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No First Amendment Protection: Court Says Reporters Must Testify or Go to Jail

Two reporters who have refused to name their sources to a grand jury investigating the disclosure of the identity of a covert C.I.A. agent should be jailed on contempt charges, a three-judge panel of the federal appeals court in Washington ruled unanimously today.

>> Papers Implicate Ex-Oil-For-Food Official

>> One prime ministerial candidate withdraws, Chalabi's chances grow

>> Bush Renominates 7 Judicial Nominees Previously Blocked by Senate Democrats

>> Historical Mainstream References To The NWO

>> U.S. Muslims Still Seen As A Threat

>> Muslims Want Voice in 9/11 Commission Follow-Up

>> Soldiers wonder why they are in Iraq

>> Baby's bare-chest picture 'too offensive' for passport

>> Jury convicts teen of murder, rejects 'Zoloft defense'

>> Annan raises calls for overhaul of world security system and a "New World Order"

>> The Great American Job Sell Out

>> What We Don't Know About 9/11 Hurts Us

>> A Culture of Secrecy

>> Stretching the Definition of "Terrorism" to New Limits

>> The Outcome of the Iraq Elections
Shortages, Corruption, Guerrilla War

>> Losing freedom


Bush Still Not Getting It


>> Lawmakers urged to reject Patriot Act

>> Bush Wants 'Patriot Act' Extended

>> Briton charged with bomb plot claims torture

>> Taser Offers Stun Guns For Civilian Use

>> Hart tests tasers on national television

>> Man Dies After Being Shot With Taser

>> Taser announces $675K in stun gun orders

>> Bush Urges Renewal of Patriot Act

>> Gonzales Is Sworn In as Attorney General

>> ‘Justice’ Blasted Over Patriot Act Prosecutions

>> PM: Russia to sell missiles to Syria

>> South Korea Seeks Military Talks With Pyongyang

>> Secret US nuclear weapons: targets on bases in Europe

>> India upbeat over Pakistan talks

>> U.S. Rules Out Incentives for N. Korea

>> Senator Urges White House to Join Talks on Iran

>> U.S. Envoy Says Senior Taliban Take Up Amnesty Offer



>> UK Hospital RFID-tags patients to avoid litigation

>> States Mull Taxing Drivers By Mile

>> Identity Crisis: ‘Real ID Act’ does little to halt terrorism

>> Chicago Goes High-Tech with Cameras, Biochemical Sensors

>> Governenment putting tracking chips in London bins - set to monitor trash levels

>> Closer To The Remote-Controlled Home (if you can monitor your home someone else can)



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Australian Government keeping secret database of people who criticise policies

THE Northern Territory Government is keeping a secret database of people who criticise the Government or its policies, it was learned last night.

The National ID Trojan Horse

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a national ID bill last week that masqueraded as “immigration reform.” In reality, the bill is a Trojan horse.

He'll be on vacation

>> Pop Quiz

>> Privatizing Government

>> Daily Show: The Great Liberators


Syria accuses Israel of killing Al Hariri, Arabs call on Lebanon to unite

While the opposition to the pro-Syrian government in Beirut claimed that Syria was behind the assassination of the former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Al Hariri, the Syrian media on Tuesday pointed the finger of suspicion at Israel.

Kerry Backs Bush's $81.9 Bln War Spending Plan

Democratic Sen. John Kerry said on Tuesday he would back President Bush's new $81.9 billion request for Iraq and Afghanistan.

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