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I received the following E mail from a Scottish journalist who works from a mainstream paper. I know his identity but he asked it not to be revealed. Suffice to say I have verified his name. It is up to the reader to discern whether the following information is accurate but it fits in with related information previously featured on this website. The E mail is edited for clarity.


I'm a reader from Glasgow, Scotland in the United Kingdom. I'm a journalist and stand-up comedian and heard some bits and pieces from a BBC reporter who was on Tony Blair's far-east tour plane following Kelly's death.

A conversation was overheard by this BBC reporter between Tony Blair and his press secretary Alistair Campbell. The conversation was heard folowing the press conference when Blair was asked if he had Dr Kelly's blood on his hands and Blair froze and didn't answer.

Campbell, a notorious ranter was heard to say: "What the fuck was that, you know the line on this, what were you doing, why didn't you answer." Blair's response was inaudible and Campbell was then heard to say: "This is what you wanted, you asked for this so play the game Tony." Since then Blair continually trotted out the line about waiting for the Inquiry before commenting.

Normally in the UK Public Inquiries take months and months before they start but this one was pushed through quickly because Tony Blair is apparantly on the verge of cracking. Campbell needs to get this over and done with ASAP and then have Chancellor Gordon Brown installed as Prime Minister before the end of the Year and give him plenty of time to get the people on his side before the 2005 elections.

Secondly a contact of mine, a former MI6 spook, was speaking about the circumstances of Kelly's death. He said he's been taught how to "make anything look like anything" and said that there must have been some kind of struggle at the scene of Kelly's death. He said it was sloppy work that Kelly's body was found with enough pills for an overdose but hadn't ingested them, he said that should have been removed from the scene under normal procedure. He added "You can slit someone's wrists and make it look like suicide easily but it's a lot harder to make someone swallow tablets." He also said the heart monitor pads found on Kelly's chest were "simply there to make sure he was dead." He also said those should have been removed and suspects the agents involved were disturbed by someone in the process of the killing.

I just thought some of this shit might have been interesting to yourselves. I'm happy to contribute occasional pieces of information every now and then but I'd rather you didn't publish my name along with anything I send you.

All the best.

Former MI6 Agent: Kelly Murder Was 'Sloppy Work'

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