Bali bomb blasts: Opposition parties accuse Taiwan government for
not doing its duty

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Regarding the Bali bombing incident, the two opposition parties accused the government of not fulfilling its party to protect the Taiwanese citizens. The government parliamentary chief Mr. Eu had said that before the act. 11 evening he knew that there was going to be a terrorist incident in Bali. But the government did not inform its thousands plus Taiwanese citizens holidaying in Bali about it at that time and failed in its responsibility to protect the Taiwanese people.

The Taiwanese government should have declared Bali a terrorist region and evacuated immediately its citizens who were on holidays there. Now that the bomb blast had happened, resulting in one missing Taiwanese citizen together with hundred plus other people already killed. The opposition parties leaders as well as the Defence Ministry professional representative have blamed the government of not fulfilling its duty to protect its people and therefore neglecting its duty.

Opposition Leader James Soong went on to say that if the government has prior information about the Bali terrorist acts, they should be given credit for such a excellent intelligence breakthrough. But if the government really did know, why didn't they alert the thousand strong Taiwanese on holidays in Bali? Why was there no evacuation plan in effect, why special airplanes had not been sent to fly them home then - this is a major mistake! !

Defence Ministry professional representative Mr. Lim now would like the government to declare Bali island a terrorist area, even to the extent of classifying some regions of South East Asia a dangerous zone, as well as to discourage Taiwanese from visiting these places and instituting proper evacuation procedures now. He said the Taiwanese government should follow the example of USA and French government which have declared BaIi and parts of South East Asia as dangerous regions.

Nationalist party secretary general Mr. Lee questioned the government failure to inform in advance its citizens about the terrorist incident if it already has prior intelligence information about its happening. He appealed to tile government to set up an anti-terrorist branch because the Bali incident indicated that terrorists are not only striking in America. but the rest of the world.

Guess who warned them and demanded the foreknowledge be kept a secret? The US Government...

Opposition slams foreign ministry for slow reaction

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2002-10-15 / Taiwan News, Staff Reporter / By Jessie Ho

Two opposition parties yesterday expressed dissatisfaction at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' reaction to the bomb attack on the Indonesian resort island of Bali, and they urged the government to take immediate responsive measures.

Despite the fact that the bombing in Bali caused many deaths and injuries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs did not move immediately to list Indonesia as a highly dangerous area or restrict travel to that country, but only issued a safety warning to travelers from Taiwan.

Kuomintang legislative leader Lee Chuan-chiao pointed out that the incident had exposed the DPP government's poor crisis management skills, particularly in view of the Executive Yuan's claim that it had, last Friday, obtained intelligence on a possible terrorist attack in a southeast Asian Muslim country.

According to Lee, the worst part is that the government did not issue a warning because the United States government asked it not to disclose the information.

"The KMT's priority is the safety of our people - not America's national interests." He also called on the government to establish an anti-terrorism crisis management team.

Meanwhile, People First Party legislative leader Shen Chih-hwei asked the government to assist in the return of Taiwan nationals currently in Indonesia. She said she would like to commend Premier Yu Shyi-kun (???) for obtaining advance information on the terrorist attack, but on the other hand would like to condemn him for not warning the Taiwanese people to stay away from danger.