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Obama Picks New York Fed Chief to Lead Treasury
President-elect Barack Obama has selected New York Federal Reserve Bank President Timothy F. Geithner as Treasury secretary, handing the post to a primary architect of the Bush administration’s response to the financial crisis, according to Democratic and industry officials yesterday.

Clinton Is Said to Accept Offer of Secretary of State Position
The Third Clinton Administration
Obama May Consider Summers as Bernanke Successor

Seeking $25 Billion, Big Three to Get a Second Chance on the Hill
In just 10 days, Detroit’s Big Three automakers hope to re-plead their case for a $25 billion emergency loan. But this time they will be expected to produce clearer business plans.

Paulson’s Cascade of Lies
Only drastic action now will save us, says Gordon Brown
Nationalisation threat to banks

The Bond Market Is Expecting a Corporate Default Rate CONSIDERABLY HIGHER than the Great Depression

Earth being bombarded by dark matter
Scientists think they may have discovered an elusive substance known as dark matter - which experts believe makes up 90 percent of the universe. It’s hoped it may hold the key to how and when the universe was formed.

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Zinn: 9/11 Truth Is For “Fanatics”, Has “No Practical Political Significance”
Just days after left-wing anti-war icon Howard Zinn told an audience that he didn’t care if 9/11 was an inside job, he has repeated the sentiment, stating that questions regarding the attacks have “no practical political significance” and that 9/11 truth activists are “fanatics” who are wasting their time.

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Prospect of Israel war on Iran ’stronger’
Israeli intelligence sources say the prospect of military action against Iran has increased significantly in the past few weeks.

Shiite protesters burn Bush effigy in Baghdad square to protest security pact

Number of juveniles held at Guantanamo almost twice official Pentagon figure
On Sunday, the Pentagon admitted that 12 juveniles — those under the age of 18 at the time their alleged crimes took place — have been held at Guantanamo Bay (as opposed to the figure of eight that was submitted to the UN in May). But a RAW STORY count, drawn from the Pentagon’s own records, reveals that the total number of juveniles held at Guantanamo is at least 22 — nearly double the official Pentagon figure.

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Solana ‘worried’ by Iran’s lack of cooperation on nuclear issue
European Union foreign policy chief Javier Solana said Friday he was “worried” by an international watchdog’s report that Iran is not cooperating with calls to stop its sensitive nuclear work.

British terror mastermind Rashid Rauf ‘killed in US missile strike’

£1,000 penalties for out-of-date ID details
People who fail to tell the authorities of a change of address or amend other key personal details within three months will face civil penalty fines of up to £1,000 a time when the national identity card scheme is up and running, according to draft Home Office regulations published yesterday.

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Planet Has Cooled Since Bush Took Office’ - Gore Admits ‘I’ve failed badly’
The bad news for global warming alarmists just keeps rolling in. Below is a very small sampling of very inconvenient developments for Gore, the United Nations, and the mainstream media.

Global warming will help Russian economy – US intelligence
Global climate change is supposed to contribute to Russian economy, according to Michael McConnell, director of US national intelligence. The US National Security Council has published a 100-page report titled ‘Global Trends 2025: A Transformed World’ that takes a long-term view of the future.

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Perth Mint suspends orders amid rush to buy bullion
FEARS of the unknown long-term effects from the global financial crisis have sparked a new gold rush. With retail and wholesale clients around the world stocking up on the precious metal, the Perth Mint has been forced to suspend orders.

Gold surges more than 6% on safe-haven buying

OpenNet Initiative: Australia’s content filtering “frightening”
The principal investigator of the OpenNet Initiative (ONI) has labelled the federal government’s proposed mandatory Internet filtering scheme “frightening” and typical of non-democratic regimes.

Huge fines if ID card details wrong

Peter Schiff On Fast Money - “The Man Who Called The Collapse”
Almost two years ago he predicted that the financial markets were heading for crisis. At the time he told CNBC, “We’re on the verge of a major, major recession that’s probably going to start by the end of this year, maybe early next year. The housing market is just beginning to unravel. We’re seeing the tip of the iceberg here.”

Helicopter in dramatic near-miss with ’sinister’ UFO 1,500ft above Birmingham

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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