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Eleven US Troops Found With Throats Slit In Central Al-Qa’im Friday

Free Arab Voice | August 9 2004

Residents of the town of al-Qa’im on the Iraqi border with Syria awoke on Friday to find the bodies of 11 US aggressor troops, one of them a Captain, lying in the center of town. All had been butchered according to a report filed by a correspondent of Mafkarat al-Islam. Residents of the town told the correspondent that a car coming from the area of ar-Rummanah dumped the bodies in the town center and then took off to the west.

US forces then sealed off al-Qa’im, a small town, but did not immediately retrieve the bodies out of fear that they might have been booby trapped or might be bait for an ambush. The Americans then sent in a helicopter that carried a steel cage. The bodies were transferred to the cage using devices operated by the crew aboard the helicopter and they were then taken to the US base in al-Qa’im.

Not one word of the incident appeared in US or mainstream press. While Arab station Al-Jazeera has been seriously restricted in their reporting over recent months and have primarily been confined to the larger centers. From the perspective of the Arab world, their reporting has been light on resistance activities which is understandable due to the pressure placed on the by the US. As of Saturday, AJ’s Baghdad office has been shut down for a month by the new Iraqi government who accuse them of showing “crimes. The month-long closing is intended to make Al-Jazeera “change its policy against Iraq.”

Mafkarat al-Islam’s reporters remain on the ground with the Iraqi resistance. Considering they do not have a TV channel and publish only in Arabic on the web, the information source is much harder to shut down. Mafkarat al-Islam’s reports are now the only source of real information on resistance activities coming out of Iraq with any kind of consistency and validity as the web proves once again to be the most valuable source of uncensored news.

May Allah guide and protect them in their task of bringing the real news to the world - to those who have enough courage to listen.