May 31, 2003 - 04:02 PM
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  Operation TIPS alive and well in Virginia
Posted by: Admin on Friday, April 04, 2003 - 02:00 PM GMT
Privacy (Just a quick story on something I read this morning -- expect a more important story to appear on UnderReported this weekend).

The photo below appears on the April 4, 2003 Metro page:

On a positive note, the number goes to a Virginia state agency rather than to a federal agency. However, a look at the Virginia terrorism preparedness page where the number is also disseminated reveals an information line that is not thought out. In order to prevent racial profiling and neighbors spying on neighbors, there has to be guidelines given to the public. Note only is this not provided, but the links associated with the phone number are either broken or not relevant to terrorism.

This lack of direction, lack of information, and high-profile publicizing has all the worst elements of the U.S. government's ill-fated Operation TIPS. Why is Virginia following the same path? In a nutshell, what we have here is the word "terrorism" and a phone number.

Perhaps what's scariest about this story is that the Washington Post presented the photo with no story, as if this were some self-explanatory picture like that of a snowy day, as if we should expect informant lines as a normal.

See also the Dec. 29, 2002 story Operation TIPS alive and well in Australia.

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Operation TIPS alive and well in Virginia | Login/Create an account | 19 Comments
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Re: Operation TIPS alive and well in Virginia (Score: 1)
by MMmalak on Apr 04, 2003 - 07:44 PM
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I don't know what kind of explanation you want for terrorism, Admin. Do you think we are all so stupid that we don't know what terrorism is? How much info could be put on one of those signs on the freeway? On the VA page, there is nothing there that would suggest racism. The public is being urged to report any act which we feel is not ordinary. In times like these we all have to be vigilant about all our surroundings. If there is something that we see which doesn't seem quite right, then we should report it, even if it turns out to be nothing. It is better to report it and have it be nothing, then to not report it, and have it be something. There is nothing said about only reporting people who are purple, green, or blue.

However, looking realistically at past events, most terrorists activities have been pepetrated by:

a. 80 year old nuns

b. 2 year old children

c. young men of Middle Eastern descent

Re: Operation TIPS alive and well in Virginia (Score: 1)
by potweed on Apr 14, 2003 - 06:51 AM
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Call me odd, but my first thought was that this was a revenue raising project, designed to increase fines from arrests of people using their mobile phones while driving...

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