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Establishment bloggers are in a bind today - attempting to ridicule American icon Willie Nelson for his comments about the WTC twin towers being imploded on 9/11, with the best rebuttal they can muster being the fact that Willie smokes pot.


Federal Reserve Under Increased Scrutiny After Huge Interest Rate Cuts

Pakistan nuclear weapons vulnerable: US


Drudge Report Cans Willie Nelson Story
Willie Nelson questions Sept. 11 on local talk radio show
Willie Nelson Fears Election Could Be Cancelled
U.S. Troops Asked If They Would Shoot American Citizens
Middle East Internet Blackouts Spur Geopolitical Suspicions
Demise Of Al-Qaeda Leader Championed For Second Time

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Ron Paul Came Second In Maine

Super Tuesday Voting Machine Malfunctions Reported

A guide to Super Tuesday's riskiest voting machines

Thousands rally for Ron Paul

Anti-War Candidates Are Top Recipients Of ‘08 Donations From U.S. Troops

Internet Cables Cut–Prelude to War or Simply A Warning?

Ruptures call safety of Internet cables into question

Veto threat for proposed spy laws

YouTubes: Alex Jones Interviews Willie Nelson

Lehman: Commission Purposely Set Up So that 9/11 Staff Had Conflict of Interest

CIA shrugged off no-war reports

Lou Dobbs: Free Speech & the Illegal Immigration Debate

Willie Nelson questions Sept. 11 on local talk radio show

Willie Nelson Fears Election Could Be Cancelled

9/11 inquiry head 'tried to shield George Bush'

Seattle-Post Intelligencer Editors to Next Administration: "write a real, nonpartisan report on the [9/11] attacks"

Ron Paul's Super Tuesday Plea To Take The Republic Back

Paul eyes pivotal role with Alaska win

Censorship and the 2008 election: Ron Paul and the marginalization of third party candidates in the US

Iran will have nuclear weapon in three years: Mossad

Iran opens its first space centre, riling the US

FBI wants palm prints, eye scans, tattoo mapping

This Modern World

Jericho. False Flag ATTACK leads to Martial Law in USA

Dont watch this video (if you're happy in your own reality)

Willie Nelson Fears Election Could Be Cancelled

Audio: Alex Jones Interviews American Icon Willie Nelson



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