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14:39 2003-02-04
Ukrainian Opposition Unveiled Masonic Conspiracy

Ukrainian opposition is to make a sensational exposure. As leader of Ukraine-s Social Party Alexander Moroz says, about 300 high-ranking officials in Ukraine are members of a Masonic lodge which representative office is located somewhere abroad. These are Ukraine-s prosecutor general, chief of the Ukrainian security service, the minister of defense, the first president of Ukraine and parliament deputies. As LIGA online informs, Alexander Moroz says it is abnormal that ?Ukraine-s prosecutor general is at the same time a chevalier.

The Socialist leader says that people belonging to a Masonic lodge cannot hold key governmental posts.

The matter concerns the Order of Saint Stanislav into which representatives of Ukrainian elite and high-ranking officials are actively dubbed. The initiation ceremony of some politicians (for instance, initiation of Ukraine-s first president Leonid Kravchuk) was photographed, and the pictures were later published in a book. The opposition presented the book as the evidence of the Masonic order-s existence. Former Vice-premier of Ukraine Julia Timoshenko says ?charters of such organizations are frequently esteemed more than the Constitution and legislation of Ukraine.

Ukraine-s Ex-president and leader of the parliamentary social democratic faction Leonid Kravchuk says that accusation of his belonging to masonry are ?bluff and lie. However, he admits that he has been member of the Order of Saint Stanislav since 1999; the organization has its priory in Ukraine. But Leonid Kravchuk doesn-t consider the organization Masonic; agency Ukrainian News quoted the ex-president as saying that the order ?is a positive organization.

Indeed, declarations published on the official website of the Order of Saint Stanislav are positive: ?strengthening of mutual understanding between nations, consolidation of the ideals of humanism, virtue, human rights and freedoms protection. In a word, even if the Order is not a Masonic lodge, its Charter resembles that one of Masons very much, the latter are also known as humanists. The above mentioned objectives must be achieved by some chevaliers of the Order, majority of which are elite of the society.

It is known that a priory of the Order was opened in Ukraine in 1999, about 300 people were dubbed into the society.

Ex-president Leonid Kravchuk says that many political figures of Ukraine and businessmen donating for charity are members of the organization.

Andrey Lubensky

Translated by Maria Gousseva

Read the original in Russian: http://world.pravda.ru/world/2003/5/73/207/6542_mason.html

