Last Updated: Friday, July 1, 2016 17:49 BST
Fox Host: 'Bill Clinton Flew Around With a Pedophile'
‘When I first heard about it, I thought they were joking’.

Trump “Flabbergasted” by Clinton-Lynch Meeting
Benghazi Widow: Clinton Has No Right to Tell Me To Move On
Was Bill Clinton Plea Bargaining With The Attorney General?
CHARLIE ROSE: Clinton, Lynch Just ‘Two Politicians’ Getting Together
Judicial Watch Demands DOJ Inspector General Probe Into “Scandalous” Lynch-Clinton Meeting
After Loretta Lynch’s Mystery Meeting With Bill Clinton, DOJ “Shields Clinton Foundation Emails”
How Clinton Operatives Are Now Building A Firewall Around Bill Clinton’s Alleged Underage Sex Fetish
Donald Trump Introduces American Worker Forced To Train His Foreign Worker Replacements
Gingrich, Christie are the leading candidates to be Trump’s running mate
‘That could be a Mexican plane up there’: Trump jokes about Mexico attacking America

Suspected Istanbul Attack Mastermind Was a "Refugee" Protected by the EU
Russia tried to extradite ISIS terrorist on two separate occasions.

Ron Paul: ‘Forced Globalism Has Led To The End For The EU’
FTSE 100 poised for best week since 2011 and bond yields hit record lows on post-Brexit stimulus hopes
‘EU WANT AN EMPIRE’ Brussels hope to expand its influence as far as ASIA and AFRICA
Soros Plots European Order Coup: EU Will Disintegrate, Rise Again Under “New Marshall Plan”
Tony Blair hints at role as Brexit negotiator in EU talks that will require ‘serious statesmanship’
Wanted in Russia: EU court blocked suspected Istanbul attack mastermind from extradition in 2010
Foreign Policy Mag: London Should Secede From Britain
Italy Granted “Extraordinary ” €150BN Bank Bailout Program To Prevent “Panic, Run On Deposits”

4th of July Fails – Americans Don’t Know Why We Celebrate Fourth of July!
Media analyst Mark Dice hits the beach in San Diego, California for his 6th annual Fourth of July Man on the Street Monday interviews.

Majority of Democrats want third term for Obama
‘Make America Great Again’ whiteboard messages deemed ‘racial attack’ by campus bias response team

U.S. Identifies Nine Training Camps in Iran for Afghans
Afghan fighters used in Syria by Tehran as proxies.

Trump calls for deploying NATO troops against ISIS
Murder by drone: Obama to announce civilian death toll numbers, but there’s a catch
Drone reports at SC nuclear weapons site spark federal scrutiny

Swedish Women Use Bracelets To Stop Muslim Rapists
Sweden has come up with a brilliant idea to stop the surge of Muslim rapists – wristbands that say “don’t touch me”.

Japan’s top court has approved blanket surveillance of the country’s Muslims
Rape Victim: Transgender Agenda Creates “Rape Culture”
Ted Cruz Destroys DHS Secretary Over ‘Systematic Scrubbing’ of Radical Islam

Secret Rules Make It Pretty Easy for the FBI to Spy on Journalists
SECRET FBI RULES allow agents to obtain journalists’ phone records with approval from two internal officials — far less oversight than under normal judicial procedures.

Scientists warn of ‘global climate emergency’ over jet stream shift
Other scientists have since dismissed the claims as ‘total nonsense’.

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