Last Updated: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 18:00 BST
Judge Orders Mother's Child to be Snatched Because She Believes in "Chemtrails"
Interest in "fringe subculture" represents a "danger to her daughter"

Colorado Sends Non-Vaccinating Parents ILLEGAL Order to “Register Their Child With the State”

Drudge pleads: Stop the smiting!
Matt Drudge sent a rare communique on Twitter on Tuesday in order to make a tongue-in-cheek plea for the commentariat to take it easy on Ted Cruz, presumably for the good of pundit Glenn Beck.

Poll: Trump hits new high with 56 percent nationally
ABC’s ‘Quantico’/ American Terrorist Cell Shouts ‘Make America Great Again’ Before Attack
TRUMP JUMPS TO 34 POINT LEAD in CALIFORNIA After Violent Leftists and Mexicans Riot Outside Trump Rally
Cruz Preparing To Suspend Campaign This Week?
WATCH/ Trump Supporter Calls “Lyin’ Ted” a Liar to His Face, Cruz Responds by Lying to Him
Scarborough: If I Were Glenn Beck, I’d Be More Concerned About My Collapsing TV Empire Than Campaigning for Cruz
Worst. President. Ever: Obama Cool With N-Word… As Long as a Black Guy Says It

‘Our economic system is designed to fail’ – Ron Paul
The current economic system is designed to fail, but so was socialism.

A New Digital Cash System Was Just Unveiled At A Secret Meeting For Bankers In New York
Dear Millennial Socialists: Actually, You Hate Big Government, Not Big Business…
In 6 Months Since Budget Deal: Debt Up More Than $1 Trillion
Venezuela, Socialist Paradise in Collapse: “Rationing Food, Toliet Paper… Now Electricity”

Edward Snowden: ‘Governments can reduce our dignity to that of tagged animals’
In this foreword from The Assassination Complex, a new book about drone warfare, the whistleblower explains why leaking information about wrongdoing is a vital act of resistance.

Speculation after Josh Earnest confirms Obama hasn’t bothered to read 28 pages in 9/11 report
CIA should not have ‘live-tweeted’ Bin Laden raid, critics say
CIA Director: ‘28 Pages’ Implicating Saudis in 9/11 May Lead to ‘Very Inaccurate’ Conclusions
Gotta shoot ‘em, Trump says – as Pentagon downplays Russian warplane encounters
EMP Attack Would Destroy Civilization: “A Nightmare You’ll Never Wake Up From”

Pamela Geller: In the Year Since the First Islamic State Attack on American Soil, These Muslims Confirmed The War Has Just Begun
Today is the first anniversary of the Islamic State’s first attack in the homeland.

Five Migrants Caught Sexually Assaulting Teen Boy In Sweden
School hires French teacher — who doesn’t speak French
Across The Country, Universities Look To Mainstream Polyamory
CHICAGOLAND: Black couple beats white girl for cell phone — as onlookers ‘do nothing’
Only 37% of High-school Seniors Ready for College

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