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Norad exercise just prior to Airplanes as weapons
by xx Wednesday September 18, 2002 at 10:47 PM

Pdf file and jpgs from pdf report

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Amalgam Virgo was a multiagency, bilateral air security exercise sponsored by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD)

The one in this pdf report happend just prior to 9/11 in the summer of 2001. They didn't know about the attack? So they say.

NORAD-Sponsored Exercise Prepares For Worst-Case Scenarios

This year's exercise is a commercial airliner-hijacking scenario -- planned before the Sept. 11 attacks, Snyder said. Last year's exercise, he said, was a scenario involving a cruise missile launched by "a rogue (government) or somebody" from a barge off the East Coast.

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Front cover featuring Boogeyman Osama
by xx

Front cover featuring Boo...
binladencover.jpg, JPG image, 841x597

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Part atlking about airborne terrorism
by xx

Part atlking about airbor...
anti-airborneterrorism.jpg, JPG image, 714x198

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Showing a crash into city buildings
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Showing a crash into city...
buildingcrash.jpg, JPG image, 310x167

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hijack scenario Showing plane crossing to attack Washington
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hijack scenario Showing p...
hijackscenario.jpg, JPG image, 841x302

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