8 August 2003
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[Federal Register: August 8, 2003 (Volume 68, Number 153)]
[Page 47361]
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Transportation Security Administration

Highway Watch Program: Application Notice Describing the Program
and Establishing the Closing Date for Receipt of Applications Under the
Highway Watch Program

AGENCY: Transportation Security Administration, Department Homeland

ACTION: Notice inviting applications of the Highway Watch Program.


SUMMARY: The existing Highway Watch Program will be expanded to include
passenger carriers and first responders and to create a larger call
center capable of communicating with program participants to link
transportation-based Information Sharing and Analysis Centers.

DATES: The program announcement and application forms for the Highway
Program are expected to be available on or about August 5, 2003.
Application must be received: Transportation Security Administration,
TSA Headquarters--West Building, 9th Floor, TSA-8, 601 South 12th
Street, Arlington, Virginia 22202-4220; on or before 4 p.m. EST,
September 8, 2003.

ADDRESSES: Program Announcement 03MLPA0001 for the Highway
Watch Program will be available through the TSA Internet at http://www.tsa.dot.gov
 under Industry Partners.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Mr. Ronald Ouellet, Transportation
Security Administration, Office of Maritime and Land Security, 701 12th
Street, Arlington, VA 22201, (571) 227-2167, E-mail:
SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: The purpose of the Highway Watch Program is
to promote security awareness among all segments of the commercial
motor carriers and transportation community. The Highway Watch Program
plans to train the Nation's commercial drivers to observe and report
any suspicious activities or items that may threaten the critical
elements of the Nation's highway transportation system.
    The Transportation Security Administration seeks a provider(s)
capable of achieving one or more of the following program priorities:
(1) Participants identification and recruitment; (2) training; (3)
communications; and (4) information analysis and distribution. In
addition to these four priorities, the provider(s) must develop and
implement a data system for tracking and reporting project
    Authority for this program is contained in the fiscal year 2003
Appropriations Act under Pub.L. 108-7. Total anticipated funding for
Highway Watch Program is $19,700,000. Awards under this program are
subject to availability of funds.

    Issued in Arlington, VA.
Mark Johnson,
Deputy Assistant Administrator, Maritime and Land Security.
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