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Ron Paul Confronts Bernanke On Global Currency Plans
Congressman Ron Paul confronted Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke this morning about plans to replace the dollar with a new global currency during the House Financial Services Committee meeting on Capitol Hill.

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US planning Velvet Revolution in Iran?
A former senior Iranian diplomat says the White House is making strenuous efforts to orchestrate a “Velvet Revolution” in Iran.

‘US not after Taliban leaders under Bush’
Uranium at Syria site come from Israeli missiles: FM
China denies obtaining US space tech

Experts warn of severe water shortages by 2080
Half the world’s population could face a shortage of clean water by 2080 because of climate change, experts warned Tuesday.

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Howard Zinn: “I Don’t Care” If 9/11 Was An Inside Job
World renowned peace activist and left-wing anti-war icon Howard Zinn recently told an audience that he didn’t care if 9/11 was an inside job, echoing the disdainful and apathetic rhetoric of fellow liberal gatekeepers Noam Chomsky and Alexander Cockburn in dismissing the efforts of the 9/11 truth movement.

Crooks and Liars smears Ron Paul; bans me from site for expressing my dissent!
Bill Maher: Conspiracy Theorist

America Taking the 2 Steps Which Lead to Bankruptcy
Everyone knows that the U.S. has borrowed too much. As of a year ago, the financial obligations of the U.S. were some $56 trillion dollars. That number has gone way up since then.

Dutch Insurer May Buy Thrift to Get US Bailout Funds
When It’s a Clear Day and You Can’t See GM
Iraqing the American Economy
Paulson unlikely to tap rest of bailout
Charts Predict: Dow to 6,700

Time ripe for US-Iran talks: Israel intelligence chief
Israel's military intelligence chief has said the time could be right for Washington to open a dialogue with Tehran as a means to halt Iran's nuclear drive, media reported on Tuesday.

Iraq War Decision ‘Violated’ Law

Rising for the Judge, Bowing to the State
When one walks into a business, most often you are greeted. As part of treating customers as their very livelihood, companies usually enact policies that make it a requirement for employees to acknowledge the arrival of a client or customer.

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Irish Times Lisbon poll fools public - Deception has set in for referendum 2
An Irish Times poll asked 1000 people how would they would vote again on the Lisbon treaty if it was modified regarding “neutrality, abortion and taxation” also allowing Ireland to keep it’s EU commissioner.

Banker Manipulation Of Gold And Silver Prices Further Exposed
Commodities experts are in agreement that the price of gold and silver is being manipulated by bankers and government officials in order to halt a mass abandonment of paper currencies and the debt based economy.

China Passes Japan as Biggest U.S. Treasuries Holder
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Russian defense minister warns of another, worse Georgian war
The Russian defense minister warned on Tuesday that Georgia’s military buildup and drive to join NATO could cause a conflict worse than the five-day war over South Ossetia in August.

Russia warns Georgia against military build-up
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Do You Care Who Carries Out the Next Attack on America?
The president and Congress set in motion plans for war against the 3 giants. A war which will undoubtedly cost tens of trillions of dollars, kill thousands of Americans, and cause untold misery for years to come.

Sirius Star hijacking the 9/11 of international seaborne trade?
No Signs of Change in Obama’s Middle East Policies

Scientists likely to switch particle smasher back on next summer
The world’s largest particle collider, which was shut down soon two weeks after being launched in September, will not be restarted until summer 2009, a Swiss daily said on Tuesday.

Democrats Cover Up Bush Era War Crimes
Remember, those who authorize or cover up war crimes are themselves guilty of war crimes. The Democratic leadership thus has every incentive to cover up war crimes.

Bush era war criminals will walk

Taliban: We may attack Paris
The Taliban has threatened to carry out attacks on the capital city of Paris unless French troops are withdrawn from Afghanistan.

Pilots threaten strike over ID card plan
Pilots have threatened to strike over Government plans to use them as “guinea pigs” in its ID card scheme.

Hillary Clinton to accept Obama’s offer of secretary of state job
Hillary Clinton plans to accept the job of secretary of state offered by Barack Obama, who is reaching out to former rivals to build a broad coalition administration, the Guardian has learned.

Schwarzenegger Blames Global Warming for Elongated Fire Season
Although investigators have determined the fires plaguing the areas around Santa Barbara and Montecito, Calif. were “human caused,” California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger has a different idea of what is behind the lengthy wildfire season.

Beijing orders demolition of leading activist’s home
Beijing authorities have issued an order to destroy the home of one of China's leading rights activists who has been in police custody for more than 200 days, her husband and lawyer said Tuesday.

China Substitutes `Spin’ for Suppression

Paul Watson on the Alex Jones Show: The Gold Rush & The Economy

Paul Joseph Watson: Internet Censorship a Growing Cancer

Steve Watson: British Kids Encouraged To Become "Climate Cops"

Steve Watson: Terror Stopped For Putting My Hand in My Pocket


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