Last Updated: Monday, August 3, 2015 13:35 BST
Video: Hillary Supporters Call For Repealing Bill of Rights
"You can't have the rules of yesteryear now"

Mind Boggling Spin: Planned Parenthood Claims That It PREVENTS Abortions
Politics Is Not the Path to Pro-Life Victory
Video: How Most ‘Health’ Studies Are Deceiving You
Mandatory vaccination in California: follow the biggest money

US jets to begin striking Syrian forces if they target pro-US rebels
US officials have long played down the idea that Assad’s forces would turn their sights on the US-backed Syrian rebels, but they cannot rule out the possibility.

Migrant flow to Europe is result of US, EU military ops in Middle East – Czech president
Up to 70% of Calais Migrants Could Be Reaching Britain – UK Police
Migrants are ‘being transported from Dover to London in taxpayer-funded cabs costing £150-a-time’, claims taxi driver
Bin Laden plane crash witness: “It does not make any sense”
Obama Steps Up U.S. Training of Communist Chinese Military

Homeland Security Idle on 2008 EMP Threat: “Gov’t Dysfunction Preventing … Protecting Ourselves”
The potential threat of an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has officially captured the attention of politicians in Washington.

What Is Going To Happen In September 2015? Why Are So Many People Storing Food And Supplies?
Dramatic Footage: How Venezuelans Get Milk Powder

Obama’s Climate Fascism Is Another Nail In The Coffin For The U.S. Economy
Is Barack Obama trying to kill the economy on purpose?

CEO Hikes Minimum Wage To $70K, Capitalist Tragicomedy Ensues
HSBC is expecting to get hammered by more huge fines in the FX manipulation scandal
Chinese Factory Loses 90% of Its Workforce to Robots

Windows 10 How To Stop It Spying On You & Logging Your Activity | Step By Step Guide
This is a quick guide to fixing privacy concerns in Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

The Surveillance State Goes Mainstream: Windows 10 Is Watching (& Logging) Everything

‘Gene drive': Scientists sound alarm over supercharged GM organisms which could spread in the wild and cause environmental disasters
The development of so-called ‘gene drive’ technology promises to revolutionise medicine and agriculture.

WHO Full Report: Monsanto Herbicide in GMO Crops is Carcinogenic

Cops’ dash-cam destroys police brutality charge; bystander’s video left out something key
This is one case where getting the whole picture made the difference.

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