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Officials in Hot Springs Are Issuing ID Cards For Kids

KATV Channel 7

Hot Springs - Officials in Hot Springs kicked off a new statewide service, issuing I.D cards to children as young as five years old. The state legislature passed a law in the spring that allows parents to get their child a card that looks just like a driver's license.  The child's vital information will be stored in a statewide database.

(Karen Wright, mother) "I think there's not a mother that's been around that hasn't at one time called their child, and the child didn't answer. You immediately go into a panic."

The state is hoping the panic will be short lived with the new ID card system,  all that's required is a birth certificate, a social security card, and five dollars. The bill passed the state legislature unanimously.

(Rep. Bob Mathis, (D)Hot Springs)"There was a little opposition at first, because people thought we were being big brother. It's not big brother because it's strictly voluntary. Strictly whether the parents want to or not."

Parents taking their kids to get their ID cards say it was fast, taking just five or ten minutes. To present information, take a picture, and a fingerprint, they say it's worth the time and the money.

(Mary McCarthy, Mother) "If anything were to happen to my kids and I couldn't find them, I think it would be quicker for the police to get all the information."

All you have do to get one of these cards for your child is to go to your local revenue office, just like your going to get your own driver's license. If you'd like more information on the cards, you can call the office of driver services at 501-692-7054.

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