Last Updated: Wednesday, Dec 29, 2011 21:17 GMT
TSA ‘Spot Searches’ Expand To Union Station
Increasing focus on searches of travelers disembarking from trains.

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Alex Jones On The Full Spectrum Biological/Eugenics Assault Against Humanity
Alex Jones covers the full spectrum biological warfare assault against the world’s population.

UK to close borders, evacuate expats if euro collapses
Robert Oulds says many countries will benefit if euro collapses.

Smear Attacks Have No Effect, Ron Paul Still On Course To Win Iowa
The establishment media is losing its power to sabotage the march of liberty.

Pat Buchanan predicts Ron Paul victory in Iowa

UK to close borders, evacuate expats if euro collapses
Robert Oulds says many countries will benefit if euro collapses.

Department of Homeland Security Using Fake Facebook and Twitter Accounts to Monitor Posts Containing Certain Keywords
EPIC has filed a Freedom of information Act lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security.

Jason Bermas: Government Turning Bugs into Spies

Dow’s Deadly Harvest: The Return of Agent Orange
Dow AgroSciences announced their development of genetically-engineered plants metabolically resistant to the herbicide.

Kim Jong-il funeral: Hysteria as cortege moves through Pyongyang snow
Tens of thousands gathered in Pyongyang to witness the funeral of former North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.

Do Black Americans Believe Ron Paul Is Racist?
Black Americans give their perspective on Ron Paul.

The BBC’s Sorry Journalism
In the Categories Which Matter Most, Ron Paul Will Treat Minorities Better than Obama

The Obama Nation: Even More Debt And Even More Store Closings
Well, it is time to raise the debt ceiling again.

Wall Street Mulls Suicide by Tactical Allocation

SOPA: Endgame Is Total Internet Censorship
Web blacklist legislation latest assault on free flow of information.

Oil price falls after US warns Iran over threat to close Gulf supply route
The US navy said Iran’s threat to block the strait of Hormuz would not be tolerated.

Iran could easily block vital oil route, admiral warns

Israel, U.S. discuss triggers for military strike on Iran
Israel and the U.S. are discussing “red lines” in Iran’s nuclear program.

Iran To Test Advanced Weapons During Wargame

Escobar: Syrian rag-tag bands & tanks to face investigation
Thousands of people have rallied in the Syrian city of Homs.

Wall Street Journal “Determines” Russian Election a “Fraud”

Ron Paul’s “Disgruntled” Staffer and the Press Smear of Ron Paul
It’s the kind of “scandal” that makes one wonder if the establishment press could ever get a smear story straight.

Tweeting the word ‘drill’ could mean your Twitter account is read by U.S. government spies
The Department of Homeland Security makes fake Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Patrick Henningsen Reports on Syria Conflict and Al-Qaeda Forces Continue Bombing Iraq
Henningsen reports on how the west is again using terrorists in a geopolitical chess game.

WWIII Countdown: CFR declares “Time to Attack Iran”

The Tide Is Turning Against SOPA … And We Might Actually Succeed In Stopping It
While a short week ago the Internet censorship bill – SOPA – looked certain to pass, the tide appears to be quickly turning.

SOPA is the end of us, say bloggers

RECALL: Montanans Organize to Remove Senators Who Voted For Traitorous Detainment Bill
Congress moved forward with over a trillion dollars in emergency bailout funds for banks.

You Won’t Believe How Corrupt, Lazy And Stinking Rich Our Congress Critters Have Become

MSM Pushing Turnaround for Economy
Over the last several days, I began hearing a new description of the economy by the mainstream media (MSM)—“turnaround.”


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