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NY Times Attacks Ron Paul For Living in the Real World
Gingrich-linked smear specialist Kirchick labels Paul “paranoid conspiracy theorist” for discussing manifestly provable issues.

Black Man: Ron Paul “Came To My Rescue” In 1970's
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Slow Kill Holocaust: Proof the Government is Killing You
Those who run the world state have resorted to any means necessary to reduce population– including adding sterilants to water supply and promoting homosexuality.

Saber-rattling in Persian Gulf Escalates
Iran rejects U.S. warning on closing down the Strait of Hormuz.

Syria – “peaceful demonstrators” opening fire on a bus full of civilians
Does this look like a military convoy to you?

N. Korea acclaims new supreme leader at huge parade
North Korea on Thursday staged a massive memorial service for Kim Jong-Il to end 13 days of official mourning.

U.S. jobless claims rise 15,000 to 381,000
The number of people who filed requests for jobless benefits rose last week for the first time in a month.

Final blog of SNL writer reveals desire for 9/11 Truth and prediction of Martial Law in America
Former SNL writer Joe Badolai discusses 9/11 Truth and the JFK assassination in his suicide letter.

The billion-dollar pest: U.S. beetle is developing resistance to one of the most widely used genetically modified crops, say scientists
A genetically engineered corn plant that makes its own insecticide – may be losing its effectiveness.

US Sends Aircraft Carrier Through Strait Of Hormuz During Iran Wargames
The US has provocatively sent one of its biggest warships through the Strait of Hormuz amidst Iranian wargames taking place in the region shortly after warning Iran that any closure of the key oil choke point would not be tolerated.

Mossad chief: Nuclear Iran not necessarily existential threat to Israel
Tamir Pardo says Israel using various means to foil Iran’s nuclear program, but if Iran actually obtained nuclear weapons, it would not mean destruction of Israel.

U.S. warns Iran not to block Strait of Hormuz
Netanyahu, Iran, And The Nightmare of History

Should Syria help US figure out OWS?
The ongoing situation in Syria looks set to dominate those talks in Moscow.

Venezuela’s Chavez: did U.S. give Latin American leaders cancer?
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez speculated on Wednesday that the United States might have developed a way to give Latin American leaders cancer.

Merkel Economic Advisor Does Not Exclude Eurozone Break Up
While a breakup of the Eurozone in 2012 would be “bad for everyone involved” it can not be completely excluded.

Financial Troubles For Many Nations In The New Year

The Worst NYT Story on Climate Ever?
The article is so bad that it might just be the worst piece of reporting I’ve ever seen in the Times on climate change.

Island of Japanese Debris the Size of California to Hit West Coast of North America
Giant Island of Debris from Japan Is On Its Way.

Attack On Paul As “More Left-Wing Than Obama” Is Laughable
Congressman is officially the most conservative politician of the last 70+ years.

Romney and Perry Cite Lies About Iran in Effort to Discredit Ron Paul

CNN Poll Fundamentally Flawed: Romney Is Not Leading Paul In Iowa
Contrary to what the Mainstream media would have you believe today, Mitt Romney is not “surging in Iowa”.

Paul Vows To Unite Occupy And Tea Party Movements

SOPA opponents may go nuclear
eBay, Google, Facebook, and Twitter seem to view Hollywood-backed copyright legislation as an existential threat.

2012: World On the Brink
A number of crucial issues will converge within the next 12 months.

Iraq: Invasion Ends – Neo-Colonial Rule Begins
Foreign-domination of Iraq’s economy are the real chains of servitude.

Bailing Out European Banks: Bernanke and Fed Deceived Congress
More evidence the Fed needs to be audited and eventually dismembered.

Ron Paul Is The Only Presidential Candidate Who Gets It
It will not matter to a Tinker’s Dam which Republican candidate wins the nomination, unless that candidate is Congressman Ron Paul.

Kelly Clarkson: “I Love Ron Paul”

ROBERT REICH: Get Ready For A Obama-Clinton Presidential Ticket
Obama-Clinton in 2012. It’s a natural.

TSA confiscates cupcakes and candy, allows man to walk through checkpoint with sword
Tasty treats are dangerous, swords not so much.

FBI Confiscates OKC Bombing Footage, Refuses To Turn Over
Aaron Dykes Interviews Col. Craig Roberts about what really happened on the day of okc bombing.

Why We Must Stop SOPA
Right now, there are two pieces of legislation in Congress that would change the Internet forever if they are enacted.

Sopa Would DESTROY Jobs and the Economy … So Why are Unions Supporting It?

40 Hard Questions That The American People Should Be Asking Right Now
If you spend much time watching the mainstream news, then you know how incredibly vapid it can be.

Alex Jones: US government spies on everybody
According to some reports, the US government sifts through all the data on social media sites to keep their eyes on American citizens.

Rep. Ron Paul tops VA primary ballot
Texas Rep. Ron Paul will appear first on the ballot for Virginia’s March 6 primary.

Michele Bachmann chair defects to Ron Paul
Gingrich’s Childish Paul Slam Backfires, Montanans Recall Senators & More: Infowars Nightly News

Suspicious Activity Reports From U.S. Malls Being Processed By Police State Fusion Center
It didn’t take long for the See Something, Say Something campaign initiated by the Department of Homeland Security last year to show promising results.

Homeland Security to Hold Secret Meeting on Domestic “Extremist” Threats


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