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European Union: War is not inevitable
Prodi favours peace
The President of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, considers that a war against Iraq is not inevitable and proposes an extra-ordinary meeting of EU Foreign Ministers to present a common position.
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Portugal: Reformist Communists move forward
Reformist wing arranges National Conference and proposes a united left
The Reformist Communists have survived the Stalinist-style purges from the orthodox, conservative wing of the Portuguese Communist party, which regards a difference of opinion as dissent.
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Slowly but Surely Euro Rate Grows in Russia
Russian businessmen might lose their interest in American dollar
The panic in the Russian society concerning the growth of the euro rate and the ?shameful devaluation of American dollar has reached its peak. Senior statesmen have to release public statements in order to calm people down. Vice Prime Minister of the Russian government Aleksey Kudrin (he also takes the position of the Finance Minister) had to confess that the growth of the euro rate resulted in the losses of $400 million dollars for the Russian budget
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NASA: Bottom Line Policy Caused Accident?
Warnings unheeded in cost-cutting frenzy
Capitalism rears its ugly head once again, the monetarist, penny-pinching obsession concentrating more on the bottom line of the accounts than human welfare or well-being. Three days after the burn-up of Columbia, the tragic event which left seven families devastated, the truth begins to come out: NASA employees who voiced concerns about the safety of the programme were dismissed.
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China to Learn Lessons from Columbia Shuttle Crash
China will soon launch its first manned spacecraft
China is strongly determined to succeed in the field of manned space flights. It goes without saying that they do not want mother failure of be of the Chinese nationality. We would like to remind here that the tragedies with manned spacecraft have happened twice and the Soviet Union (four cosmonauts died) and four times in the USA (17 astronauts died)
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Mikhail Gorbachev Going To Genocide Trial?
Azerbaijan government accused Mikhail Gorbachev of genocide crimes
As it was officially announced by the Azerbaijan government, the country was going to institute criminal proceedings against former President of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev. The ex-president is accused of the genocide of the Azerbaijan people in January of 1990 and of inciting the Karabakh conflict (Azerbaijan lost a part of its territory as a result of the conflict). As a matter of fact, each citizen of the Azerbaijan republic got an explanation to the reasons of all troubles in the country
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Epilogue to Israeli Elections
As for Shimon Peres, he will be 80 soon, the age is not very ?creative for a politician
The other day Shimon Peres, the patriarch of Israel-s Labour Party that lost the recent elections to the Knesset, said in an interview to Israeli radio that Prime Minister Ariel Sharon once again offered him to take up the post of foreign minister. In Peres- words, he rejected the proposal for the same reasons he had done it several months ago. He also explained that being Israel-s foreign minister, he will have to promote the ideas of Likud and right-wing parties, but Shimon Peres is going to keep on realization of his party-s ideas
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Executions Will Rise to 300 in Texas
You can only wonder how such an occasion is celebrated in Texas
Death in Texas comes for a lot of men and some woman in the form of an injection needle while they are strapped on a gurney in the death house in Huntsville Texas in the United States. This month the state of Texas expects to dispose itself of its 300th murderer after the reintroduction of the death penalty in 1976. In total in the United States 827 men, woman and children where executed. If the scheduled roster is followed the -honor- will go to Michael Johnson, a man who killed someone at a robbery when he was 19
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Will USA Attack North Korea after Iraq?
There is an opportunity of another army operation
Probably, one should have expected that. The Korean crisis was to develop sooner or later. There were not many variants, though: either Pyongyang and Washington come to a compromise and start negotiations, or they just keep on threatening each other. To all appearances, there has been the second variant chosen, albeit a more efficient one, with more predictable consequences
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Ukrainian Opposition Unveiled Masonic Conspiracy
Ukraine-s prosecutor general is at the same time a chevalier
Ukrainian opposition is to make a sensational exposure. As leader of Ukraine-s Social Party Alexander Moroz says, about 300 high-ranking officials in Ukraine are members of a Masonic lodge which representative office is located somewhere abroad. These are Ukraine-s prosecutor general, chief of the Ukrainian security service, the minister of defense, the first president of Ukraine and parliament deputies. As LIGA online informs, Alexander Moroz says it is abnormal that ?Ukraine-s prosecutor general is at the same time a chevalier.
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Ron Dittemore Is Sure It Was Something Different
The loss of a thermal protection tile couldn-t cause catastrophe of the shuttle. Something different occurred on Columbia-s board. What could it be?
