was scheduled for August 16th - little else can be deduced but the shocking fact that MI5 wanted the bombings to go forward - arresting the perpetrators only after the attack.

It has been revealed that the alleged terrorist cell who planned to blow up ten planes using liquid explosives had been completely infiltrated for weeks before the announcement of the foiled plot by British intelligence. From the evidence at hand allied with past history - it can be reasonably claimed that an MI5 mole within the group orchestrated the entire operation.

The British Daily Mail newspaper carried details of how MI5 'sneek and peek' teams had discovered and bugged the terror cell's bomb making lab and, "Allowed the terror plot to almost reach fruition - potentially putting civilian lives at risk."

"During months of careful work, the specialists are understood to have managed to get inside the gang's bomb-making factory - giving final confirmation that the plotters were indeed planning mass murder."

"In earlier, unrelated, anti-terrorist operations, MI5 specialists had managed to remove explosive compounds from one terror cell and replace it with inert material."

"But in this case MI5 chiefs decided this was not an option - making it even more critical that the plotters were watched 24 hours a day."

The report says that the infiltration was undertaken by SAS specialists who had conducted similar operations against the IRA in Northern Ireland.

The London Times also cited a Pakistani intelligence official close to the British intelligence services as saying, "That there may have been a British mole planted by the security services inside the terror cells in the UK."

This individual would probably be in a perfect position to know the extent to which MI5 had infiltrated and steered the group. Yesterday we exposed the Pakistani ISI and CIA control of radical militant and terrorist groups and how any link to Pakistan is a link to intelligence agency handlers behind the alleged terror cell that planned to explode ten planes with liquid bombs.

The key to this story becomes apparent when it is considered together with an NBC News report which stated that British authorities, having gained full knowledge of the alleged time frame of the plot, wanted to wait at least another week before busting the terror cell.

News of the foiled attack was announced on the morning of Thursday 10th of August, which means the intelligence agencies wanted to arrest the terror cell only on Thursday August 17th or after.

Since it has now been confirmed that the attack was scheduled to take place on Wednesday August 16th - what other conclusion can be drawn other than that MI5 - having infiltrated, surveilled and placed an agent within the terror cell for weeks - wanted to allow the attack to proceed and only round-up the perpetrators after the deaths of an estimated 3,000 people?

The admitted timeline tells no other story. The attacks were due six days after the bust was announced yet MI5 only wanted to intervene at least seven days later - which would have been at least one day after the attack had already taken place.

To understand how British intelligence service spies do not just infiltrate but also steer, prod and manipulate terror cells into carrying out real acts of terror, it is necessary to recall one of our previous investigations into how MI5 and MI6 took over the IRA from within and used it as a provocateur tool for political posturing. To recap, it is reported that SAS specialists who had also infiltrated IRA cells in Northern Ireland were the individuals tasked with eavesdropping on and infiltrating the liquid bombers.

Starting from at least the 1980's, SAS and British military intelligence agents were routinely ordered to embed themselves within violent branches of the IRA and aid terrorists in carrying out attacks. How do we know this happened? Because one of the individuals who was ordered to do so, Kevin Fulton, blew the whistle on the fact that he was told he had the Prime Minister's blessing to aid terrorists in bomb making and political assassinations.

In addition, mirroring the backdrop of the infiltration of the liquid bomb plot, the August 15th 1998 Omagh bombing was allowed to proceed despite the fact that MI5 had fully infiltrated the Real IRA terror cell, knew the date of the bombing, and had tracked the terrorists' vehicle as it was driven to the bomb site. Again, in this case MI5 had one of their own agents within the bomb squad itself. In this instance, the bombing went forward and 29 people, including two babies and nine children, were ripped apart as they shopped in the quiet market street.

Parallels of the liquid explosives plot to the London bombings are also as telling as they are disturbing. Recent media reports concerning the alleged attack ringleader Mohammed Siddique Khan's movements have brought to light evidence that Khan's Honda Accord was bugged by MI5 prior to the bombings. Though denied by the Metropolitan Police, this would again sync with the supposition that Khan was doing the bidding of British intelligence when four bombs ripped apart three trains and a bus on July 7, killing 52 and injuring more than 770.

The fact that British intelligence were controlling the 7/7 terror cell or at least had full knowledge of its intentions is also echoed by former London Metropolitan Police detective and terror expert Charles Shoebridge - who says the evidence clearly suggests that Khan was working as an informant for MI5.

Having infiltrated the bomb squad, who were likely unwitting dupes who thought they were part of a security drill using dummy explosives, MI5 directed the bombing to commence.

It seems they were willing to go to the same lengths with the liquid bomb plot - and only a snap decision to abort or a courageous whistleblower prevented the next 9/11 from being inflicted upon us - with the deliberate inaction of MI5 greasing the skids.

Despite the shocking nature of this conclusion, unfortunately it fits in with past activity and the otherwise incomprehensible nature of the supposed timeline that the terror cell were coordinating with.

UK citizens should demand an immediate impartial investigation into why British intelligence wanted to sacrifice the lives of 3,000 mainly British and American citizens before arresting ringleaders of a terror cell that they had covertly and successfully infiltrated for months preceding the snap announcement of the foiled plot.



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