Today George W. Bush and his wife Laura Bush will participate in a ceremony dedicated to memory of perished Columbia astronauts. The ceremony will start at 9:00 p.m. Moscow time and will be broadcast by all central American TV channels. The event is to take place at NASA-s Lincoln Space Center in Houston, right at the place where an analogous ceremony was held in 1986 when Challenger shuttle exploded at a take-off. The president and his wife will meet with families of the perished astronauts. Yesterday, NASA shuttle program manager Ron Dittemore held a press-conference at the NASA Mission Control. As Russia-s news agency RIA Novosti reports, Dittemore said that ?it couldn-t be because of the loss of a thermal protection tile that temperature on board the shuttle suddenly rose before the catastrophe
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Russian Magician to Beat David Copperfield
Russian poverty is a double-edged weapon
Illusionist Sergey Korablev from the Russian city of Oryol says he can arrange a show of a higher level than the greatest illusionist of our time David Copperfield on condition that he is provided with a sufficient sum of money. The Russian man was offered to organize his show in Las Vegas. Las Vegas needs new fresh ideas that are expected to come with the Russian magician
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Oil Prices Fall as Venezuela-s Strike Cracks
However, the threat of a US led war on Iraq keeps crude above $30 a barrel
After the last Sunday announcements of retreat made by Venezuela-s tough opposition, the oil price started ceding. Venezuelan exports experimented a recovering during the last weeks as a result of Government-s partial victory over rebel PDVSA officials.
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The Shaky US Empire
Washington cannot deal with Iraq, North Korea and Latin America at the same time
After the Porto Alegre - Davos controversy in January, the world will attend this year to two new battles of the war between the global powers and the anti-globalization movements. The first one is the WTO meeting scheduled for September in the Mexican resort of Cancun and the second one, the summit of the Free Trade Zone of the Americas - ALCA in Spanish - to take place in Miami by November.
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Venezuela: General Strike Over
Opposition officially calls off strike against Chavez
On Sunday night, the Venezuelan opposition movement decided to terminate the strike which had lasted almost two months. The strike was intended to topple the government of President Hugo Chavez, who has been democratically elected to be Head of State until 2006, something which it has failed to do.
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UN Environment Programme Meets Today in Kenya
More than 100 countries debate ecological and environmental issues in Nairobi
Mercury pollution and the need to eradicate lead from petrol are two of the important issues under discussion in Nairobi today as more than 100 countries meet under the auspices of UNEP.
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USA Will Fabricate Evidence Against Iraq
Iraq claims that if Washington does not have clear evidence of violations of agreements by Baghdad, it will be fabricated
General Hossam Mohammed Amin, Iraqi liaison officer with the UNO, has called on Colin Powell to show the photographic evidence he claims to have.
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Kosovo: Chaos
Horrendous abuses of human rights by Albanians
Albanian gangs are causing havoc in Kosovo to such an extent that the UNO has called for the protection of the minority Serb population to be stepped up.
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Shock Therapy in Latvia, or State Without Priorities
European Commission will appropriate 670 thousand euro to Latvia for guarantee of nuclear security
Latvia is aiming at integration into the world community as soon as possible. Latvian President Vaira Vike-Freiberga knows the right moment when she can gain extra points. The other day she said in a live program of Latvia-s television: ?Latvia supports the US-led war against Iraq, even if America fails to get a UN mandate. At the time when such European countries as Germany and France are still hesitating, Latvia demonstrates its complete support to NATO intentions realized by the USA and Great Britain
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The Greatest Battle of World War II Took Place 60 Years Ago
This battle became the crucial moment of the bloodiest war in history. Part II
I have never been a solider, I have never even been to a recruiting department. What do I have in common with all of that? What do we have to do about it? We are like the extras of this real stupidity. What the hell is that heroic death about? I have died dozens of times on stage, but it was only a performance! There is a huge difference between the death on stage and the real death! Death is supposed to be heroic, it is supposed to evoke enthusiastic feelings. People should know that they die for a great idea, but how does it look here? They just kick off here, die of hunger and cold, this is a biological fact. People fall here like flies, and no one even looks at those dead bodies, it does not occur to anyone that they should be buried. They are lying everywhere with no heads, no arms, no legs. I do not want to take part in all of that. I feel no happiness, when I think that I will decay in this mass grave
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Colin Powell Lost ?Smoking Gun
A spokesman for the US intelligence said after listening to taped negotiations between Iraqi generals that the USA has got everything that is required to scare Baghdad
A spokesman for the Iraqi government coordinating cooperation with UN weapons inspectors says Baghdad is sure that Washington is trying to fabricate evidence of Iraq-s having weapons of mass destruction. In his interview to BBC General Hosam Mohammed Amin said that US Secretary of State Colin Powell would present the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday with forged evidence demonstrating Iraq-s having weapons, at that he would say that the pictures were taken from the space or from some spy planes. Americans are at the same time perfectly sure that documents that Colin Powell is to present the UN Security Council on Wednesday are sensational
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Foreigners Are Causes of All Troubles
Saudi Arabia to begin deportation of foreign workers
Those who planned to go to Saudi Arabia in search of a job will have to change the intentions. The Saudi Government is very much anxious about the increasing number of foreign workers in the country, that is why it is decided to reduce the number of foreigners living there by 10%. Unemployment level in the kingdom is currently high enough and makes up 9%. The Saudi authorities hope that when the number of foreigners working in the country is reduced, citizens of the country will get more work places. What is more, if official calculations are taken into consideration, the government plans to create an artificial manpower deficit. Isn-t the logic familiar to you?
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Columbia Tragedy: All Versions of Catastrophe Possible
There is practically no hope that airborne recorders of the shuttle will be decoded
Investigation of Columbia disaster is posing more and more questions. For instance, some amateur astronomer managed to take a picture of a strange phenomenon when the shuttle tragically fell down; the pictures clearly depict a bright orange flash resembling an electric discharge. Specialists cannot say so far what the flash could be. San Francisco Chronicle published an article on this problem today. Meanwhile, as Russia-s Vesti.Ru informs, a preliminary version of the tragedy suggested by NASA specialists proves to be true: the tragedy occurred because of failure of special thermal tiles that protect the shuttle from burning up during re-entry. Computerized data from the shuttle and analysis of its debris prove the version
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China-s Good Start of Sheep Year
China proudly celebrated the New Year, for it was over with very good results
The world-s largest bell in the Beijing Temple of Dazhongsi rang at midnight of January 31 - February 1, Beijing time. The ringing of the bell announced the beginning of the Year of the Sheep. At least one-third of the global population celebrated the Chinese New Year: one billion three hundred million Chinese citizens, the Vietnamese, the Koreans, a considerable part of the Japanese, as well as millions of members of the Chinese diaspora all over the world
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Ilya Glazunov: Genocide Against Russian People in Full Swing
There is another thing to learn from Americans: national interests come first
More than 25 million Russian people are the citizens of the second kind in former neighborly republics. However, those people assisted a lot in the prosperity of those former Soviet republics. Russian people are not allowed to speak Russian in the Baltic republics. Our culture and history counts a thousand years, but our politicians keep using the words of foreign origin in their daily speech. Who gave them a right to ruin the Great Russian Language? Another thing: why do we have to be a member of the European Union? Terrorism and the struggle with it are not supposed to become the reason of another kind of global terror
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Tom Hayden: "The United States Want to Create an Empire"
The leader of the pacifist movements in sixties and one of the most relevant figures of the anti-globalization groups in an exclusive interview for PRAVDA.Ru
You know, I've met Noam Chomsky in Porto Alegre. He was giving a conference there and I came across with him. I havent seen him for 35 year. Even when he's got an excellent photographic memory, he did not recognize me. Maybe for the goatee.
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32,500-Year-Old Star Map
This is probably the oldest constellation picture, whose age makes approximately 32,500 years. On a small piece of mammoth tusk, a human figure is pictured, with arms and legs situated in the same way as Oryon constellation. More details...

Kiev Citizens Protest against War in Iraq
A wave of protest against the US plans to settle the ?Iraqi issue in a military way has reached Ukraine. Saturday, more than one thousand of representatives from different political parties (among them Green Party, Progressive Socialist Party, Russian Bloc, Labor Confederation, Chernobyl of Ukraine Union and others) organized a meeting in Sofia Square, in Kiev against a war in Iraq. The Progressive Socialist Party leader, Natalia Vitrenko also attended the meeting. More details...

Chernobyl Priest
Father Dionisy went up so quietly the steps of the Optina Pustyn hotel where I stayed, that, as I sow him, I could not at once understand whether it was or not a reality.
I sow a toll man in dark monk-s cloths, with white and spiritual face. ?Would you like a cap of tea, v I asked. v ?I have honey.
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Stalingrad Forever!
February 2, Russian society, veterans of the Great Patriotic War will celebrate a great day of Russian battle glory: the 60th anniversary of the full defeat and capture of German fascist military who was encircled by Stalingrad November, 1942. More details...

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